Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know 


Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know

Making images that endure in the face of the more than a trillion photos shot annually can be difficult. However a prop can be helpful. Family group photos are still as crucial as ever, even though many of our photos on our phones are forgotten about. They document a certain moment in time and honour the happiness of our families. and a prop can be a symbol of something special.

Your family session can benefit from the use of a prop by adding more meaning, making it more enjoyable, generating movement and energy, and removing any potential discomfort and forced poses. With kids, props are especially helpful because they may bring out their happy smiles with a few quick and enjoyable touches. Props can also serve to establish a certain historical period, such as a date or an occurrence.

Favorite toys as a prop

Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know


Personalizing your family’s photo shoots is easy by including your kids’ beloved toys, including plush animals. These items let kids relax more easily and lend a nostalgic touch to photographs. Include your own childhood toys next to theirs to add even more nostalgia and you’ll have a picture that brings back happy memories.

Family games

Accept the passion for sports in your family! Sports-themed pictures are genuinely ageless, whether your family is kicking the football around or stepping up to the bat to hit a home run. Family portraits taken with these kinds of accessories are more lively and natural-looking, and you’ll be proud to hang them on the wall. Your images will have more color and setting if you choose a sports field, a swimming pool or a bowling alley as your backdrop.

Outdoor camping

Any outdoor theme can be improved with appropriate gear, such as wilderness camping. These accessories are fantastic for showcasing your family’s sense of harmony and togetherness, whether you’re sitting around the fire telling stories or busy setting up your tent.

Bike adventure

Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know


Your images will have more movement and vitality if you stick with an outside, adventurous theme and include bicycles or kites. Bike-based family picture shoots highlight your family’s active approach to spending time together, while kite-based shoots enable photos with striking perspectives and effects.

Edible prop

Whether you prefer pizza, ice cream, or cakes, include some delectable food in your family photos is a terrific way to stand out. A family lunch is thought of as a great occasion for everyone to gather and discuss their days. Taking pictures at the time helps to preserve those joyful memories for the future.

Wooden wagon as a prop

A wooden wagon is a sweet backdrop for family portraits. Your child(ren) will have a great time throughout the picture session, and you’ll receive lovely family portraits with everyone beaming with joy and genuine grins.

Balloons as a prop

Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know


Balloons are the ultimate happy-maker for children. If you want vibrant family images and cheerful faces, choose these. To achieve a similar effect, you could also use colourful plastic balls.

Drawing on chalkboard

Have fun drawing and writing on a chalkboard to share family history! If it’s large enough, you might even think about utilizing it as a background. A chalkboard can help to make indoor shooting enjoyable and extraordinary when there isn’t much room available.

Lifting your kids

Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know


This is something that every parent does, and it deserves to be documented on video.

Your bed or couch

The secret is to maintain everyone’s ease so that candid photos can be taken. It is possible to sit and read a book, to lie on your front and queue, or to lie on your back and allow the photographer to take pictures from above.

From this location, you can capture images from a variety of perspectives, and your photographer can point out the best ones. This will be on the list of baby-related family photo ideas. In the future, you can use these photographs to make customized photo cards for your parents’ special occasions.

Confetti prop

Confetti is a versatile prop that you should always have in your camera bag. One option is toss it up and let it fall back down over your subject; however, you can also ask your subject to hold a handful and blow it in the direction of the camera.

Additionally, try to stay away from the foil-style confetti. You won’t have that lovely dreamy appearance because it will fall much more quickly. In contrast to paper confetti, it is also not biodegradable.

Fairy lights as a prop

Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know


One of the most well-liked ideas for photo props is fairy lights, and for good reason. They work well for photographing in low light, and you can get some lovely pictures when you wrap them around a model.

These fairy lights will allow you a lot of creative freedom, and since they don’t need an external power source, you can use them for outdoor photography.

Prop on your hobby

The good news is that these specific props are totally uncharged. Simply ask your family members about their interests and have them bring some memorabilia from those activities to the photoshoot.

Your family members might, for instance, bring a guitar, skateboard, book, crochet, football, or any number of other items. You can convince them to play their instrument, ride their skateboard, or knit that jumper, and the props themselves will inspire you to create some fantastic pictures.

Old cameras

Both men and women can pose with old Polaroid and film cameras. Bring whatever old cameras you may already have with you to your picture shoot! And it’s alright if you don’t already have a vintage camera; you can find one on eBay or at thrift shops for low prices.

The old CDs as a prop

Prop Ideas for Your Family Session You should know


The outdated CDs you have lying around your house do have a use, believe me! The underside of the disc reflects light in brilliant colors, making them excellent props for both adult and child photo shoots. You may either ask your subject to hold the CD for a cool vintage effect or utilize this to shine light over your subjects.


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