Mason jar projects you and your kids will love


Check out our collection of mesmerizing Mason jar crafts for tons of inspiration on how to reuse those jars you already have! You’ve probably heard of mason jars and their many applications, but do you know its origin? The ‘mason’ thing: what’s the big deal?

Isn’t it amazing how commonplace, unremarkable things have fascinating back stories that we are unaware of? The same is true with the Mason jar, which bears the name of American inventor John Landis Mason, who patented the screw-closing cover in 1858.

Since then, numerous producers have released their own variations of the Mason jar, and it is now well-known! Although the Mason jar’s original purpose was to hold food, they are now used for a wide range of purposes in offices, homes, and even schools!

As a result, we are celebrating the Mason jar today by offering some fun crafts for kids of all ages. Some of these are simple enough for students in elementary school, while others can appeal to older children or teenagers more. Let’s start making!

Whatever your child is interested in—fairies, fish in the tropics, or wild animals—a recycled Mason jar can fulfill their fantasies. Mason jar crafts are also fantastic since the final item is, well, the size of a Mason jar, making it ideal for compact rooms and moms who detest clutter.


There’s a strong possibility that you already have a mason jar in your refrigerator that is asking to be turned into something lovely. These canning jars can be used for much more than just pickling and preserving, in fact.

These multipurpose jars are perfect for adding inexpensive décor to your house, from candles. And soap dispensers to planters and bird feeders. Furthermore, you may use them to keep little hands occupied with interesting science experiments. And simple painting projects. Prepare to have fun with our selection of the top Mason jar crafts for people of all ages.

Following are 10 Mason jar projects that you will love:

  • Aquarium

Your very own aquarium can be made with just water, some food colouring, plastic rocks, and figurines. Hello, Wonderful has every detail.

  • Mason jar bank with a travel theme

Mason jar projects you and your kids will love (Photo from iStock)

It’s true that the pandemic may have halted all of our travel plans. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t start saving now for a fantastic trip in the future! Simple Mason jars are transformed into these stunning money banks with a geographical theme by Pillar Box Blue. You can use it to save money for anything, of course!

  • Fabric lined vases

Have you ever seen a fabric-lined Mason jar? We’ve seen a number of painted Mason jars. Well, before we saw this one at Dwelling in Happiness, we hadn’t either! The nicest aspect is that the cloth can be changed to match the season. Brilliant!

  • Mason jar pencil holders

Mason jar projects you and your kids will love (Photo from iStock)

This DIY Mason jar pencil holder from Girl Just DIY is perfect if you’re trying out a rustic or boho décor motif for your kids’ room this spring. You only need some twine and chalk paint to transform a basic jar into something so lovely!

  • DIY Rainbow Jar

If your child is learning about the colors of the rainbow or how they are made, paint a Mason jar in all seven shades to make it look gorgeous.

  • DIY Bug Repellent Mason jar Luminaries

When it’s humid, all the bugs come out, but don’t let that get you down; just start putting a lot of jam on your toast in the morning. The empty jar will be a stylish DIY bug repellent in the late hours once the preserves have served their purpose. The skeeters should stay gone all summer thanks to this nearly flawless craft (which also smells far better than insect spray).

  • Rain Cloud in a Jar

Mason jar projects you and your kids will love (Photo from iStock)

Children may learn about weather patterns while participating in this science and art-infused activity. You only need a mason jar, some shaving cream, and food colouring gel to make this awesome craft, and the activity is packed with opportunities for hands-on fun because who doesn’t like to make it rain?

  • Mason jar plants with succulents for summer

House plants brighten up a space so much, but they can be difficult to maintain if you don’t have a green thumb. Here are these gorgeous succulents, which, as luck would have it, can be grown in pickle jars and require very little care to thrive.

  • Fairies in a Jar

Glow sticks are used in this family-friendly craft to produce a mystical light show at night. Just remember to refer to the finished project as “fairies in a jar” to arouse even more amazement and magic in your child.

  • Wind chimes made of jars

Mason jar projects you and your kids will love (Photo from iStock)

Finish off the last of the pickles, and then recycle that jar to create some lovely music. This STEAM project is more suited for adult artists as you’ll need some large glass beads to string on wire. A few common tools, and a lot of concentration. Even a seasoned beginner can do it without much difficulty, and the reward sounds great.

  • Bird Feeder in a Mason jar

Mason jars can do it all by now. So the fact that they can also serve as adorable backyard seed dispensers for our feathery friends shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ll hear a lovely song every morning if you hang one of these jar bird feeders from a tree branch close to your bedroom window.

  • Night Light in a Mason jar

Mason jar projects you and your kids will love (Photo from iStock)

For this Cricut craft, which transforms a regular mason jar into a gorgeous, solar-powered night light, you may choose your own decal. If you anticipate creating more masterpieces in the future, the fancy and somewhat expensive machine needed is a wise investment. A motivated parent can complete the process alone for a lovely goodnight surprise, but it requires more precision than a young child is likely to be able to muster.

Hence, these are a few ways by which one can reuse Mason jar on your own.




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