Tattoo Designs: Custom Making Your Own Ideas 


Tattoo Designs: Custom Making Your Own Ideas

You can permanently adorn your body with a picture or symbol that holds special meaning for you by creating your own tattoo. Another fantastic method to express yourself or stand out from the crowd is with a personalized design!

Looking for tattoo designs

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Search briefly on Google for tattoos that are comparable to the one you might like to have. For instance, look for pictures of tattoos with travel or geometric themes if you think you might like to get one. Similar to this, if you want to design  tattoos for your arm, check online for arm tattoos designs. Even if you want to go a different path with your own design, looking at pictures of tattoos that other people have might serve as inspiration.

Observe social media, too. On Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, you can uncover many brilliant ideas.

Tattoo magazines

They are an excellent resource for getting ideas for your own tattoos as well as learning about new developments in the tattoo industry. Popular tattoos periodicals like INKED, TATTOO, and Skin Deep are available online as well as at your local bookstore or newsstand.

Explore some artbooks

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Spend a few hours doing this at the library or bookstore in your neighborhood. Books on art, especially those on tattoos art, are a great method to learn about various artistic breakthroughs’ histories and become exposed to a variety of designs. This may help you develop your own art and give it more depth and meaning.

Look for topics and inspiration in books about various art movements from the eras in which you are most interested.

If you can, buy or borrow the book. If not, and if you have permission, make a photocopy of the pages containing the photos that catch your eye so you may refer to them at home.


While you might only want to get tattoos because you like the design, it can be really fulfilling to design one that holds special meaning for you. Think of getting crucial dates tattooed, such as your zodiac sign, a picture of someone dear to you, or a favorite quote.

Other suggestions include your favorite flower, animal, or character, a memory you don’t want to lose, a local significance to your family, or something you want to remember.

Jotting tattoo ideas

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Get inventive now is the time! Create a collage out of torn-up magazines that depicts the color scheme or feeling you want your tattoo to evoke. Create an inspiration board that captures the mood you want your design to portray. You may also list the words that come to mind when you think about the design you want in a diary.

If you want the tattoo’s artist to design or draw the tattoo for you, this can be quite useful.

Prepare a rough sketch of tattoo

If you are artistic, sketching the tattoos before visiting the tattoo’s parlor is a great method to convey to the artist exactly what you want to have tattooed. Draw the tattoos to scale on the paper that you have available. Don’t be scared to do several draughts because you are designing something that will be permanently attached to your body. Take your time and refine the sketch until it is perfect.

To show the tattoo’s artist, you can make a rough sketch. The artist can then help you to clarify your ideas and improve the design, as well as provide you with cost and feasibility recommendations.

Look for timeless tattoos

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While fashions come and go, tattoos last a lifetime. Asking yourself questions such, “What is the likelihood that I’ll have the same interests and beliefs in 10 or 20 years” will help you determine whether the tattoos you have will age well. Is this a decision I’m making on the spur of the moment, or have I given it some thought? It’s best to consider getting the tattoos for a few months before making the decision.

Tattoos depicting animals, flowers, skulls, maps, or nautical symbols are a few examples of classic ink.

A temporary custom tattoo

You may get a temporary custom tattoos online from a website like Etsy or Momentary Ink to test out your idea before committing to the design. You can order a temporary tattoos by uploading your design online.

Additionally, you might inquire with your tattoo’s artist about the possibility of a skin-to-skin transfer of the design. During your initial design consultation, request this.

Know the tattoo experts

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Visit the websites of nearby tattoos shops to see the portfolios of different local artists. Every tattoo’s artist will have their own distinctive style, therefore it’s important to check that your requirements and the artist’s skill level are compatible. Verify the artists’ credentials. You should only select a tattoo’s artist who has a practitioner permit because licensing and certification requirements differ by state. When you go to the tattoos shop, request to see the license.

Design consultation

The majority of tattoos shops give free consultations by appointment, so take advantage of this chance to get to know the tattoo’s artist and decide whether you feel comfortable having them ink you. When getting tattoos, having complete trust in the artist is crucial because you want them to give you their undivided attention and not become easily sidetracked.

Some performers can want a down payment for the consultation. The fee covers both the time the tattoo artist spends tattooing you and the time it takes to create the design.

Make sure about what you want

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It’s crucial to have a clear notion of the tattoos you want, or at the very least, a concept that you want to bring to life, before you enter a design consultation. Otherwise, it’s simple to be swayed by the tattoo artist’s preferences and end up with tattoos that wasn’t truly what you wanted. Show the artist your inspiration board, sketches, and word journal during the consultation.

Find a person who will help you realize your goal and who is willing to do so. The last thing you want is to disagree with a creative person because they don’t have the same perspective as you.


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