The importance of international relations


In today’s globalized village, the importance of IR rises. IR has a great role to play. The importance is amazingly crucial when it comes to relation between nations.

If it had to be summed up in one line, the  importance of international relations (IR) would be the cooperation between nations and entities around the world. IR is at the center of many significant topics facing the world today. Such collaboration has enormous advantages and can influence international policies.

Globalization is closely related to the field of international relations, which is the scientific study of relationships between states. Due to technological, social, political, and environmental advancements. That have facilitated improved global communications, globalization is presently at an all-time high.

Empower humanity to manage crises: IR importance

Many people who pursue degrees in international relations and diplomacy do so out of a deep desire to change the world, unrelated to any particular career goals. Diplomats, activists, and ambassadors who use their degrees to work in policy might fulfill their own objectives. By creating and putting into practice pertinent methods that could improve people’s lives all over the world. By working together and sharing resources, nations can better manage the effects of crises. Like natural disasters, droughts, floods, famine, and even diseases like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Promotes peace: IR importance

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You learn about politics and the social-historical repercussions of global development through the study of international relations. Through cooperation and communication, nations can reach a deal. That will bring about a lasting peace and allow them to resolve their differences amicably. Large IR “arenas” like the UN provide each side a chance to state their case and have their voice heard, even when things don’t always run as smoothly as they could. This ultimately forces you to settle your issues with your adversaries verbally. Despite the fact that there are still many unresolved conflicts, these “arenas” are still very important.

Better organization of human capital

In the world in which we currently reside, the general level of life is higher than it has ever been. Humanity still faces a variety of issues and difficulties, despite our ongoing technical advancements and discoveries. Professionals, scientists, technocrats, diplomats, and talented individuals in every position are needed to solve these problems, and many governmental and international organizations, including the UN, aim to organize the best human capital that is available. This tactic, which aims to put the best individuals from each nation in key decision-making roles, can be viewed as being supported by international affairs.

Promotes exchange and cultural development

If you want to be a successful international diplomat, ambassador, lobbyist, or corporate leader focused on a specific country or region, you must totally immerse yourself in a new culture. The profession does, however, mandate learning the language, traditions, and culture of a different country. This facilitates communication and collaboration among nations. This advantageous effect also benefits the populous because good connections between two states can result in two peoples who are deeply connected and share ideas, customs, and traditions.

Travelling and new experiences: IR importance

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Collaboration between cultures not only increases your productivity at work but also fosters tremendous personal growth and discovery, which many people find to be immensely gratifying. For many people, having new experiences, going to new places, seeing new things, and meeting new people can expand their horizons and present them with new chances. The nations of the world are able to offer the aforementioned chances to many more individuals than they would be able to without the assistance of friendly international relations.

Assists in technological innovations: IR importance

Since the beginning of time, civilizations have recognized the importance of sharing innovations and inventions with one another, and this tendency has been prevalent. In addition to making life easier and safer through advancements in infrastructure, housing, and medical, to name a few, this close cooperation between nations on technological challenges has also prompted nations to forge deeper ties with one another.

Important for security and stability

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International relations can promote, among other things, cross-border cooperation in law enforcement. Since the formation of nation-states in the 19th century, questions of jurisdiction and sovereignty have come up frequently. They are now more crucial than ever because of globalization, which has spread throughout the world and given international criminal organizations, terrorists, human traffickers, and other bad actors much more power than in the past. States can work together to expand beyond their national borders and enforce their laws far more effectively in order to ensure accountability and justice as well as to provide stability and security for their inhabitants.

Promotes trade and financial independence

By carefully coordinating their financial efforts and integrating their respective economies, nations can ensure that their populations increase and that trade is fair and free between their peoples. A significant component of global politics is the predominance of strong economic relations and financial interdependence among nations.

Democracies in developing nations: IR importance

A country with many allies and strong international ties has many opportunities. Because they never seem to be able to choose between the present and the future. Developing countries are more prone to instability. Although corruption seems unending and progress unreachable. A nation with friends may always find assistance when it is needed. There are numerous instances of developing nations who have benefited from support, expert advice. And, most critically, money through their IR to accomplish their objectives and greatly hasten the path to democracy.

Promotes women’s and children’s rights

The importance of international relations (Photo from Unsplash)

For better or worse, most, if not all, of the current international organizations have their origins in the West and have been influenced by Western ideas. Even those that have only recently been founded. Through the use of international relations, concepts like democracy, the rule of law, human rights. And equality have so far stood the test of time quite successfully. Many countries have taken steps to respect and acknowledge the rights of women. And children in order to aggressively spread these ideas and this culture.

Contrarily, many reactionary nations have resisted this change as well. However, the world of international relations is a vast arena. And nations must offer certain guarantees to advance the rights of the weaker segments of society if they hope to benefit from cooperation with other nations.


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