Buying a puppy is exciting. But what are puppy behavior you should see while buying a new puppy? Puppy behavior can be complex. Well this article can be beneficial for you. Your furry friend  needs a care. In this article find 12 puppy behaviors to look out for in your new friend. In no time, became an expert of puppy behaviors. Good luck!


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You may tell how dependent or confident a puppy is by placing it somewhere it has never been, softly calling it to you with your hands while crouching down, and seeing how it reacts.

A pup that is confident may approach you quickly, its tail up, and may even jump at you or bite your hands. A terrified puppy, on the other hand, won’t approach you at all.


Stand up and walk away from the puppy normally to see how drawn it is to you and how independent it is. Make sure the dog sees you go before continuing.

A pup who is dependent will rapidly follow you while raising its tail. It might even bite at your feet while stepping on them. An independent puppy won’t follow you and can even turn away.


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You must stoop and gently roll the puppy on his back, holding it with one hand for a full 30 seconds, to learn how a puppy responds to stress when socially or physically controlled.

A domineering puppy may struggle vehemently, thrash around, and possibly bite. A docile puppy, on the other hand, won’t struggle and try to avoid eye contact.


The degree of willingness to cooperate with humans and retrieval abilities are highly correlated. by getting close to the dog and playing with a ball to get its attention. You may then gauge how tight of a bond you will have with the puppy by watching how attentively it reacts when you toss the ball 1 to 2 meters in front of it.

Owners of dogs looking for successful dogs for field trials or obedience should pay particular attention to this exam.


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While some puppies are incredibly stoic, others are drama queens that howl and scream at the slightest contact. You must remove a puppy’s webbing from one front foot and lightly press it between your finger and thumb to gauge how sensitive they are. Then, as you slowly count to 10, more firmly until you receive a response. As soon as the puppy starts to pull away or exhibits pain, stop.

Their reaction to sound and deafness

When they hear an unexpected sound, some puppies jump and flee. Some puppies want to know where the noise is coming from. Place the puppy in the middle of an open space to gauge its level of sound sensitivity. You’ll need a helper to create a loud noise, like a heavy metal spoon being hammered sharply on a metal pan twice, so you can hear it from a few feet away and watch the puppy’s reaction. This is a quick test for deafness as well.

New puppy’s ability to solve problems

The level of a puppy’s curiosity frequently indicates intellect and problem-solving skills. To find out, position the puppy in the middle of a wide-open space. Observe the dog while jerking a huge towel across the floor a few feet away from it using a cord that is tied around the towel.

A self-assured, perceptive dog will observe what you are doing before attacking or biting the towel. A less intelligent, timid dog will, on the other hand, flee and hide.

Running tests of new puppy

Best 500+ Dog Training Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash PUPPY BEHAVIORS

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A prospective dog owner can approximate a puppy’s temperament and the appropriate training methods by allocating numbers to the observations and utilizing one of many temperament tests. It helps in understanding any new puppy better. The owner can make a decision easily.

Biting and nipping

When they are puppies, nips are not unusual. Due to the fact that play biting between canine siblings is normal, it could occur frequently when the puppy is playing. Young puppies don’t show any alarming signs of the behavior, but it should be changed before it causes a problem. Teach your puppy not to bite people or their clothing, and if you need assistance, speak to your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist.


Best 500+ Dog Training Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash PUPPY BEHAVIORS

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When a puppy is young, it may be cute to see them jump up to welcome you, but many breeds develop considerably before becoming adults. A dog that is fully grown and jumps up on people could be dangerous. When your puppy is young, begin training him or her not to jump on humans (and furnishings, if you so want).


For a multitude of reasons, puppies chew. A puppy frequently chews on almost anything while its teeth are erupting. Pay attention, though, if the puppy starts to gnaw on his or her skin until hair falls out or it irritates. Puppies may develop skin irritation as a result of sensitivities to food or the environment. A puppy may use its teeth to scratch an itch if they are unable to use their paws to do so.

Additionally, your puppy’s chewing habits can be an indication of nervousness. Discuss the habit with your veterinarian to see if there are any potential fixes.

Happy dog syndrome

Best 500+ Dog Training Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash PUPPY BEHAVIORS

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Large breed dogs are more likely to have this problem than small breed dogs. A puppy or young dog will wag its tail when it is engaged and content. A puppy occasionally wags his tail too recklessly inside and slams it into neighboring items. These events may result in wounds on the puppy’s tail opening up that require prompt care.

These kinds of tail injuries are typical, but if your puppy’s tail is mending slowly or if it keeps being hurt, consult a veterinary expert.


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