It should be forbidden to use the word “iconic” in English, especially when referring to shoe. It’s frequently used too loosely, and legendary status is given to shoe that was unpopular ten years ago. But regardless of how much fashions shift over time, there are a few styles of shoe that will always be in demand. Adidas’ best-selling sneaker of all time is the Stan Smith, while Converse’s Chuck Taylor has been around since 1917. There’s a solid explanation for this: the brands created the  shoe correctly the first time around, and they haven’t changed much since. In actuality, only a select few designs of shoes are deserving of being bought repeatedly.

Air Jordan 3: Legendary shoes

Air Jordan 3 Denim CZ6431-100 - Release Info |


Do you actually need to be educated on these? Since we already know that you concur that these should be a part of your rotation, here are some reasons in bullet form:

1) The Background: Tinker Hatfield’s IIIs prevented Michael Jordan from defecting to Adidas.

2) Spike Lee commercials in history. In these, Jordan won the 1988 Dunk Contest.

3) In terms of appearance, these beat out any pair of brand-new sneakers.

4) In addition: Even when worn out, these still look nicer than 99.9% of sneakers.

5) Gone for a Minute: Jordan Brand won’t be reissuing these any time soon, but when they do, be prepared. —JLP

Nike Air Force 1

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The Air Force 1 began its legacy in 1982 and evolved into a basketball sneaker and a blank canvas for some of the finest designs and collaborations in Nike’s history before Nelly immortalized it in a song. You can’t deny that Bruce Kilgore’s design has endured through basketball, as worn by players like Moses Malone and Rasheed Wallace, even though we may now view it more as a lifestyle shoe due to its early popularity in New York City (shout out to Harlem) and Baltimore. Anyone looking for an all-white sneaker for the summer can consider the Air Force 1, which personifies the desire of sneaker wearers to stay current.

Adidas Stan Smith: Must-Have Shoe

You Can Now Wear the Adidas Stan Smith All Winter Long | GQ


As the Stan Smith has undergone its second shot at life, there is nothing I can say about it that hasn’t already been stated countless times over the past two years. As for whether you like it or not, I also won’t be able to sway your opinion. However, ignoring the attractiveness of the Stan Smith is ignorance at its most basic. It’s a shoe with a shape that’s neither too sleek nor too clunky, a price tag that fits the meaning of “cheap,” and design elements that are distinctive and defining without being garish. The Stan Smith was well-liked for a very long time before it left the market and then came back, receiving a king’s welcome, because it’s difficult to create a recipe that is that well-rounded.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Shoe by All Star


Unquestionably, the Chuck Taylor is the oldest footwear on this list. The original model was introduced in 1917, making it 99 years old. Despite this, the straightforward design, which consists of a straightforward rubber sole with a textile upper, a rubber toe cap, and laces that ride up the ankle, continues to be not only one of the few seminal styles in the history of sneakers but also one of the ones that is frequently imitated, replicated, and ripped off. It has served as an inspiration for countless high-fashion and low-cost sneakers, and because it has lasted so long, only lately did it get an upgrade with a Lunarlon insole and small touches. You can easily see that dudes and people of all ages have worn Chuck Taylors at some point.

Nike Flyknit Racer: Iconic shoe

Best shoe


Nearing its fourth anniversary, the Nike Flyknit is already having the same influence on the business as past defining innovations like Air and Free. The Flyknit franchise is estimated to be valued over $1 billion in 2016, surpassing the free franchise’s ten-year valuation, which Nike stated during the Investors Day conference of the previous year. There are 28 various models in the Flyknit line, giving customers a wide range of options, but the Flyknit Racer is the one design that has led the charge in knitted sneakers for Nike. The Racer was created as a performance sneaker for marathon runners and debuted with the now-discontinued Flyknit Trainer. However, it immediately gained popularity as a sneaker for fashion.


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