How to Conceal Your Dark Circles With Makeup

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Despite the fact that it sounds easy, covering dark circles with makeup can be difficult. Look further if you want to discover how to effectively hide those annoying under-eye circles. Dark circles are more prominent in the morning, but, they will not go on their own. Whether used alone or with a lot of makeup, a well-chosen concealer should hide the circles and make them vanish. The melasma therapy, often known as pregnancy mask when it affects pregnant women, is effective.

How to Conceal Your Dark Circles With Makeup (Photo from istock)

Here’s the ways to Conceal Dark Circles:

  • Remove Puffiness the Eyes:

Massage the area around the eyes with an ice pack, cold eye gels, or a cool teaspoon. The pressure can trigger the body’s natural response to empty the fluid pool, while the coolness benefits in tightening of the blood vessels.

  • Use Eye Cream:

Applying eye cream will help to moisturize the under eye are and help in keeping it hydrated. If you don’t moisturize and nurture your under eye area, your concealer and corrector will sit on top rather than absorb into the skin.

  • Apply Foundation:

Apply foundation all over, and beneath your eyes, mix a very thin layer in. To get a deep coverage, apply it with your finger and then use a moist beauty sponge to blend. If you’re still trying to find the best base for you. Apply a mixture of a light and dark shade over your jaw line, mixing it towards your face and neck as you go. You’ve discovered the perfect foundation for you if the color naturally merges in both directions.

  • Use a Corrector:

Apply a thin layer of orange concealer using a makeup sponge in a press-and-push motion to create a transparent wash of color. It enables you to use fewer products to balance out the blackness, preventing pilling of your thick or cakey concealer layer.

  • Apply Concealer:

Use a light-reflective concealer that is somewhat lighter than your skin tone on the under-eyes to brighten the area. It’s essential to choose a concealer that complements your skin tone. You need a concealer that is more thick, matte, and firm and does not crease if you have fine wrinkles. You can select a more moisturizing liquid solution for skin that is comparatively smooth. Choose a creamy stick for extra pigment.

Use a synthetic bristle brush to apply tiny spots of concealer to the outer corner and inner half of the eye. Then blend it with the pads of your fingers. Avoid reaching too near to the lashes since doing so might lead to thickening and creasing. Add more pigment in thin layers if necessary.

  • Fix Makeup properly:

After removing the shine with blotting papers, apply setting powder with a little brush to the area. Use   a transparent powder since loose powder ultimately tends to build up. Use a thin mist fixing spray, then use a powder puff to quickly dry dab any shine or sweat.

How to Conceal Your Dark Circles With Makeup (Photo from istock)

Hence, these are some ways by which you can conceal the under eye dark circles. You can also get rid of dark circles by eating healthy food.




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