Important things to consider while buying a used car

used car

Some people decide to buy a used car because they have a limited expense, while others do it to get better at driving before investing in a new car. Regardless of the reason for purchase, a car is a car, and normally its owner values it highly. This need to purchase a vehicle has led to a thriving secondhand car market. You have the choice of buying a used car from a business, a broker, or a regular car owner.

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Before purchasing a used car in India, consider the following:

  • Check the Condition of the Vehicle:

used car (Photo from istock)

If you are familiar with a car’s technical systems, you can analyze the vehicle on your own or seek help from a reliable service center. Even if things can seem normal from the outside, a trained mechanic will be able to assess whether there was a cover-up regarding the exterior and whether the engine, along with other parts, are worth the price.

You need to thoroughly check interior and exterior of the used car. Check its frame and engine including car’s body, wheels, windows, seats etc. Take a test drive in order to get better idea about the condition of the used car.

  • Check the Documents of the car:

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The documentation for a car is a high priority. When buying a used car, you should always be aware of the documents you need to get and confirm.

Let’s take a closer look at the paperwork that used vehicle purchasers need to review.

  • Car Registration Certificate

The first and most significant document to examine when purchasing a used car is registration certificate. This document serves as a kind of identity evidence for the vehicle and its owner. Always ask for an original RC and leave if you can’t get one. Be very careful and alert for duplicates. Watch out for ownership information as well, such as whether the owner is the first or second owner.

  • Car Invoice

This is a significant document, it will contain all the information pertaining to the car, you should pay attention towards this document in order to notice any changes. Additionally, this is evidence that the seller owns the vehicle.

  • Car Insurance

used car (Photo from istock)

All automobiles must have auto insurance according to the law. Another reason to get the seller’s insurance is that it can tell you whether the seller has filed any claims, which can help you determine whether the car was involved in an accident or not.

  • Car Service Book

A service book, sometimes known as the blue book, is a historical record of the services a vehicle has received. The meter readings for each service also reveal whether the vehicle was properly maintained or not. Always read the service book in its entirety before drawing any conclusions about the car.

  • No Objection Certificate

Nowadays, the majority of vehicles are purchased using bank loans. Checking the no objection certificate from the bank, which states that the car is free of all loans and the financier has no claim on the vehicle, would therefore be a good idea. You are responsible for paying the loan balance if you are purchasing a vehicle whose loan term has not yet ended.

Hence, as a vigilant and responsible buyer you should carefully check all the things mentioned above.


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