Creative Alternatives to Displaying Your Photos


Creative alternatives to displaying your photos

Get creative with DIY alternatives to photo displays instead of using frames. Your office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen will look better with one of these  creative alternatives photo display ideas. You may create something more unique by removing your images from those outdated frames. One of these alternatives will make for a fun project and let you change how you display your pictures of loved ones, friends, pets, or vacations while you’re trapped at home or if you simply want to freshen up your area.

Photo board: creative alternatives

Creative alternatives to displaying your photos


Ribbon or corkboard can be used to create a photo board. They can be positioned above a desk or even a bed and serve as the room’s focal point. This strategy, which is most frequently used in kitchens and offices to display a limited number of images, is organized.

Photo wall

Want to make your photo display look nicer? Boost the light! Why not adorn the string lights that are frequently found in bedrooms and offices with some additional décor? Polaroids or pictures can be easily added to the string of lights by using micro close pins. Wall art and lighting are instantly available. Lighting displays typically line a piece of furniture, hang from the ceiling, or cover the room’s perimeter.

Display on wood and wire: creative alternatives

Using a wood and wire arrangement to display your images can give them a more upscale or contemporary appearance. You merely need to arrange your images on the wire that is fastened to the wood using miniature closure pins or clasps, much like a light show. The kitchen or living room seem to be the preferred settings for this technique.

Display by a photo clock

A photo clock is a wonderful way to customize a typical household item. Choose 12 images, then arrange them in a circle. A clock motor and some hands are all that are required to finish this. This is a different way to display your photos and may also be used as home décor. Although, the greatest places for a photo clock are a bedroom, office, or living room.

A shape collages

Creative alternatives to displaying your photos


You have complete creative freedom while using a shape collage. A shape collage can be anything you want it to be, whether it’s a heart, star, circle, triangle, etc. Depending on how big or small it is, the form may take up the entire wall or serve as a small accent, depending on its size. Some people have used specific colors or themes (such as hearts and stars) to create works of art, but this alternative photo technique gives you the freedom to express yourself.

Create a photo mobile: creative alternatives

These days, mobiles aren’t just for nurseries. Using a foundation constructed of any material you like and hanging or suspended images tied to a thread, you may create a photo mobile. Flowers, cut-out forms, or streamers are just a few additional embellishments or accents that can be added to the strings. These mobiles serve as a backdrop and rest against a wall.

Different kinds of photo frames

If you like frames, why not buy several in various shapes, hues, and designs to make a large photo wall that showcases a range of memories. Specially, you may customize your photo wall in a variety of forms and styles to make it uniquely yours.

Use your imagination no matter which approach you select. One of the most memorable and striking ways to express your family’s narrative is to fill your walls with a lifetime of memories, so start hanging.

Always be creative with alternatives

Creative alternatives to displaying your photos


If you like a more rustic and stylish look, consider turning old pieces of wood into stained photo clipboards and hanging the pictures from the clips against the wood. Another interesting choice is to hang your pictures from a thin rope so they resemble a clothesline. Binder clips are also excellent for this.

There is an option to make frames out of washi tape if you have some extra time and are the creative sort. Moreover, this will allow you to surround your images with various patterns and colors to truly make your walls shine.

Display your Instagram photos: creative alternatives

Instagram pictures don’t have to exist online only. Simply select a few of your favourites, give in the links, and arrange the finished result on your fridge however you like.

Acrylic photos

Creative alternatives to displaying your photos


Acrylic prints may give your images a contemporary, clean appearance.  Chiefly, ideal for showcasing a beloved family image or a collection of pictures from a noteworthy event.

Metal prints: creative alternatives

These  prints may make a statement.  Furthermore, metal prints are a striking exhibit for any space in your house due to their vivid colors and polished surface.

Framed canvas

Framed canvas prints are mounted such that there is space between the canvas and the frame, giving the impression that the image is floating inside the frame.

This classy and classic alternative is ideal for showcasing family portraits, holiday pictures, or any other precious memories you wish to display in a distinctive and lovely way.

Mounted prints: creative alternatives

Creative alternatives to displaying your photos


With mounted prints, you can keep your memories front and center. Eventually, various mounting solutions are available to provide a sturdy background for larger prints.

Enjoying your memories with your images in a creative way without frames is wonderful, but having them in digital format is even better. In addition to being a useful tool for keeping track of the people and things that are most important to you, photos can also be considered modern art.

Probably the most popular way to use family photos to decorate your home is to frame them and fasten them to the wall. This will make your walls look beautiful.


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