First Day of School: Ideas for Capturing Big Day


First Day of School: Ideas for Capturing Big Day

Anyone can snap a quick picture, but with a few pointers, you can make this year’s first day of school photos more unique. No matter how old your children are, you may capture great images of this first-momentous day without having to be a skilled photographer. You’ll receive the nicest smiles since you know them the best.

Interviewing your child on the first day

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One particularly astute and heartfelt father had the forethought to interview his daughter on the first day of school every year, turning it into a poignant montage in time for her high school graduation. The genius of this plan is that he interviewed her after her first day of classes for the year, so there was no need to find additional time on the morning of the first day of school. So that you may receive precise answers that will come together over the course of well over a decade, be sure to ask about their day when it is still recent in their memory.

Something personalized for the first day

With a small chalkboard or letter board, you can quickly create your own custom signs to celebrate the back-to-school season. You could easily use a small whiteboard, a piece of paper, or even a piece of cardboard, but I just so happened to have a piece of plywood painted with blackboard paint that I could dig out at the last minute. As an alternative, you could get a lovely chalkboard sign that you could personalize year. Even while it might seem like a cute photograph to share on social media, it might be best to share it just with close friends and family because the image might reveal information about your child that you might not want to make public.

Asking the same question

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How your child’s responses to the same question may alter as they progress through the school years is one of the most entertaining things to monitor. Consider, for instance, asking your children what they want to be when they grow up on the first day of school each year. To safely store the answers till the following year, you may either post the solution on a letter board or just purchase a little notebook or scrapbook.

Capture your kid at the same spot

Try taking a photo of your child in the same location each year if you have bad penmanship or a habit of forgetting to buy chalk. The front door is a clear-cut and straightforward option, but you could also have them stand next to a tree in your front yard and see how the tree develops over time with your child.

A funny annual tradition

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Make your child lie down for a horizontal photo session (like this) if you have a clean patio or driveway. This kind of remembrance of your kindergartener’s first day of school will undoubtedly win their approval, but how hilarious will it be when they’re 17 and it has become a yearly tradition?

Click their school journey on the first day

Looking back at pictures of me getting ready to board the school bus on the first day of a new school year makes me feel so nostalgic. Your children might choose to walk or ride with a buddy instead of taking the bus. Whatever the voyage entails, it will be beneficial to reflect back on it and remember it in the future.

Colorful signs for the first day

Create or purchase a vibrant sign, then customize it with the back-to-school message of your choice. Take numerous pictures of this vibrant and unforgettable occasion with your child posing with their backpack and a first-day clothing. They can be posed in front of your home or your place of instruction, or for more color, you can select a lovely backdrop.

Click a good-bye-hug

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You can include that in your first-day photos if your youngster is anxious about going to school. Request permission before taking a photo of the farewell hug. Your child will enjoy observing their emotional development as they gain more self-assurance. As the years pass, this kind of photo might become a priceless keepsake for you.

Chalk art before kindergarten

Have your kindergartener create many of chalk art on your driveway or front walk the day before school starts. It may have a school motif (e.g., ABCs, the school bus, etc.). Take pictures of your young artist with their chalk creation and rucksack on the first day of school.

Let your kids write on their first day

Try letting the kids write their own first day sign if you’re going to have them hold it up. Either a chalkboard sign or one made with crayons or markers adds to the beauty of your first-day images. You might mention the grade they will be entering or just focus on the first day of classes. In either case, take many pictures of your child holding up their original placard.

Click as your kid gets ready for school

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The daily routine that begins on the first day includes getting ready for school, and recording these commonplace events can be a pleasant way to save them. It’s simple to overlook the little things, so if you have the time, observe your child while they get ready. Take pictures of breakfast, tooth brushing, lunch preparation, and any other important rituals.

Celebrate the first day

Balloons are the ultimate “celebration” accessory and are ideal for giving your back-to-school photos that extra special, playful touch. Purchase balloons in the school’s colors, or just pick a variety of vibrant hues. In either case, take the perfect photo by having your child hold them while they are carrying a rucksack.

Get yourself clicked with them

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Grab the opportunity to be in the picture before your kids are old enough to feel ashamed about having you in the first day of school pictures. Despite the fact that you might not enjoy having your photo taken, you are a vital part of your child’s life. Having pictures that capture your relationship will be wonderful.


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