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Traveling isn’t the most enjoyable experience due to the lengthy security lines, confined airplane seating, and crowded waiting areas. The annoyance is further increased when a toddler is involved. Some small children just aren’t patient enough to wait through airport security while traveling. They may loathe being left alone for extended periods of time, feel nervous during turbulence, or become upset by the jarring changes in air pressure while traveling.

Thankfully, though, with the right planning and preparation, you may enjoy a worry-free travel day. Check out these stress-relieving tips for flying (and traveling) with toddlers, some of which came directly from flight attendants, whether you’re flying to your relative’s home or Disney World.

Departure early while traveling

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Booking an early morning departure is advised if you are traveling with toddlers or young children. A flight attendant named John explains that these provide you the best chance of avoiding delays during take-off and landing. They are typically less congested as well, he adds. Additionally, everyone is exhausted and just wants to snooze, youngsters in particular.

First class travel or not?

It might be stressful to travel in first class with young children. Mom Myra tells the tale of taking her boisterous baby on a flight with her and having to endure her first-class seatmates’ vocal fury for the duration of the trip. A flight attendant remarks, “It’s unfair, but with kids in economy, you’re just going to get more empathy and support.”

Layer dressing and lace-less shoes

You can and should be prepared for radically changing temperatures when traveling with a toddler, whether you are moving locations or simply coping with in-flight heat and/or air conditioning. In order to ensure that your children can use the lavatory in a timely manner, Sophia, a flight attendant and mother, advises dressing them in layers that are both comfortable and without buttons, zippers or other fasteners.

Applying the same rule to footwear, choose slip-ons rather than laces. The additional advantage, according to her, is speedier airport screening.

Try using a smaller stroller while traveling

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Some parents can’t imagine traveling without a stroller, so think about switching out your standard-size stroller for a small, compact umbrella stroller or travel stroller. Before you board the airline, make sure you check your pram at the gate; the attendants will have it waiting for you when you exit.

Joana advises thinking about a child harness (also known as a leash) if you are traveling with more than one small child. “Until I saw a mom using them in the baggage claim with three little boys, I was so against them. With the evacuation doors to the outdoors being so close by, she explains, “it made perfect sense. Considerably stressful enough is traveling. Take the necessary action to keep your sanity and your children safe.

Don’t overpack

Parents are advised by flight attendants to bring enough of their child’s necessities. There isn’t any food on a plane that would be appealing to children, which is unfortunate, adds Rachel. Additionally, the range of our comfort items is extremely constrained.

However, parents who compulsively overpack will have trouble. When a single parent is traveling with one or more children, Monica notes that they frequently bring far too much in an effort to make the children happy. They fail to remember that they must bring their children and all of their luggage off the plane with them.

Packing list is must while traveling

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Consider making a detailed packing list to prevent over packing and make sure you don’t overlook anything important. To make sure you have everything you need before leaving the house, mark or highlight the items that will need to be packed last-minutely (like the lovey your child sleeps with or the iPad that is now charging).

Be alert for air pressure changes

Ask your doctor’s permission before traveling with your child if they have had a cold or an ear infection. Your kid can experience discomfort due to the change in cabin air pressure. After going through security, stock up on water so that everyone can get through any potential delays and still have some for the descent, which is frequently when ear pressure discomfort is most bothersome. Have your children have some immediately following takeoff and throughout the final 30-45 minutes of the descent. Swallowing provides an additional benefit of hydrating the body while assisting with pressure fluctuations.

Use Pull-Ups while traveling

When traveling with a recently potty-trained toddler or small child, pull-up diapers are a terrific option even if your little one has graduated from Pull-Ups to big kid knickers. Mary says, “I even use them on my 6-year-old,” adding that it’s considerably less stressful than having to run to the loo or handle an accident in the car.

Appreciate the crew

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For taking care of kids, flight attendants adore getting a special tip. Any type of chocolate discovered in an airport and given out during boarding, according to John, works wonders. Of course, it will make little difference to the haphazardly irritable and unreliable cabin crew person. However, it’s still a kind gesture, especially if you’re traveling around the holidays when the majority of flight attendants will be working and away from their families.

It will be greatly valued, he says. “And we’ll keep an eye out for you and keep you in mind. Additionally, you’ll probably get a free drink as a result.

Avoid aisle

The freedom of movement that toddlers may experience in aisle seats makes them potentially unsafe. As a food and beverage cart drives by, for instance. Young hands and feet may be bumped and hot coffee and water may be just out of reach. If at all possible, choose a window seat so you can enjoy the view. And be separated from other passengers in your row by your young child.

Beware of germs while traveling

Toddlers frequently sit down, but you can try to prevent any travel-related illnesses by making sure your child’s hands are kept clean. While settling into your seats on a flight with a toddler. Use sanitizing wipes to clean everything, including your hands and the tray tables. Above all, never send your children to the lavatory without shoes.


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