Surviving Family Photoshoot: Make it fun event


Surviving Family Photoshoot: Make it fun event

Getting family photoshoot is important. Everyone want their family to be celebrated and documented in creative ways. You want to leave your children with lovely pictures that include their mother.

We have some great tips to help you survive those important family photo shoots stress free. Getting out from behind the camera and in front of it can be a stressful experience.

Planning beforehand: family photoshoot

Surviving Family Photoshoot: Make it fun event


Planning ahead is crucial when you have young children. Selecting and ironing everyone’s attire shouldn’t be left until the last minute. Do this the week prior, and identify each garment before hanging it up.

This includes any footwear and accessories you are thinking of purchasing. Prepare everything in advance to avoid being frazzled on the big day. If you are, the pictures will reflect that!

Bring some snacks: family photoshoot

For children, snacks are a need! They might become finicky in the middle of the shoot, for one. The ideal method to give them a rest and, of course, keep them hydrated, is with a snack and a beverage.

Despite how tempting it may seem, refrain from rewarding smiles with food. With young children, it could really have the reverse effect of what you desire because you suddenly aren’t providing them what they want quickly enough.

If the photographer asks you to bring out some treats as encouragement, then keep the nibbles hidden.

As a side note Bring only clean-up-able food. Anything like ice cream or fruit that could stain hands or clothing is off limits. Bring some pretzels instead.

Keep the event simple

Surviving Family Photoshoot: Make it fun event


It’s important to keep things basic when it comes to attire and accessories. Avoid over accessorizing, especially when it comes to children. Many parents like to dress their little daughters in enormous headbands.

Try to stay away from these unless you are certain that they won’t touch or tug on it. Jewellery is the same. In fact, it might become a toy that they won’t let go of, causing them to hold their hands or arms in front of their faces.

Less props will be easier on everyone involved in the process. Select a manageable-sized handful of goods. If not, you may wind up frustrated and possibly sweating while hauling items back and forth.

Please be on time: family photoshoot

It might sound apparent, but it’s crucial that you show up at the shooting location on time. This will simplify things for both you and the photographer in terms of getting the photos you want. You’ll feel pressured if you arrive late and have less time for photos.

The whole experience and the memories you will create may be seriously harmed by this. Be on the safe side and come 15 to 20 minutes early!

Take it easy!

The way you want things to go will not always be the case. For starters, if you have young children, you will need to abandon the idea of posing. It is advisable to accept their decisions and go with the flow.

Lifestyle photography is fantastic for this reason.  Tears and tantrums are another situation I frequently go into. You shouldn’t worry; they will pass.

You’ll still capture some fantastic pictures even if your child won’t smile. Let it go, just trust me on this one!

Stay relaxed ad calm: family photoshoot

Surviving Family Photoshoot: Make it fun event


Make sure that the night before a photo shoot, the entire family gets an adequate amount of sleep. If you get enough sleep, you’ll feel wonderful and be better equipped to deal with the minor stresses that are certain to arise. You’ll look your best if you get enough sleep, and without the puffy bags under our eyes, everyone smiles more.

Your clothing choices

Consider your outfit choices carefully, and make them as far in advance as you can. It can be difficult to find or put together costumes for a family of five that match, look well in photos, and reflect the individual styles of each member. To achieve the look you want, use web resources. Ask your photographer if they have any advice, or go on Pinterest. Think about hiring a personal stylist to go clothing shopping with you for a single day. You won’t be sorry!

Choose Photographer wisely: family photoshoot

Your level of stress during a picture shoot can be significantly reduced by selecting the correct photographer. Find a photographer you can meet in advance if you can, and make sure your personalities mesh. You must feel at ease around this person if they will be taking pictures of your family.

View the work of your photographers. Do they have images of households with the same number of children as yours? How old are they, exactly? If your photographer has expertise working with your kind of family, they will feel more at ease and contribute to a calm atmosphere.

Communicate with your photographer: family photoshoot

Are there any unique circumstances in your family that the photographer needs to be aware of? Make certain they are aware in advance.

They won’t waste your time attempting to coax your son into doing something that is unlikely to happen if they are aware that he has autism and refuses to look at the camera at all.

Alternately, they can arrange to be farther away and utilize a special zoom lens to give your family more privacy.

Make sure your photographer is aware if Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob are divorcing and won’t want to stand alongside each other in family portraits with a larger group.

Take care of your kids

Surviving Family Photoshoot: Make it fun event


Before your shoot, give the kids a healthy snack; it will do them the world of good. To keep them satisfied and grounded, consider proteins, fruits, and vegetables. For further hydration and sustenance during the class, bring water bottles and snacks with you.


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