Fun games that both parents and children will enjoy


Do you need quick, fun games for kids that don’t take much preparation? The majority of children’s fun games are quite instructive for them. Even short, 5-minute fun games can help kids master a range of abilities they’ll need in the future. Even if you can’t always see learning happening, it still does.

Play earth and moon: fun games

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The Earth and Moon game was created when Melanie was 4 years old by Bill Herbert, a father of three and veteran third-grade teacher.

Give your child a torch with a wide beam so they may play, and take a torch with a narrow beam (a laser pointer will also do the trick). Face up on a bed, in complete darkness. It is the responsibility of your youngster to move the Earth (the wide beam) in broad, slow circles around the ceiling. Your task is to maintain the moon’s orbit around the Earth (the narrow beam).

Scarp boxes: fun games

Gather items unique to that location, like shiny rocks or acorns, when on an excursion to a park or other favorite location. Take pictures of fleeting souvenirs, such as vibrant leaves.

Once you get home, work with your kid to paint the box that will hold your collection. For instance, ask them to sketch or print an image of the location and stick it to the box top. Then give them free rein to decorate and color it whatever they choose. To represent each of your favorite locations, create a unique box.

Then, when you have to stay inside, you can cuddle up with your kid and go over the treasures you’ve gathered, remembering your favorite adventures.

Bird feeder: fun games

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Here are two fast DIY bird feeder ideas to draw more avian visitors to your yard. You’ll need string, birdseed, peanut butter, and cut-up toilet paper or paper towel rolls, as well as an orange or grapefruit.

Birdseed should be placed on a plate or pie tin with a rim to create the initial feeder. Assist your child in spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on the paper rolls’ outside. Next, have them roll the coating of peanut butter in the birdseed until it is thoroughly coated. The feeders can be hung up with string or simply slid across tree branches.

An orange can be used to create two feeders. (A grapefruit is an alternative.) Slice the fruit in half, then carefully remove the fruit, reserving the thick rind. Make a tiny hole with a skewer approximately half an inch from the top on the opposing edges of each orange half. Once the twine is inserted through both holes, tie a knot at each end to create a hanger.

Pour the bird seed and peanut butter mixture into each orange half with the assistance of your youngster. Hang it outside.

A toy-show

Have your kid assist you in assembling a cast of dolls, plush animals, and toy characters. Use various voices for the various dolls and animals as you divide them up between the two of you to act out a play. As you go, improvise since part of the fun is steering the action in a ridiculous direction.

Another choice is to have a talent event where each character performs a song, a joke, or a short narrative.

Food art: fun games

Look through the fruit bowl and refrigerator for “art supplies” that you and your toddler can use to create pictures on a large plate. For ideas, cut up some colourful fruits and veggies like carrots, cucumbers, grapes, or other. From a clown or train to a stunning work of abstract art, the two of you can build anything. There are countless choices, such as using cheese slices as windows, round crackers as wheels, or olives as eyes.

Eating your creation is when the real fun starts!

Bubbly bubble

Fun games that both parents and children will enjoy (Photo from

Create your own bubble solution by combining one part dish-washing detergent with ten parts waters. To make the bubbles last, you may also add some glycerine or corn syrup. Almost any open-ended object, such as the rings from a six-pack of soda, can be used by your child to create bubbles. Make bubbles that get bigger and bigger!

Camping in the room

Camp-outs are always enjoyable, but the ones that take place in your living room have the extra benefit of having access to amenities like carpets and a kitchen and restroom.

Pitch a small pup tent or create one on your own by covering properly placed furniture with blankets. For a really camping experience, take out the sleeping bags, pillows, and flashlights. You and your youngster can go camping whenever you like because the “tent” can be left up for whatever long you like.

Watching clouds: fun games

Take a blanket and a child, lie on your back in the backyard or a park, and watch the clouds pass by. Compare notes and talk to your child about the shapes they perceive: You might see a whale where your youngster sees a pony. Feel free to be silly or thoughtful (“Is that a dog with an umbrella?”). “That cloud looks like love.”

Make up stories

Fun games that both parents and children will enjoy (Photo from

Kids enjoy hearing you make up stories, and your personal music collection can serve as an inspiration while also fostering your child’s love of music. Start off easy with a well-known instrumental melody and narrative, such as those found in Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.”

You don’t have to retell the tale exactly as you recall it; you can add a few details, such as having your child take the place of the main character or introducing a new character that your youngster will find fascinating, like a dinosaur. Ask your child if they want to add to the story frequently when you pause.

You’ll be astounded at how music advances the story for both of you: Drums beating make a person’s trotting through the forest sound like music. A violin indicates that the sun is setting, and a flute represents a tiny bird in the sky directing animals in that direction. Soon enough, you’ll probably come across several favorite that you and your youngster will love sharing.


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