Homemade Jewellery making for kids


Even with the most basic materials, you can make beautiful things. Even outdated items can be recycled, making waste into valuable jewellery items. For a rainy day or to make homemade presents for friends, these tasks are ideal. Why not encourage your children to create their own pieces of jewellery rather than wasting money on quick fashion accessories?

Not only is it a fantastic project for kids, but it also results in DIY jewellery for kids that is entirely wearable. Does your jewellery box seem a little empty? Don’t worry; stuff it full with these inexpensive DIY necklaces, bracelets, pins, and accessories!

Homemade Jewellery making for kids

Vibrant colours and sparkles can be used to make things like a DIY kid’s necklace. And clay can also be used to create smaller products like toddler-sized rings.

Spend the day creating many lovely jewellery items with your children, letting your imagination run wild. Check out these lovely kid-friendly jewellery-making ideas. They’ll like flaunting their lovely, sparkling jewellery and are certain to have a great time doing it.

Kids’ jewellery crafts can be made in a variety of odd and interesting ways. All the little items you have lying around the house, concealed in old boxes or tucked under beds, can be gathered together and given a new use.

Children can express their creativity through these simple jewellery-making crafts, creating all kinds of zany and odd designs for themselves or their pals.

Following are a few homemade jewellery making ideas for kids:

  • Clay necklaces

Utilizing oven-bake clay and a little paint, they are quite simple to make. To make your own items, use a variety of lovely silicone molds.

Add a pop of colour by using stronger hues like brilliant yellows and reds or golds and silver that imitate vintage furniture.

  • Friendship bracelets made of woven yarn

Homemade Jewellery making for kids (Photo from iStock)

A traditional craft, friendship bracelets now have a contemporary twist: instead of tying knots, you weave the bracelets from yarn and straws!

  • Kids’ Painted DIY Necklace

Make colourful necklaces for youngsters out of basic wooden beads, which also serves as a fun art activity. Each creation will be distinctive in its own way because these wooden beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why not prepare the glitter glue in addition to colouring the wood? Stickers and diamonds give the piece more of your personality. Make a necklace for kids by following these instructions, but don’t forget to look at some fun ways to colour the beads.

  • Homemade French Knit Monogram Brooch

Homemade Jewellery making for kids (Photo from iStock)

French knitting is a wonderful method to get kids started with easy yarn crafts. Children will learn how to knit with consistent tension and will enjoy the pleasing outcomes. Why not create a whimsically enormous monogram brooch out of the final knit rope? They can also be used as key chains or backpack charms.

  • Button Rings

Here is a simple craft that yields button rings with such beautiful colors. It’s possible to make countless variations. All you will need is to buy the adjustable rings.

You are free to add any type of item once your rings are prepared. Attach whatever you think special in addition to quirky buttons. Consider adding pom-pom balls, creative flowers, or miniature toy animals with glue.

  • Collar Pin Made From Loving Hearts

These sparkling collar pins can be used to dress up a simple blouse or button-down shirt. With their tiny googly eyes, they have a funny and adorable appearance that will make you grin every time you see them in the mirror.

  • Roll Bracelets

Homemade Jewellery making for kids (Photo from iStock)

How ingenious and entertaining are these “toilet roll” cuff bracelets? This is a fun activity that will teach your children some fundamental weaving skills. And who, with kids, doesn’t have a couple toilet paper rolls lying around the house?

An excellent method to stock up on creative supplies is to set aside a couple toilet paper rolls. You may make children’s bracelet kits at home using leftover wool. Let them experiment with the wool in their preferred color to see what works.

  • DIY Magazine Bangle Jewellery

Who doesn’t have unneeded and outdated magazines lying around their home, after all? Allow the kids to try their hand at constructing bracelets rather than letting them sit and gather dust.

Younger children may easily learn it, and it helps them refine their fine motor abilities. Simply begin wrapping newspaper strips around some inexpensive plastic bangles with glue. After the bangle has been created, embellish it with some buttons or glitter.

  • Clay Bracelets

These bracelets look amazing and are an excellent craft for youngsters. They may use their hands to work clay into a variety of entertaining forms and patterns.

Whether you’re creating DIY jewellery for toddlers or older twins, polymer clay can be sculpted into the ideal bracelet shape for all age groups. You can quickly put them in the oven after they’ve chosen a cute design to make durable pieces.

  • Straw and Paper Necklaces

Homemade Jewellery making for kids (Photo from iStock)

When ordering takeout, use paper straws you already have on hand or wash and conserve plastic straws for the next time you acquire them.

  • Printable Bracelets those are cute ‘n’ simple

Simply print and color the bracelets to make them, and they couldn’t be simpler! For the baker in your life, they would make wonderful homemade gifts.

  • Mermaid Style Necklaces

Have you ever taken a family vacation to the sea? You must have collected some seashells while traveling there with your kids. Making enchanting mermaid necklaces out of the shells is a wonderful way to keep your time at the water together in your memories.

It has that timeless under the ocean appearance that blends so nicely with any cream-colored shells thanks to blue sparkles and glitter glue.

  • Pom Pom Ice Cream Necklaces

Homemade Jewellery making for kids (Photo from iStock)

Pom poms and ice cream come together to form a fantastic necklace that is two of our all-time favourites! These are of various colours can be combined to represent various ice cream flavours. Anyone else having an unexpected ice cream craving?

These are a few ideas of DIY jewellery which you can make for your kids.


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