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Renting a vehicle is an excellent way to explore more of the nation. You won’t have to worry about transportation issues during your trip if you use a rental car service. In India, there are numerous car rental companies. We’ve produced a list of the Best Self-Drive Automobile Rental Companies in India in 2021 to assist you choose your next rental car.

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  • Take a look on the list of best car rental companies:

  • SS Travels

SS TRAVELS is one of India’s oldest car rental companies, having been established in 1991. Car rentals are offered in India’s major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kochi, Goa, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Furthermore, they offer rental automobiles in nearly every class, including Minis, Economy, Compacts, Mid-Sizes, SUVs, Full-Sizes, and 7-Seat Minivans.

  • Avis

Avis is one of the most well-known automobile rental companies in India. They don’t charge cancellation fees or hidden fees, so you know you’re getting an excellent offer. Furthermore, their outlets are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you arrive late on a flight, you won’t have any trouble hiring a car.

  • SmileCars

SmileCars is an automobile rental company situated in Tamil Nadu.  The organization offers corporate and personal car rental services throughout South India. This organization will also provide you with luxury cars for special occasions.

Furthermore, they keep their cars in the finest condition to improve fuel efficiency. Clients report that their services are rapid and efficient, and that they provide appealing budget benefits.

  • Rana Cabs Pvt. Ltd

Rana Cabs Pvt. Ltd is a car rental company founded in 1998 in Chandigarh. They also rent coaches on a daily, monthly, or term basis.

In Rajasthan, the company offers automobile rental and self-drive services. The organization rents out a variety of vehicles, including bikes, cars, luxury vehicles, and corporate vehicles, allowing you to meet all of your needs from a one source.

  • Madras Self Drive Cars

Madras Self-Drive Cars is an automobile rental company situated in Tamil Nadu.  Their cars provide continuous support to their customers.  This service is offered to both people and businesses. According to their consumers, they supply vehicles in excellent condition. Drop-offs and pick-ups are handled quickly and efficiently.

  • MyChoize

MyChoize is an automobile rental company situated in Mumbai. In 2016, the company was launched in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Customers can hire their cars on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on their needs.

  • Europcar / ECO Rent A Car

Europcar’s automobile rental services are quick and professional. Because of their helpful and courteous staff, booking with them is simple and quick.

Customers are quite pleased with their rapid and efficient services. They have no paperwork or papers to deal with. In rare cases, some consumers encountered service delays.

  • ZoomCar

ZoomCar is an Indian car rental firm founded in 2012 in Bangalore. With a big network of over 25000 corporate, personal, and commercial automobiles headquartered in over 45 cities worldwide, this firm offers a broader selection of transportation possibilities.

Depending on their demands and budget, customers can rent a vehicle by the hour, day, week, or month.

  • SRN SelfDrive Cars

SRN SelfDrive Cars is an automobile rental company based in Tamil Nadu. It is named after Sri Rama Nujar, sometimes known as SRN.

This company’s vehicles are in outstanding condition, and their services are accessible for personal, professional, and commercial use.  They provide an excellent rental car services at cheap prices.

  • Myles

 Myles’ service network is one of its most significant benefits. The company serves 21 major Indian cities. The company offers 20 distinct car models to choose from. You can take the service for as little as 2 hours or as long as you need it.

rental companies   (Photo from istock)

Hence, renting a car is the finest option for exploring India comfortably and easily. When you drive a self-drive car, you also have complete privacy, safety, and independence.


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