A quick fix guide for home repairs you can do on a budget


Professional labour is frequently one of the more expensive expenses in a homeowner’s home re-modelling budget. Even with the aid of educational web tutorials, not everyone has the abilities required to fix their own homes, despite the fact that many individuals choose to save money by doing the workmanship themselves.

Without careful planning and thorough knowledge of the project at hand, doing a DIY project might potentially lead to costs that are significantly higher than those associated with hiring a contractor. Even if you have the necessary skills and experience, it’s crucial to take into account the time, supplies, equipment, and permissions needed for your maintenance or repair work.

Here’s  a guide for a quick fix  of home repairs you can do on a budget:

Re-grouting tiles

A homeowner who is adept at do-it-yourself projects can complete this straightforward household repair. Because tile grout’s surface is porous, debris can collect in fractured grout. Damage and discoloration result from this.

Choosing the appropriate grout is the first step in grout restoration. There are four varieties of grout available: sanded, unsanded, acrylic latex, or epoxy. To choose what kind of grout to use, measure the distance between your tiles. Use unsanded, acrylic, or epoxy grout if there is less than 1/8-inch between each tile. Use sanded grout if the gap between the tiles is more than 1/8 inch. Before finalizing your purchase, don’t forget to match the grout color.

A hole in the drywall

Nail holes can be repaired by almost any homeowner. Making old plasterboard look brand-new is as simple as filling unsightly nail gaps. Fill in each hole with thin putty using a spackle knife, then scrape the extra off the walls. After the putty has dried, sand the area until it is smooth. After that, prime and paint the mended areas.

Floating shelves installation

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Floating shelves are a practical (and elegant) method to add storage if you’re lacking in room. Additionally, they make for a rather easy DIY woodworking project. Any big box or furnishing store will sell you floating shelves. Alternately, you may make them match the colours in your house.

Fixing a running toilet

A toilet rebuild kit makes it easy for a do-it-yourself to repair a running toilet. Any hardware or big box shop will have one. These kits often come with simple, easy-to-understand instructions. One-piece or specialized toilets can be challenging to install and may require professional assistance.

Fixing a faucet

With one caveat: This is a good DIY project if your tap is a centre-set model. Just adhere to the installation guidelines provided by the tap manufacturer. However, it would be ideal for a professional to handle a more intricate, wide-spread type of tap with multiple hose connections on the underneath.

Fixing a clogged drain

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When the disposal is off, a small specialized wrench that fits into a hexagonal opening on the underside of the disposal can be used to unclog a clog. If this doesn’t clear the stoppage, call a professional after giving it a shot.

Clogged gutters

Professionals caution that clogged gutters can result in water accumulating around the house, leaking into the basement, and seeping beneath siding, posing serious mould and decay problems.

Every spring and autumn, leaves should be removed from gutters to prevent water damage. If moving or steadily climbing up and down a ladder while removing debris is too difficult for you, hire someone to handle this necessary chore.

Adding chimes to doorbell

Consider adding chimes to your current doorbell system if you want to change the sound that it creates. It is a low-voltage project that doesn’t call for expert knowledge.

Fixing pipes

A slip-nut at the P-Trap can be tightened as a simple do-it-yourself repair for a drain pipe. A flexible coupler and hose clamps could be used as a do-it-yourself repair if the leak is coming directly from a hole in the drain pipe. Think about hiring a professional if the leak is coming from a drain pipe inside the wall.

Install PEX pipes

If you have always been interested in installing plumbing pipe but have never actually done it, PEX pipe can be your gateway into this interesting profession. PEX pipe is a flexible plastic pipe that is joined by crimp rings or push-fit fittings. For new plumbing installations, you will need to request a permit from your local authorities, just like you would for almost any other plumbing project.

Some electrical works

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Many homeowners might not be aware that they can handle complicated tasks like entirely wiring bathrooms or kitchens or installing new circuits on their own electrical system. The majority of electrical work does require an electrical permit, with the exception of straightforward tasks like replacing outlets or light switches. It’s advisable to leave certain tasks, like heavy-ups or setting up new service panels, to qualified electricians.

Plank floor

Few home improvement tasks are as user-friendly for DIYers as installing plank flooring. Fold-and-lock joinery is used to join vinyl or laminate plank flooring side to side. These floors install without glue or nails since they are floating, directly on top of the sub-floor or an underlayment. Even easier, either kind of flooring can be cut with a hand saw or utility knife.

Redoing a small bathroom

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Start with a modest bathroom if you’re interested in learning how to repair or remodel your house. Because it has all you need, but not too much, re-modelling a little bathroom is a true master class in the craft.

This is your chance to do something on a modest scale, like install ceramic floor tile, if you’re interested in doing that. In a day or two, the plumbing may be connected and a bathroom vanity installed. A bathroom exhaust fan, lighting and a few GFCI outlets make up the small electrical work in a bathroom. You’ll learn abilities that you can use on other bathrooms by the time you’re finished re-modelling that modest bathroom.


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