Motor Racing: Right Way To Fulfill Your Passion


Motor Racing: Right Way To Fulfill Your Passion

If you’ve ever dreamed of motor racing cars, it’s possible that fast cars make your heart race. Even though a lot of people begin racing at an early age, you can still start when you’re a little older.

Nevertheless, before you compete in a race, you must master driving and maintain good physical health.

Try go-kart driving for motor racing

Motor Racing: Right Way To Fulfill Your Passion

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Go-kart tracks are where many race car drivers learn the fundamentals of driving, despite the fact that they may seem like kid’s toys.

Even go-kart races, which are essentially miniature versions of race car races, are open to competitors.

In actuality, a lot of elite race car drivers start out as “go-karters”. Sponsors will take attention if you can win races when you’re young, and you might be able to pursue a career as a race car driver.

Qualify for full driving school

You might be able to go into driving school if you improve your kart driving. A few of these schools accept adults as well as teenagers as young as 13 and 14 for their 3-day sessions. They give you a crash course in race car driving fundamentals.

You will learn how to take corners, approach your visual field, brake and accelerate correctly on a racecourse and the fundamentals of passing in driving school.

You should be able to get some notion of when you’re prepared for the track from your instructor. You might require additional time in school if you’re not learning the fundamentals.

Learn seating positions of motor racing

Motor Racing: Right Way To Fulfill Your Passion

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Although the majority of novice drivers don’t give it much thought, posture matters. The seat supports you when driving and helps you endure the forces of the vehicle in an accident.

Align your torso with the seat. In other words, avoid bending or twisting in any direction. Ensure that your shoulders, head, and legs—as well as the rest of your body—are in contact with the seat.

Make sure your arms are properly positioned in relation to the driving wheel. Your wrists should be resting on top of the wheel as your shoulders are pushed back into the seat. You can make turns with this additional room without having to turn away from your seat.

Learn steering

Put your hands in positions 9 and 3. In other words, if you imagine the steering wheel to be a clock, position your hands between 9:00 and 3:00 to offer yourself the most control over the wheel.

Ascend into the curves. Use the hand away from the turn to push the wheel rather than pulling with it. To add more control, use your other hand.

Pushing instead of pulling allows for smoother steering, which increases speed and gives you greater control over the vehicle.

Basics of shifting for motor racing

Motor Racing: Right Way To Fulfill Your Passion

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When shifting, only place your hand on the shifter. You lose 50% of your steering skill if you don’t. Additionally, only use as much force as is necessary when shifting. You will slow down if you are forcing the shifter too much.

Learn to use pedals

The accelerator, brake, clutch, and rest pedals are the four pedals found on most race cars. When applying pressure to the pedal, use the ball of your foot and press it smoothly in one motion.

The rest pedal is on the left, much like in a standard car. You can rest your leg there, away from the clutch.

The rest pedal is to the right of the clutch. On a racecourse, you must heel-toe downshift in order to turn a corner. You use your right hand to downshift and your left foot to apply the clutch as you break into the bend.

The car has been losing speed, so you also need to crank the engine. You place the ball of your right foot back on the brake and use the heel of your right foot to lightly press the accelerator. You shift your right foot to the accelerator as you come out of the corner after fully putting your foot back on the brake and releasing the clutch.

The clutch is on the right side of the brake. First, apply a steady, smooth pressure before applying the brakes. After then, use the brakes until you feel a vibration that indicates they are about to lock. Release the brakes progressively as you slow down to enable you to make a pit stop.

Know how to take corners while racing

Motor Racing: Right Way To Fulfill Your Passion

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Drawing the simplest possible path from the input point to the exit point is the best technique to cut corners. The farthest point inside the turn is known as the apex.

Approach the bend on the outside of the track as fast as you can to take the corner. Proceed to the outside of the track after cutting across the inside of the bend.

It is essentially the same as making an arching cut on a piece of paper to remove the corner.

When you are taking a corner, use a reference point. When practicing runs, pick a reference point for the apex and departure, as well as for when to turn. You’ll remain steady if you do this throughout the race.

Finding money

You’ll need money to race because entries to races are expensive. If you’re talented enough, you might be able to get sponsors. If a team sees your potential and pays your entry cost, they may also be eligible to enter alongside you. But, in order to pursue either of those alternatives, you must already have proven yourself as a talented racing car driver.

Local races, however, are far less expensive. At a local racecourse, for example, you might get away with a few hundred bucks a day.

Be ready to train for motor racing

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Just like in any sport, you need to put in a lot of practice. Some drivers work on their skills seven days a week.

In addition to spending several hours on the racecourse, race car drivers practice with simulators. In order to achieve optimal physical condition, you should also anticipate engaging in some physical training, such as swimming, weightlifting, or running.


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