Your Baby’s Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips


Your Baby’s Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

What exactly is a cake smash session for a baby? Your infant gets to smash their cake and have fun in front of the camera during a baby’s cake smash session, which is a fun and lively photo shoot. This is a wonderful way to get images of them enjoying themselves and smashing cake to mark their first year of life.

A typical cake smash session lasts an hour from beginning to end and includes snapping pictures of your child as they take turns playing with and crushing the cake. Following that, you can enjoy your child’s supper and some birthday cupcakes!

When to plan a cake smash session:

Your Baby's Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

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The cake smash photography session usually takes place around the baby’s first birthday, and the pictures are then used to decorate invites to parties or inform family and friends about significant developmental milestones.

Offering cake to the child before that age would be of little benefit because they might not show any interest. Instead, a sudden burst of sweetness at 12 months is frequently the first time the youngster is able to eat as much cake as they want or, better yet, do anything they want with it.

The options are unlimited, from face painting into it to flinging the bits and pieces around like there’s no tomorrow!

How Can a Cake Smash Session Help You Remember Special Moments?

A cake smash session is a fantastic way to record your baby’s first year’s memories. Because it’s their first birthday and one of the final times you’ll spend with them as a baby, this session will be among the most thrilling and memorable ones.

Additionally, it records all of their subtle expressions and life events. This session is a fun way to capture spontaneous moments that can’t always be planned or captured on camera, just like with any type of photo shoot. It’s a chance for your child to have fun and enjoy themselves!

Your complete plan outlined:

Your Baby's Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

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A kids photographer

Pick a photographer who has experience working with kids. A photographer who has worked with kids before will be able to put your youngster at ease while still capturing the greatest images.

Practicing a little

It never hurts to practice a little. The sudden spotlight and encouragement from a crowd of adults to dive into a huge cake can be rather daunting for some kids during a cake smash session. Give them a little cake or cupcake to practice on at home to help them get used to the procedure.


Your Baby's Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

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Apply a theme. Planning the cake smash session around your child’s favorite toy or book will truly make the session come to life. Selecting a cake color will be simpler if there is a theme.

Choosing a cake

Pick your cake wisely. Choose a small to medium-sized cake when ordering your cake, and go for whipped or butter cream rather than fondant since the latter might be tricky for a young child to break. Additionally, it is advised that you check to see if your child has any allergies.

What to bring along with the cake?

Your Baby's Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

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  • Prepare a clean change of clothing and some wet wipes for the aftermath.
  • Make sure the cake is at room temperature before the session if it needs to be chilled.
  • Ask the photographer how much of the theme-related décor you’ll need to provide as well as information regarding a backdrop.
  • It would be ideal to have a care taker if you are bringing additional kids so that there won’t be any interruptions.

Some prep tips

You can take a few steps to improve the outcome of your cake smash session. To ensure that you are fully prepared for the shoot, you should first make a plan for the session in advance.

To create the ideal cake smash photo shoot, you should collaborate with your photographer.  It’s a good idea to let your photographer know what color the cake is if they want you to deliver the cake so they can coordinate colors around the cake.

In order for your photographer to provide the ideal background, props, and decorations for your cake smash session, you should let her know if you have any special ideas for the theme.

Some party props

Your Baby's Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

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Many parents adore dressing up their kids in designer clothing and bringing their own banners and props (often party decorations they plan on employing at their child’s first birthday celebration)! Or on the other hand, you might choose from a variety of banners, wooden toys, balloons, an old toy car, and other accessories that some parents enjoy utilizing!

Outdoor cake smack session

An outdoor cake smash session frequently has a more natural or rustic setting. We advise bringing water bottles, wipes, paper towels, and garbage bags to help clean your child before the ride home because you will be outside without much access to running water (something we have during a studio session).

Snack for the baby

Bring some baby-friendly puffs or little snacks! Even if the infant isn’t interested in smashing, we can still capture some fantastic pictures by using this clever little approach. They are simply inserted into the cake’s back! Additionally, keep a bottle or sippy cup close hand in case the baby wants a break or gets thirsty.

Consider your baby’s bedtime

Your Baby's Cake Smash Session: Some Prep Tips

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Planning a cake smash event should always take nap or bedtime considerations into account. We want to make sure that your child is well rested. Because the goal of these sessions is to capture their unique characteristics. Let’s make sure to arrange the session during that time if your child is not on a schedule. But, tends to be the happiest at specific times of the day.

Keep your little one a little hungry

We advise giving your child a meal before a session so they won’t be ravenous and cranky. But, during cake smash sessions, it may be helpful if they are just a little bit hungry.

Of course, you should still feed them. But, if they are a little puckish when you bring them to the shoot. They could be more likely to eat the cake. They might not be as eager to eat more if they’ve just finished a substantial dinner.


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