Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer


Questions you should be asking your photographer

What questions ought to you make of a photographer if you encounter them? What photography-related questions will clarify how they operate? What tips can you glean from their experience to enhance your own photography?

These are the questions that will help you understand how the photographer handles their own photography as well as provide you with the best, most helpful advice.

So, you’ll know how to get the most useful information the next time you run into a photographer you adore or simply interact with a photographer on a website or forum.

What is the one thing you wish you had known before you began taking pictures?: # questions

Questions you should be asking your photographer


Every photographer faces challenges when they first start out, but they all get better with practice. Accordingly, every photographer has one, two, or even hundreds of things they wish they had known when they first started.

How did you become a skilled photographer? # questions

Regardless of how good a photographer is, they weren’t born with photographic genius. Every photographer has gone on a trip because mastering camera settings, composition, light, and post-processing takes work.

So, question them on it. Inquire about their transition from amateur to professional status (or skilled amateur, semi-professional, etc.). What did they do that most benefited them? Was it studying photography-related books? courses in photography? watching a photograph? Practicing? A certain kind of magic bean?

Which gear do you use?

Questions you should be asking your photographer


Since this issue seems a little superficial and outstanding image are created by photographers, not equipment, I don’t advise you to start with it.

Nevertheless, equipment does matter, and comprehending a photographer’s setup can be beneficial for two reasons in particular:

It will provide suggestions for your own equipment (after all, if a photographer you admire uses a particular lens and produces razor-sharp shots, the lens is unquestionably capable glass!).

You’ll gain knowledge of the tools required for various types of photography. For instance, if you’ve never taken a panorama of a landscape, you might not be aware that you require a specific kind of tripod.

Which lens do you prefer to use? Why? # questions

This additional photography gear-related query seeks to ascertain why a photographer employs the particular lenses they do as well as what distinguishes some lenses from others. A talented photographer can create shots with any lens, but other factors like focal length, maximum aperture, autofocusing speed, and more can have an impact on your pictures (perhaps much more than you might believe!).

By the way, selecting from a group of high-quality lenses is less about figuring out which lens is sharpest. Instead, it’s about figuring out which lens best suits your own preferences and needs, so you can get the photos you want.

Do you bring anything else with you when you go out to shoot besides a camera and a lens?

The majority of photographers have one or two indispensable accessories, such as a cleaning kit, a portable charger, or even a specific pair of hiking boots.

According on the type and manner of photography, these items differ from photographer to photographer.

Asking a photographer about their necessities may be a lot of fun. Ask them why they carry the particular goods they do. And soon you’ll have a few things to put on your own wish list for gear!

Is there anything you regret buying among the photography equipment you bought? Why?

Questions you should be asking your photographer


The fact that it isn’t a frequently asked question contributes to its intrigue. What wouldn’t you buy if you were a photographer?

You’ll get a lot of varied responses to this, which is fantastic. Encourage the photographer to be as general or detailed as they’d want. Photographers may mention their dusty lenses, their tripods shaking on still days, their broken lights after five uses, or something completely different.

Take note of every component, but don’t allow that deter you from purchasing the tools on your own since what works for one person could not work for another!

What settings do you prefer? # questions

I advise you to keep this question open-ended because you want to discover the optimal parameters for particular situations as well as the settings that a photographer can’t live without. You don’t want to know the exact settings that a photographer employs occasionally.

While some photographers are quite picky about their settings, others like to leave everything on Auto and concentrate on lighting, composition, and processing. Therefore, if the photographer doesn’t provide much information, don’t press the issue (and don’t limit the photographer if they go on and on about the settings!).

What sort of post-processing equipment do you employ? How does your process look?

Post-processing is quite specific to each photographer, and it may be intimidating for new photographers, so if you have trouble with it, this is an important question to consider.

The program the photographer uses may be your starting point, but explore further. Inquire about particular tools and methods. (Do they assign colors? Which sliders are their favourites? Do they evade detection? And if they appear receptive, inquire about their process. In other words, how do they create an image from beginning to end? How does the procedure appear?

The secret of a photographer’s style may be found in the slightest of elements, so pay close attention when they are being discussed.

Which of all your pictures is your favourite? Why? # questions

Questions you should be asking your photographer


This is a terrific icebreaker question and a great way to get even the most reserved photographers talking about themselves and their work because photographers often adore discussing their own work.

A photographer will frequently describe how they approached the composition, why they appreciate the shot, and sometimes even the techniques they employed to create it if you ask them about their favorite work. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge!

Whose work has the greatest impact on you? # questions

The “influence” question is the most challenging to answer of all the questions to ask photographers on our list, but if you have the time and the photographer is open to it, it may provide amazing insights into their work.


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