How to Write an Appreciation Letter for Mom


Mom has always loved you more than anyone else. Consider the possibility that it wasn’t “Mom”—possibly it was a stepmother, grandmother, aunt, or another important person in your life—instead. Whatever their names may be, you are tremendously appreciative of the care and assistance they have given you over the years. Therefore, it is always beneficial to show these people your gratitude.

Do you want their affection to feel as significant as your words of gratitude? Writing a letter on paper using a pen is, in our opinion, the greatest approach to express your gratitude. Here are some reasons why you should say it, along with some more ideas to help you express it in a way that feels genuine to you and your relationship.

What is a letter of appreciation?

How to Write an Appreciation Letter for Mom (Photo from istock)

A letter of appreciation is exactly what it sounds like: it expresses your gratitude for the person’s presence in your life as well as your appreciation and affection for them.

Although it can be any length, it usually lasts more than a few phrases. Being able to say all you want to say in a letter of thanks is, after all, one of its benefits.

Why should one thank Mom in a letter?

It makes sense considering that Mom taught the majority of people how to love. Not to mention learning how to brush their teeth, use a fork to eat, and generally operate in society. She has contributed significantly over the years, and that usually motivates individuals to express their gratitude at some time.

The recipient need not be a biological mother. It can be your biological mother or stepmother. She might be a godmother, aunt, or granny. It can be someone who encouraged you and your aspirations, consoled you, or offered wise counsel. It might also be a non-family member who has become “like a mom” to you because of their love, support, or wisdom.

OK, but…But why write a letter?

People generally enjoy receiving handwritten notes. They are extremely personal, to start. You’re expressing what they really mean to you using your own words and stories. Mom is the only one who truly understands your handwriting.

Second, taking the time to write a letter by hand demonstrates that you are concerned enough to put up an effort. Of course, sincere and thoughtful letters frequently end up as priceless mementos that are read again and over as the years pass.

You could also be surprised by how satisfied you feel after finishing an appreciation letter. You’re making something special for a person you care about. Additionally, writing down your feelings of gratitude might help you appreciate the person you’re thanking—in this example, Mom—even more.

  • Following are a few ideas to get you started on your mom letter:

How to Write an Appreciation Letter for Mom (Photo from istock)

Knowing where to start can occasionally be the hardest aspect of writing. So, to help you get started, here are a few straightforward ideas. The most important aspects of your letter, regardless of the idea—or ideas—you decide to utilize, are the work you put into it and the memories it will help Mom revisit.

  • Give Mom a specific compliment

Writing an appreciation letter gives you the chance to go into great depth, which is one of its best features. The person you are writing to will benefit from feeling accepted and loved for who they are.

Therefore, let Mom know what you appreciate about her while also explaining why .As an illustration, perhaps Mom makes the BEST dish. She makes the best mac and cheese, though, when you stop to think about it.

  • Thanking Mom for a particular thing

Thanking Mom for specific things she has done for you is another chance to go into depth and demonstrate how much you appreciated all of her thoughtful efforts. You can discuss what it meant at the time or how it affected your life later on.

  • Make a top-ten list

Moms are no exception to the rule that everyone enjoys a nice “Top Ten” list. Additionally, there are PLENTY of options: you can be hilarious or nice, focus on memories or the future. Here are a few “Top Ten” suggestions you might want to include in your letter of gratitude to Mom.

  • Go digital

Do you feel like writing is not your thing? Although we adore handwritten letters, video communications are also a fantastic alternative.

You may tell Mom all the nice things you would have otherwise written down using Hallmark Video Greeting Cards. Additionally, she has the option of downloading the video to preserve or even posting it on social media to boast about her kind and kind child.

  • Create a letter from your previous self

Don’t be put off by the fact that this concept requires a little more imagination and originality. It’s a lot of fun, and she will enjoy the chance to relive her time with you. Write your letter form a different point in time in each paragraph to bring this concept to life.

  • Finish with a warm closing

Add a cordial closing right before you put your name down. You can either create your own or choose from the ones on this list.

How to deliver your letter

How to Write an Appreciation Letter for Mom (Photo from istock)

Once you have your letter written, you may either put it by itself or in an envelope with a Mother’s Day or birthday card. Then, all that is left to do is mail it or, if that is a possibility, deliver it personally. Perhaps with a few flowers!

Check out these suggestions for gifts you can include in a letter.

Alternately, you might embellish your envelope. Ask your children to help you design the envelope if you have any, or, if they’re old enough, have they written their own messages of gratitude to Grandma. It doesn’t matter how you give it to Mom, just know that it will be one of the nicest gifts you’ve ever given her.



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