Top Eco-friendly Fashion Brands of India

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The fashion sector contributes significantly to water use, carbon emissions, and textile waste. Fast fashion in particular has a negative influence on social sustainability and the environment. Since, the clothes it produces are frequently constructed with poor materials. We need eco- friendly fashion brands to rule the market.  So what does “sustainable fashion” actually mean? When referring to the technique of creating, making, and consuming clothing that respects the earth by causing little to no damage.  And so sustains the environment, the term “sustainable fashion” typically refers to eco-friendly activities in the fashion business. We need eco-friendly fashion brands to rule the market.

Among millennials, sustainable fashion is hugely popular. Everyone, from influencers to celebrities, is working to spread the word about sustainable fashion. As a result, persuade consumers to be environmentally responsible by purchasing garments that don’t damage the environment.

Fast fashion, which emphasizes speed and low prices, is particularly harmful to the environment. A small number of Indian designers are attempting to alter the fashion business, which is badly in need of change.

Here is our list of the best Indian eco-friendly fashion brands:

  • Doodlage among eco-friendly fashion brands 

Instead of allowing these fabrics to end up in a landfill, Doodlage uses them to create new products. For their items, they also use eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, corn, and banana cloth. The company frequently works on unique initiatives with other organizations. That share its values, including one with an NGO named Goonj. They trade extra textiles from previous seasons.  That NGO uses them to make reusable sanitary pads for rural women.

  • No Nasties

Top Eco-friendly Fashion Brands of India (Photo from

Durable and stylish eco-friendly clothing is available at No Nasties. Their natural fabrics, which come in understated hues and designs. Making them easier to wear all year long without seeming shabby.

No Nasties’ collection concept strives to offer clothes that are cozy, timeless, and cheery. There is a good deal of well-balanced weirdness that keeps popping up.  As you browse despite the largely subdued hues and unconventional patterns.

Apurva Kothari started No Nasties in Goa, India, with the goal of educating farmers and giving buyers choices. After becoming aware of the alarming suicide rates among farmers, Apurva made the decision to launch a grassroots effort to reform farming practices. This is how No Nasties was created.

  • B-Label

B Label makes the decision to go green. Each piece of clothing is made with care, love, and one of the strongest natural fibers available. Hemp is carbon negative, UV resistant, and resistant to mould and mildew.

The Bombay Hemp Company is an agricultural business that retells Indian agriculture and sustainable living through the lens of hemp. The uses for hemp are countless. Their design integrates this unique potential with the current industries of agriculture, technology, and medicine in order to bring community, impact, and value together.

  • Insom among eco-friendly fashion brands

A 100% waste-free and sustainable production procedure is guaranteed by the apparel label Insom by Sejal Jain. The clothing is both fashionable and cozy. The business creates wearable pieces of art from leftover, damaged, and excess fabrics from large-scale organic fabric production enterprises.

  • 11

11.11/eleven.eleven, led by the businesswomen Shani Himanshu, Milan, and Mia Morikawa, has established its roots in the luxury market while placing a strong emphasis on forging connections between farmers, weavers, vegetable dyeing, and block printing traditions. The company is working hard to promote khadi and create products that are entirely handmade and naturally dyed using pigments derived from barks, flowers, and leaves.

  • Mio Borsa among eco-friendly fashion brands

Top Eco-friendly Fashion Brands of India (Photo from  )

Pallavi Behl created this business in Delhi that sells modern, small, and practical items for everyday use such bucket handbags, crossbody pouches, and totes. On the other hand, these purses stand out because to their understated woven straps. The Mio Borsa, which translates to “my kind of bag,” is just the kind of eye-catching design we were looking for.

If you’re looking for a vegan leather alternative that yet feels like leather, Mio Borsa is here to help. Items from this local brand are as lovely as its natural ingredient, pinate, a pineapple stalk extract that gives products a leather-like gloss.

  • Ka-Sha among eco-friendly fashion brands

Ka-Sha employs clothes as a vehicle for narrative storytelling to respect multiple cultures and dynamic social environments. The brand, which has its headquarters in Pune, has been aiming to integrate sustainability into every aspect of its operations, from designing and producing products to distributing them. The company’s Heart to Haat initiative makes sure they consistently develop cutting-edge waste management concepts.

  • Nicobar

India’s urban youth are travelling abroad more frequently, which is driving material demands that could sustain this ambition. We require attire for both quiet leisure and aspirational business travel, as well as travel accessories to see and experience the world and dinnerware that expresses Indian aspirations for the global community. The new company Nicobar, founded by Simran Lal and Raul Rai, targets that market.

  • Upasana among eco-friendly fashion brands

The platform Upasana – The Conscious Fashion Hub is where designers, environmentalists, social workers, farmers, and students come together to discuss and discover solutions to today’s social concerns. Upasana aspires to develop conscious sustainable fashion that considers environmental costs. Upasana considers social challenges and attempts to address these genuine issues through projects like Tsunamika, a tsunami-related project that gives fisherwomen a living.

  • Chakori Ethnic

Top Eco-friendly Fashion Brands of India (Photo from

Chakori Ethnic strives to popularize the various patterns and handicraft customs of rural India. Clothing by Chakori Ethnic is available in a variety of traditional prints, including kalamkari, shibori, hand block, dabu, indigo, and phentiya. In an effort to produce clothing that is both fashionable and sustainable, this firm collaborates with rural artisans and craftspeople.

Hence, this is the list of a few eco friendly and sustainable fashion brands from India, which initiates towards a vigilant approach towards environment. Hope, this will help the buyers to make better and thoughtful choices when they make a purchase.


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