Vacation Photos: Your Beginner’s Guide made easy 


Vacation Photos: Your Beginner’s Guide made easy

Your itinerary is well-planned, your baggage are packed, and your camera batteries are charged. Prepare to document your best vacation yet. Vacation photos are indispensable.

It shouldn’t be hard to use your camera to capture unforgettable moments throughout your journey, and using your camera shouldn’t make you feel more anxious than excited. So that you may always feel confident capturing once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we’ve assembled our top advice for taking holiday images you’ll love from our professional photographers.

Best time to take vacation pictures

Vacation Photos: Your Beginner's Guide made easy


A beautiful image starts with a strong foundation. Since lighting can make or break your images, understanding how to manage your available light is the first step in producing aesthetically pleasing shots. The so-called “golden hour,” which is the time soon after sunrise and just before sunset when the light is low on the horizon, is one of our photographers’ favorite times to take images. When the sky is a riot of colors and there aren’t any harsh shadows caused by the setting sun, it’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo!

What should be in the photo?

You now have the ideal lighting, so it’s time to consider composition. You are getting ready to tell a tale as you peek through your viewfinder to take your picture. To compose your picture, follow the “rule of thirds”. Put your subject at one of the intersections of the three horizontal and vertical lines that divide your image; this will automatically bring your attention to the subject. Most importantly, maintain straight horizons for a classic appearance. Your images could drastically improve with one simple adjustment!

Utilizing the city around you will allow you to be more inventive with your composition. Use the reflections of the buildings in the water as you stroll along Amsterdam’s canals for a fresh viewpoint. Utilize the streets as “leading lines” to direct your eye over the image if you’re taking a photo while strolling through the vibrant streets of Cartagena, Colombia. If you’re strolling through Dubrovnik’s stone streets, coordinate the sea of red roofs with your attire for a complementary splash of color. Let the city inspire you no matter where you are.

Click like a professional

Vacation Photos: Your Beginner's Guide made easy


Consider your “depth of field” as well, which determines how blurry the backdrop of your photo will be. Imagine taking a photo with your iPhone in portrait mode; the background will be hazy and your subject will be in focus. A wide depth of field, on the other hand, will draw the viewer’s attention to both the subject and the setting by bringing more of the backdrop into focus. Since showcasing your holiday area is half the fun, we think a deeper depth of field is crucial! Simply check your camera’s aperture; the greater the number, the greater the depth of field.

Tell story through vacation pictures

It’s time to add life to your stunning photographs now that you’re ready to capture them. You can remember not just how the moment looks, but how it feels, by taking candid, real-life images. Here are a few of the techniques our photographers use to capture unposed, classic photographs.

Make vacation photos more interesting

Vacation Photos: Your Beginner's Guide made easy


Don’t be scared to include movement in your pictures. You and your partner are strolling Florence’s streets. Jumping and playing are your kids in Paris. When you look back on these photographs in 20 years, you’ll be reminded of how lovely that moment was because you captured real life as it happened rather than just posing and grinning for the camera. Don’t be hesitant to play up the scene as well when snapping pictures. To generate spontaneous, genuine moments that are photo-ready, whisper something nice in your partner’s ear or start a surprise tickle party with your children.

But where to start from?

You should interact with your surroundings as well as your loved ones and the people around you. Allow the pictures you take of the city you are exploring to inspire you to create new memories. Approach the store owner of the adorable storefront you snapped and strike up a conversation. Try some fresh fruit at a fruit stand and chat with the locals while you munch. These are the times that can add to how amazing and unforgettable your trip already is.

Finally, enjoy telling your story. It shouldn’t be stressful to take pictures; it should just be enjoyable! You may rest easy knowing that your best, must-have pictures with everyone in the picture have been taken by scheduling a vacation shoot with one of our skilled local photographers.

Plan your vacation photos

Vacation Photos: Your Beginner's Guide made easy


Spend some time creating your shot list of the pictures you want to capture before you travel to your tourist sites. Instagram, Google Maps, travel guides, periodicals, and more are all good sources of inspiration. Make a note of these images and then arrange your day to take photos at the best times, such as sunrise or sunset.

If you do this, you’ll be able to make the shots you want to and get more purpose and direction. You should be aware that all of the top photographers create shot lists using apps like Google Maps or social media, and you should become used to it as well.

Framing your vacation photos

Don’t merely concentrate on the object when using the LCD or viewfinder. Make sure to examine the entire frame with your eyes to make sure you are not unintentionally missing anything important. Verify that everything is visible in the picture, such as your friend’s full torso or a mountain’s summit.

This isn’t necessarily true because sometimes leaving something out of the frame enhances composition, but you must make your own judgement. Additionally, think about whether anything around could act as a natural frame for your picture.

Ask for permission

Vacation Photos: Your Beginner's Guide made easy


Travel photography isn’t just about capturing the world’s most breath-taking sunsets and stunning structures. Asking someone’s permission before snapping their picture is polite and considerate.

Give them a huge smile and ask if it’s okay to snap their picture if you’ve had a fantastic interaction with them or you simply notice a perfect opportunity to get a wonderful portrait.


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