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Working on an art and craft project is a favorite educational activity for many kids, whether it is done alone or in a group. Since art teaches kids about self-expression and creativity they can enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities by working on art projects.

Who, my friends, both adores and detests “crafts”? Even though they may keep our kids entertained and engaged for countless hours, the sheer number of small pieces, messes. And disarray can be intimidating. An arts and crafts station may contain Play-Doh, clay, painting supplies, felt, crayons, pastels, coloring books, workbooks, sewing supplies, stickers, and more.

  • Here are a few simple steps that can help you organize your children’s art and craft supplies:

Setting up a craft centre for your kids (Photo from istock)

  • Make wise location selections

You should keep your children’s art supplies in a part of the house that is convenient for when they naturally do their crafting. You might discover that your kids enjoy spending time. Creating at the Kitchen Island, table, or workstation.

It will be easy to obtain objects and quick and simple to put them away if there is a place nearby to keep everything. On our island, a kitchen cabinet houses all of the creative supplies. Avoid having different crafting supplies scattered over the house. Because this practice has a tendency to spiral out of control and frequently leaves behind small messes everywhere!

If there is room, think about using a low, accessible kitchen cabinet to keep your crafts. If finding the room is a challenge, think about using a mobile cart with wheels to hold crafts. And store it when not in use in a pantry, closet, under a desk, etc.

  • Systematically de-clutter your space

Kids’ crafts have a tendency of piling up and rapidly becoming out of control. After a birthday or Christmas, most kids have an entirely new set of supplies and activities! Start by gathering ALL of your kids’ crafts supplies and bringing them to a single spot.

This is the only way you will truly know how much you have, so do not skip it! Next, arrange the objects in categories. Play-doh, clay, art supplies, felt, crayons, pastels, chalk, paper, workbooks, coloring pages, sewing supplies, stickers, etc. Never “over sort” anything, remember!

Time to clear out the junk now! When deciding how many crayons or felts to keep. Use this method to sort through each pile of objects and save only those that are in good condition and are frequently used.

Items and large containers that have served their purpose should be discarded or recycled. When it comes to crafting ingredients, less is always more!

  • Put everything where it actually fits

Setting up a craft centre for your kids (Photo from istock)

You need to have an easy layout in place that is simple to maintain in order to educate your children. How to clean up after themselves and to set them up for success when it comes to keeping crafts organized! You can “shop your home” for bins that will function to contain the goods by category. Now that you have categorized and made your list simpler.

Use small reusable containers, mason jars, or transparent plastic bins that were originally used to hold anything else. These solutions appeal to me since they are reliable, washable, and make it simple to see what is in each container.

Make a list of how many bins you’ll need to buy for each sorted pile if you need to rush out and obtain some bins to keep within your budget.

Everything should be marked! For young children who are illiterate, think about utilizing “picture labels”; all you have to do is locate a picture of the item on your computer, copy it, paste it into a Word document, print it, and stick it to the front of the bin.

Items that you don’t want curious little hands to handle can be enclosed, marked and kept nearby but out of reach, as at the top of a cupboard or closet.

  • Transform frequently

Make it a practice to inventory your home before bringing in anything new. It’s simple to see exactly what you have and DON’T need when you set up these kids craft organization bin system. Be clever when asking for specific goods that are running low for your child’s next birthday or holiday presents, or try something else and request a “experience gift” instead.

When trying to simplify, consider what hasn’t been used or played with recently. To make place for new, cheerfully release old things!

Always keep in mind that well-used objects have already “served their time” and delivered the happiness and entertainment they were intended to. Learn to identify objects that have never been used and decide whether to sell or donate those that still have use.

  • Rotate Crafts and Activities Monthly

Setting up a craft centre for your kids (Photo from istock)

Having a “back pantry” or container where you put some supplies out of sight for a while and then rotate back into your child’s arts and crafts station every month or two is a terrific method to maintain your child’s interest and ensuring all crafting materials are really used.

This kids’ craft organization technique generates excitement, makes the room feel new and fresh. And keeps your child’s interest for a longer period of time. Additionally, it enables you to have less stuff out at once and is excellent when you don’t have much storage space.

When it comes to gift-giving after a birthday or holiday, resist the want to do it all at once! Instead, try putting this rotational system in place!

At a craft station, fewer options highlight the resources you have chosen carefully to keep on hand.

Hence, these are a few steps you can follow in order to make your own craft center for your kids. This will help kids in creative growth of mind and intelligence.


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