Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family


Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

You might find it difficult to convince your kid to stay inside during the rains and avoid playing in the rainy season or getting wet. However, we anticipate that he will be happily occupied indoors with these fun activities.

You must have recognized from reading about these activities that they aid in the development of children’s fine and gross motor abilities. Scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, and coloring books are all enjoyable activities for kids to develop their problem-solving abilities, focus, and hand-eye coordination.

As kids get older, their energy levels rise as well, making it harder for parents to control their own. Although sending children outside is an option, what should a parent do on cloudy, rainy days? So, let’s look at some fantastic indoor activities for kids in this article.

Making a race track: fun activities

Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

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Boys in particular enjoy their autos among children. They frequently make car noises and go around the house and garden with their toy automobiles. You can thus assist children in creating a racetrack for their toy cars around the house during the monsoon season using gutters and cardboard sheets. Kids will need to run up and down the stairs to get their cars, so this is also a terrific exercise for them.


Although it can end up being a messy situation, your youngster will be entertained for a considerable amount of time. Children frequently become fascinated with cooking after watching their mothers in the kitchen. Give them some expired goods from your kitchen, a bowl, and other required equipment to get them started, and then let them create anything they want!

Cup building: fun activities

Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

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For this exercise, a large number of plastic cups are required. Just encourage your child to construct any structure they desire by providing them with enough plastic cups. You’ll be shocked by the results, as kids can quickly construct enormous structures and castles. Give your youngster a ball or some tiny seeds to use as weapons to knock the structure over from a distance to add to the fun.

Rock painting

You’ll need some sturdy boulders from the outdoors and some acrylic paint for this exercise. When given the opportunity to paint pebbles, your toddler will likely be occupied for hours. You may even give the rocks eyes and other face traits.

Freeze dance: fun activities

Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

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The parent must actively participate in this activity for it to be enjoyable and a fantastic method to expend the children’s excess energy. Additionally, it is a terrific game to play if there are several kids at home. Play some music, and then get the kids moving to it. They must, however, remain still in the position they are in when the music is abruptly stopped. Children who move during the freeze period are eliminated; the game can continue until there is just one dancing youngster left.

Gauging in rain

The ability to estimate the amount of rain pouring outdoors will probably astound your child, so construct a rain gauge and impress them! You only need to leave a solid cup outside in the rain, and then you can bring it inside once the rain has stopped. Then, assist your youngster in determining the height of the water in it using a ruler or a measuring stick.

Window markers

With the exception of their ease of erasure, window markers are just like permanent markers. They are a terrific method to keep your toddler entertained on rainy days and are often accessible at most stationery stores. Encourage him to write whatever he wants on the windows, then clean up later by wiping with a moist towel.

Take a stroll: fun activities

Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

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Only when there is only a faint mist of rain in the vicinity is this possible. Take your kids on a stroll and let them play in the puddles as much as they like for a fun time.

Book coloring

For a very long time, parents have relied on coloring books to occupy their kids. They continue to function, and coloring with your kids can strengthen your relationship with them.

An airplane contest

Another pastime that has the ability to occupy your youngster for a long time but necessitates your active involvement as a parent is this one. You can hold a paper airplane competition in which participants construct and fly their planes to determine which one can travel the farthest. Even if you come out on the wrong end of the competition, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Building a fort: fun activities

Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

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Children have traditionally enjoyed building forts out of blankets and pillows, but building a fort that will last definitely requires adult supervision. A picnic in your living room can be had by building a fort out of pillows and providing some food for your child to eat inside.

Way through obstacle course

Toddlers will get some exercise, be entertained, and have their motor skills improved all at once with this activity. You may use pillows, couches, furniture, and even cardboard boxes to create a little obstacle course inside your house. Make certain that it include crawling as well as walking and jumping.

Scavenger hunt

You can motivate your child to find everything in a set amount of time by hiding some items around your house. Make a list of the objects with crude sketches to help the child understand what they are looking for. Cross off each item as the youngster locates it.

Balancing on rainy day: fun activities

Fun activities to do in rainy season with your family

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Not only is it enjoyable to balance, but it’s also a terrific exercise that helps kids develop their motor abilities. The balancing feats might be as simple as standing on a beanbag without falling off as well as more difficult ones like crossing the room while holding a book on your head.

Bowling during rainy season

Children will undoubtedly enjoy bowling because it is a great activity. You can easily set up bowling lanes in your home using any softball as the bowling ball and blocks for the pins.


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