Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget


Your little ones will be the talk of the neighbourhood with these easy DIY kid’s costumes for Halloween. These quick Halloween outfits are ideal for young trick-or-treaters who need to cover up quickly. Pick a cute animal or try a novel spin on a more conventional character. All of these inventive children’s Halloween costumes may be put together in about an hour.

Following are a few ideas to create kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget:

DIY Elephant costume

Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget (Photo from iStock)

This easy-to-assemble DIY elephant costume is almost too adorable for words. This lovely costume is made from grey sweatshirt and sweatpants that have matching felt on them; the sweats are ideal for a chilly night of trick-or-treating and keep the outfit quite affordable!

Ladybug costume

A ladybird in the home is said to bring good luck, so this glistening version is certain to be extremely remarkable. Lots of glitter is used in this easy-to-make kid’s ladybird costume to really make the cardboard wings and antennae sparkle. This costume’s elastic shoulder straps make it simple to wear it over a dark shirt and black leggings, so your trick-or-treater can be cozy, warm, and adorable as a bug with little effort.

Cute little robot

Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget (Photo from iStock)

This lovely tiny robot is incredibly simple to assemble and can be made from items you probably already have around the house. The robot’s body is made up of three stacked and spray-painted cardboard boxes, and its arms, ears, and antennae are made out of recycled plastic. Add an ivory tulle skirt, khakis or white trousers to complete your gender-neutral Halloween costume.

Cool airplane costume

When it comes to this imaginative kids’ aeroplane costume, the sky is the limit. It’s time to take off with this cardboard aeroplane! Use our design to add wings, a tail, and even a functional propeller to a cardboard box instead of sewing this Halloween costume.

A feathery bird

Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget (Photo from iStock)

This incredibly simple (and super cheap!) kids’ bird costume is made by combining bright feathered wings with a basic cotton sweatsuit.

Knighted during Halloween

DIY costumes for Halloween shouldn’t require assistance. The simplest suit of armor ever may be this one! Your trick-or-treater will be equipped to protect the kingdom with a cute cardboard sword, shield, and helmet. The majority of traditional boys’ and girls’ Halloween attire is interchangeable. Your trick-or-treater may add their own flair to this costume by creating their shield and selecting the dress that will be worn below. Your knight will be ready to save their friends—or some candy—with the addition of a simple cloth cape and a matching attire.

Woodland beaver costume

This lovely forest beaver costume is quite simple to make. A dark brown store-bought sweat suit may be embellished with brown felt sheets using scissors and thread to create a charming costume that is both affordable and easy to construct.

Pretty deer costume

Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget (Photo from iStock)

For the prettiest deer costume ever, use cardboard for the antlers and ears. To round off the appearance, add white paint freckles and pair with a brown blouse and a children’s faux fur vest. Love it!

Halloween cake

To create this party-ready costume, turn cardboard into a kids’ cake costume using paint and wool felt balls for the frosting.

Lumberjack costume

This Halloween, a knitted cap and a cardboard axe make for a really simple costume.

Little tree

For a super-cute homemade tree costume, sew felt leaves to a plain green hoodie and wear it with brown trousers. It’ll be ready in a matter of minutes, and because all you need to buy are some sweats and felt, it’s really affordable.

Funny clown

For the prettiest clown costume ever, adorn a set of kids’ long pants with some homemade pom-poms. This outfit is incredibly simple—and inexpensive! Additionally, by securely pinning the pom-poms and other decorations, your child can reuse the pyjama set in the future.

Adorable witch

Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget (Photo from iStock)

This DIY witch costume is so simple that it might as well work by magic! You can finish this simple hat and robe set in no time with a few pieces of cloth and some basic stitching. Your young one will be prepared to fly around the neighborhood collecting candy once you add a cute broom to the outfit. To attach pouches of magical goods, such as colored glass stones, to the waist, add a rope belt. Girls being magic lovers always admire being witches. They wait for Halloween to come and finally, dress like witches and go for treat o treat.

Twinkle twinkle little star

For this easy-to-make star costume, you only need adhesive, a large tub of gold glitter, and a piece of cardboard.  It really is that simple! Make a hole in the star for your child’s face, then cover it with glitter. Your costume will be complete if you pair it with a complementary ensemble!

Royal princess

Creating kid’s Halloween costumes on a budget (Photo from istock)

This princess’ traditional Halloween outfit for girls displays her DIY talent with crumpled craft paper. Wrap and crumple plain brown paper to make a matching skirt and floral brooch combination.  Eventually, to complete this fit-for-a-princess look, add a paper-mach crown. Alternately, use coloured markers to draw a plaid pattern on the paper to transform your child into a Scottish laird.

A mischievous mouse

For a quick and easy DIY mouse costume for your young one, just sew a long tail onto a pair of leggings and attach a set of cardboard ears to a headband. This reminds them of Jerry the mouse.

Cute howling wolf

Beware, Little Red Riding Hoods on Halloween night! A painted cardboard skull, a faux-fur tail pinned to a grey sweat suit, and fuzzy gloves adorned with card-stock claws bring this homemade wolf costume to life. Evidently, This is a fantastic homemade children’s Halloween costume that only needs basic sewing abilities. Furthermore, children enjoy dressing like a wolf so much.


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