Although the ability to work from home is not a new idea, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it an unexpected but necessary requirement for many office and knowledge employees. Even if the coronavirus outbreak eventually ends, many companies will discover they don’t need large office buildings, and many employees will discover they don’t need to be in the office every day or spend hours travelling. All that you need to know about home office setup, we’ve got you covered.

Creative Home Office Setup

Idealistically, a long-term home office should be a designated space that is outfitted for work in your home. Implement as many of the following as you can to create a secure, productive workspace over time.

A Separate Space Room


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For the critical necessity to divide business life from home life, you should ideally utilize a modest room that can house a desk and computer equipment and whose door can be closed.

The majority of people don’t have extra space, but many may turn a guest room into a space that serves as both an office and a guest room when guests are over. The same can be said for a covered porch, a sizeable laundry room or even a garden shed.

Height of Home Office Setup


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An office-height workstation or table is necessary in your room. From the bottom of the work surface to the top, the distance is 29 inches, as is the industry norm. With a higher height, tall people do better, while shorter people perform better. Numerous tables and desks can be raised or lowered, typically by moving the feet.

The basis for that industry standard, however, is handwriting on paper rather than utilizing a keyboard and mouse. That is why keyboard trays are normally an inch or two lower than desk or table height and lift out from beneath the work surface. A keyboard and mouse tray is something you should acquire if you have the space.

Monitor for Home Office Setup

Get a sizable monitor (or two) for your home office, exactly like you would at the company headquarters. I’ve had success with Asus and Acer 25 to 27-inch monitors, but any significant manufacturer will provide high-quality monitors. Simply steer clear of the most affordable displays if you can, as they might cause eyestrain with prolonged use due to their lower resolution and consequently increased fuzziness.

Chair for Home Office Setup



There are several poor chairs available that can cause injuries if you use a computer for an extended period of time. The height of deck chairs and dining chairs, for instance, is frequently off, and neither of these conditions promotes the necessary upright posture. If possible, choose one with adjustable arm height, lateral arm position, seat pan tilt, and height that can be adjusted, as well as one that can roll and offers lumbar support for the lower back.



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It’s incredibly simple to overlook how your workplace environment affects your productivity. People frequently neglect to consider lighting. To read papers and see tangible items, you should ideally have enough indirect light to brighten your workspace. It is normally better to have overhead lighting, like that from a ceiling lamp.

Direct illumination and monitor reflection are two examples of indirect lighting. When the sun is out, for instance, glare from an outside window behind or to the side of your workstation may appear on your display. Natural light is actually rather nice, but soften it with drapes or shades to prevent glare.

Internet Speed

A minimum speed of 50 Mbps is advised, and the more people using the internet at once, the more you’ll need a higher-speed service. Most metropolitan and suburban areas offer at least one high-speed internet service provider.

The internet bandwidth at your residence is crucial. Since wired Ethernet connections are the best, if at all possible utilize one to connect your computer to your router. This is especially important if you frequently stream video or carry out other bandwidth-demanding operations. Use Wi-Fi if you can’t connect your PC to your router to complete simple office chores.


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