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Even while we genuinely adore the popsicle stick crafts done by children, we believe it’s time for grownups to prove our mettle. Everything is better when it’s homemade (gifts included! ), and these homemade holiday decorations are no exception. We’ll fight for this point any day. We’re decking the halls this holiday season in classic Pinterest style, from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between. We’ve got a couple suggestions up our sleeves that are simple as pie but nonetheless pay homage to the elegant surroundings of your home.

Following are a few homemade holiday decorations ideas:

Jar snow globes

Who said Mason jars were only useful for canning during the summer? The simple statement your side table needs is this little winter wonderland, and assembling it is easier than you would think. Add a few trinkets to the interior of the jar lid with adhesive.

Give it about 24 hours to dry. Three to five drops of glycerine and as much glitter as you like should be added to the jar after it has been filled with water to completely submerge the item. Put glue on the metal screw band of the jar and attach the lid. Dry that out. Put glue on the inner edge of the lid before screwing it onto the jar. When your Mason jar is entirely dry, you’re ready to set your side-table showpiece in its proper location.

Shining cranberries

Share homemade holiday decorations ideas (Photo from istock)

Sometimes holiday decorations can also be delicious. Although these sugared cranberries are a little different from our typical decorations, they are sure to sparkle at your holiday gatherings. This tasty addition may be prepared up to two days ahead of your Christmas gathering, and you can use it to garnish cakes, cookies, or baked brie. Whatever you choose to do with these brilliant stones, they will astonish your guests.

Ornaments from dried orange peels

Nothing is more lovely than taking advantage of the wealth of the season and making it a priceless tradition. In recent years, dried oranges have grown extremely popular as Southerners use the festive winter fruit to adorn their gifts and beverages. We’d like to extend the invitation to you to enjoy the contrast of sweet citrus and fresh pine on your Christmas tree. These ornaments are manufactured by drying orange slices in the oven and then poking them with an ornament hook.

Christmas trifle

You may have happy memories of watching your grandmother arrange her favorite trifle or hurricane dish; now it’s your turn to carry on the custom. For the simplest DIY on our list, layer limes, oranges, holly berries, and fresh foliage.

Pomander tree

Nothing enhances the opulence of a setting like a fresh citrus scent. You will adore these homemade pomanders if you are looking for a wonderful DIY with a great result. These ornaments, which were once used to keep garments and linens smelling fresh, are a wonderful addition to festive pleasure.

To insert the whole cloves, use a toothpick to make holes in each orange in the shape of your design. Let your imagination go wild after setting them away to dry. Trim a miniature tree by adhering a cardboard circle that is two inches wider than the cone’s base to a plastic foam cone.  Each pomander should be placed halfway up a toothpick, which should then be inserted into the tree from the bottom up.

Bow around coffee table

Why limit your Christmas gift wrapping to just those? Cross the strands of your favorite ribbon across the top and sides of your coffee table using a spool. For a festive finish that doesn’t overpower, we utilized subdued tones here. However, you can take this idea even farther by using unexpected colours and textures.

Ribbon tree

Share homemade holiday decorations ideas (Photo from istock)

Brilliantly coloured ribbon against a background of foliage is just so gorgeous. Using this simple DIY, you can transform a plain Christmas tree into a striking focal point. Put an embroidery hoop on top of your tree and just wrap your ribbon around it.

A paper lantern village

The ideal centrepiece for your mantel or dining room table is this hamlet of paper lanterns. Place an electric tea light behind each house you’ve made from white cardboard to give them a warm, inviting glow. Sprinkle some artificial snow beneath for extra points. It’s just as cheery as these Christmas quotes.

Wooden figurines

Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa are all fashioned of wood in this amazing line-up. Characters from your favorite Christmas movies can be recreated with just a few thick pieces of wood and some acrylic paint.

Holiday banner

At your holiday celebration, this festive banner is the ideal way to welcome guests. Cut triangle-shaped pieces of burlap (or another durable fabric) and hot-glue felt letters to form the words “Merry Christmas.” When the banner has dry, affix the flags to lengths of string and hang it. Use the official Christmas colours of red and green to make it even more festive.

A holy wreath

What could be superior to a genuine holly wreath? a felt one that will endure for years! A foam wreath form should first be wrapped in twine. Then, cut out holly leaf shapes from green felt. The wreath’s leaves are attached with a hot glue gun, and red pom-pom berries are placed on top. Uncertain of your Christmas plans this year? Obtain advice based on your horoscope.

Gift bag calendar

Share homemade holiday decorations ideas (Photo from istock)

All of these homemade Christmas decorations may not excite kids, but they’re guaranteed to love the one that offers 25 days of enjoyable surprises. To make the hanging mobile that serves as the advent calendar, attach some decorated paper goody bags to a long stick. One can be opened by the youngsters every day until Christmas morning.

Knitted Christmas tree

cozy and joyous? Count us in! Knitting needles and yarn are all you need to construct these easy DIY Christmas decorations. Create them for yourself or give them to Grandma as presents.

Your wine corks

Share homemade holiday decorations ideas (Photo from istock)

You can now put all of your wine corks in one spot! Attach them with hot glue to a foam wreath form, then embellish with a Christmas ribbon. For an added Christmas touch, add some pine cones and evergreen sprigs.


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