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The top screen free kid projects and at-home activities have been compiled by us. We have the most entertaining activities that will encourage youngsters to put down their screens. Including crafts, games, and learning activities. These screen free at-home crafts, activities, projects, and games are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. Ideal for young children, pre-schoolers, and even older elementary school students! You won’t be disappointed if you check out all of our screen free activities for the house.

 Screen free Reading

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There isn’t a kid-friendly screen-free activity that can compare to reading! According to a National Literacy Trust research. Electronic gadgets are partially to blame for pupils reading less now than they did in generations past. Buy your kid some books that are appropriate for his age and interests. To avoid overwhelming them, start with shorter books. By creating a modest reading area with a cozy chair and a box or basket to hold books, you may make it more fascinating. Give them daily 15-minute sessions to begin with, and as they become more engaged, you may progressively expand the time.

Board games- screen free activity

Playing board games was a frequent pastime when we were kids, but now that video games. And computer games are more popular, board games are less popular. However, the pandemic has sparked a resurgence in popularity, particularly for timeless board games like Monopoly, Connect 4, Pictionary, and Scrabble. New ones include Dr. Eureka, Tumbling Monkeys, and Hungry Hippos. The entire family will enjoy playing board games, which keep them occupied for a long time.

Writing a screen free letter

Everyone bemoans the demise of the art of the handwritten letter as emoticons, instant chats, and now emails have replaced them as the primary means of communication. Allow children to resurrect this skill by having them write letters to their classmates, grandparents, or cousins. It might be a straightforward letter to Grandma about their day, something new they tried, a movie they saw or even a complaint about Mom! Encourage children to decorate their letter with drawings, colours, and stickers. Nothing beats the appeal of a handwritten letter, and they will discover how enjoyable the experience is when they receive letters from their loved ones.

Trying STEM activities

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are referred to as STEM. Children are encouraged by STEM education to ask questions, look for solutions, and experiment. Because science and technology are developing so quickly, STEM has become an essential component of contemporary education. Engage your children in some STEM activities at home to make up for the practical experiences that they may lose out on in online education. Simple activities like evaluating density, creating structures, sprouting seeds, playing with magnets, and many more are accessible to even young children. Allow older children to keep a science journal where they can keep track of their research and findings.

Make your screen free journal

Anxiety has increased since the pandemic, in both children and adults. Kids are more affected than adults by the unpredictability of life and the fear of getting sick, especially since they frequently have more irrational anxieties. One of the best ways to reduce this worry and gain some mental clarity is by journalism. Starting with a thankfulness journal will help you get comfortable writing in a journal before moving on to daily writing. List the three to five things you are thankful for today. They can gradually begin writing about their experiences and emotions. Some kids might prefer drawing or doodling to writing; let them express themselves whatsoever makes them feel most comfortable.

Cooking and baking


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Boys and girls should both be able to cook. It’s a life skill. It is far simpler to start teaching children while they are young rather than waiting for them to figure it out on their own as they get older. Even small kids can find a way to assist in the kitchen by measuring, stirring, pouring, washing dishes, and setting the table, for example. Pre-teens and teenagers can learn the fundamentals of knife safety and hob operation, while older kids can start making simple dishes like sandwiches. They may even find their calling, who knows! By preparing their preferred dishes, you can engage kids. Children enjoy watching watery batter transform into fluffy cupcakes and pastries when baking.

Drawing screen free

Adult colouring books are increasingly popular for a reason: they are believed to reduce stress and boost attention, and they are also quite inexpensive! This is another reason why youngsters should enjoy drawing and colouring because it allows them to express feelings that they find difficult to put into words or draw. You can even utilize the backs of old documents if you only need a few blank sheets. It’s simple to download and print free colouring pages. You can give them prompts, such as to draw something from a dream or an image of a present they’d like for their next birthday, if they find the blank paper to be too intimidating.


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Many of us started gardening as soon as lock-down started, and studies from all across the world demonstrate that this is no longer only a panic hobby. Many people are growing their own herbs and veggies in addition to expanding their gardens. Children can benefit greatly from gardening, which is also a very soothing exercise. Even those who reside in metropolitan high rises have the chance to connect with nature. It teaches kindness, patience, and the value of simple daily tasks. If cultivating your own micro-greens is new to you, start with something relatively low care, like a money plant or mint.

Solving puzzles screen free

People of all ages like solving puzzles, but children who enjoy a challenge in particular find them to be particularly enjoyable. There are many other types of puzzles, including crossword, Sudoku, and word searches in addition to real jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, magnetic puzzles, and many others. There are several incredibly sophisticated puzzles on the market right now, and you may pick one based on the amount of difficulty your child is comfortable with. You can print out many of the word puzzles that are freely available online.


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