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Any busy family must have a family command centre to stay organized! You can control the mayhem with the aid of a command centre. Therefore, I advise you to establish a family command centre as soon as possible if you don’t already have one. The top choices are listed below. Choose the option best suited to your family’s requirements!

What is command family centre?

The term “family command center” simply refers to a specific area in your home that is used to organize the daily chaos (schedules, incoming mail, car keys, etc.).

What to include in Family command center?

Your family’s demands will determine exactly what you put in your command center, but common items include a family calendar, a space for papers, a spot for notes and messages, your menu, and hooks for keys. For simple visual planning, some families even choose to incorporate a whole calendar wall (our monthly wall calendar shown below is ideal for that).

How to set up a Family command centre?

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Our “family command center” is one of the most important systems we set up years and years ago. A family command center is simple to set up!

Every time we leave the house, we “check-in” and “check-out” at our family command center in the kitchen. Any documentation that enters the house is sorted at our command center, which has an area set aside for shredding, paying bills, filing records, and scanning receipts. In order to always know where our car keys are, we hang them there as well. And by ALWAYS, I mean it. Going paperless will revolutionize your life, thus I strongly advise it.

Location of family command center

The secret to using a family command center is to make a commitment to using it every single day, thus it should be put in a prominent place. It should ideally be close by or possibly a piece of your “drop zone.” You know, the spot in your house where you leave your bags, keys, and mail after entering. That way, you can sort them out right away and keep things organized by putting them in your command center rather than dumping them all on a horizontal surface where they would clumsily pile up.

In every home we’ve owned, the kitchen or a nearby room has served as our family command center.

Purpose of family command center

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The idea is to have everything you require in one convenient location so that your life may function smoothly. It’s a lot simpler to stay organized even when your days are crazy when your keys, schedule, bills, etc. are placed/sorted daily in a visible location. You can keep your kitchen countertops clean, stay on top of filing and shredding, and more with the aid of a command center.

Maintaining control of the bills, receipts, and other paper that enters your home requires no time at all once you make using your command center a habit. Usually, at least one family member finds it difficult, but if you make it as simple as you can and promote consistency, everyone will ultimately get used to it!

Utilize your wall

This is a fantastic illustration of a family command center that uses very little desk space. The majority of the system is mounted on the wall, which also has a sweet key holder. Take note of the vivid colors and the unique details.

Make file folders

Making gorgeous, personalized folders for organizing is a great way to spice up a family command center. To learn how to do it with contact paper and regular manila folders, click on the source link.

Keep it simple

Family command centre ideas you should explore  (Photo from Better Homes & Gardens)

This family command center is totally contained within itself and is mounted entirely on the wall. It is really straightforward and simplistic, as you can see. However, there are instances when you really do need that. Everything does not necessary need to be in one location. As you enter or exit the residence, you can quickly and conveniently check your notes and get what you need here.

Your design doesn’t need to be extravagant, and command centers shouldn’t be too intimidating. In your home, it’s simple but effective to set up a hub. Install a matched pair of wall organizers that go with your decor near the entrance. All you actually need is a combination of chalkboards, baskets, and a few hangers. Utilize the boards for memorandum, the baskets for incoming and outgoing mail, and the hooks for jackets and bags. Write down planned activities for yourself or your family, or make a list of things you’ll need when you run to the shop.

Occupy space behind door

Setting up a command center in a tiny doorway requires careful consideration of every inch. If you have limited wall space, combine several storage options and make use of every square inch, even the space behind a door. For putting notes you need to remember before you leave the house, hang a chalkboard or a magnetic dry-erase board. Combining a wall-mounted organizer with file boxes for hiding paperwork can help you make the most of your vertical space. You can also hang huge bulldog clips on the wall to keep other important documents in plain sight.

Cooking command center

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With this smart command center concept, take meal planning to the next level. Make a little hub for all things related to the menu and meal preparation using the interior of a kitchen cabinet. You can come up with meal ideas using a little dry-erase weekly planner that is peel-and-stick. You can make ingredient shopping lists on a hanging notebook. Attach some fundamental cooking instructions so you won’t have to look them up every time, such as ingredient replacements, meat temperature ranges, and measurement conversions. This keeps your kitchen organized and makes it simpler to serve dinner quickly.


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