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Dollar Tree made a significant adjustment to its original $1 business plan in 2022. And this one shocked devoted Dollar Tree customers everywhere. The retailer stated it was raising its fabled $1 price to $1.25 across all of its outlets in response to pressure from rising product costs and growing supply chain issues. Thankfully, this modification was just temporary.

In 2023, Dollar Tree made a U-turn and returned 300 to 400 items to its original $1 price, giving customers the deal they had cherished for years. But the store is fantastic for other reasons as well. To learn more about how to save money when shopping at Dollar Tree, keep reading.

Bring your coupons

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Your savings from Dollar Tree’s consistently low prices are already substantial. You can further increase your savings by clipping coupons.

You can get a product for nothing by using coupons! This is so that you can use a valid coupon for more than one item that costs $1. And that could leave you with nothing at a dollar store where hundreds of items are only a dollar! (However, as Dollar Tree doesn’t offer overages, don’t expect to receive any cash back if the coupon is larger than the purchase price.)

Unit prices

True bargains are abundant in dollar stores. That said, not everything that costs $1 is a bargain.

Don’t confine your comparison shopping to internet purchases or things from the grocery store. Even at the dollar store, compare unit prices. For instance, the only way to tell whether something is cheaper at the dollar shop or elsewhere is to calculate how much it costs per ounce.

Earning cashback

You can get money back on purchases from dollar stores in two different ways. Choose whichever appeals to you most, or use both in the same transaction:

Use a credit card with cash back to make a purchase. Make use of a coupon app like Ibotta. Using the free Ibotta app, you can get cash back on purchases made at a variety of physical retailers, including Dollar Tree.

Shopping online

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Need to cut back on both time and gas? Online shopping at the dollar store. One of the companies with online stores is Dollar Tree.

Even better, making purchases from such websites entitles you to cash back. Simply use a free cash-back gateway like Rakuten to conduct your online shopping. Use Dollar Tree’s free in-store pickup option to pick up online items at your neighbourhood shop to avoid paying any shipping fees.

Ever wondered why Dollar tree is cheap?

The original five Dollar Tree locations, then known as Only $1.00, debuted in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia in 1986. J. Douglas Perry, his brother-in-law Macon F. Brock, Jr., and their business partner H. Ray Compton came up with the ambitious idea of selling a variety of high-quality goods for just one dollar. Their ambitious proposal was met with scepticism by retail industry experts, yet their dollar stores were an instant success. All 48 contiguous states had Dollar Tree locations by 2004. The shop opened their 3,000th store in 2006, marking 20 years in operation. They have now opened thousands more outlets around the US and Canada.

Family meals

When you shop at Dollar Tree and choose any of their name or in-store brand pasta products that are less expensive than other shops, dinner is ready.

A wide variety of spices are also available at Dollar Tree, which can help you save money each time you need to restock. You can also purchase protein bars, oats, soup, crackers, chips, hot sauce, cake mix, noodles, and instant coffee at Dollar Tree. With Dollar Tree groceries, you can put up a lunch for each person for as little as $2. Dollar Tree can supply family dinners for a budget of $750 a month (though you might need to find fresh fruit and veggies elsewhere). The average monthly food budget for a four-person household is at least $1,000.


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Eating is something you do throughout the day. If you prepare three squares a day and meal prep, you should consider buying your cookware at Dollar Tree to save money.

You can get discounts on items like cooling racks, coffee filters, funnels, measuring cups, utensils, drinkware, and pizza and cake pans. Some of them are regular expenses that could help you cut $20 or more from your meal preparation budget.

Organizing and storing tools

Even when it comes to things you enjoy, having too much of anything can be detrimental. Fortunately, Dollar Tree has a wide variety of storage and organisation items. From huge, transparent plastic bins to keep clothing or other belongings secure to food containers to preserve the freshness of your favourite foods.

For a third of the price of what you would pay at Target or other places, you can even acquire refrigerator organisers or storage bins for your closet.

Cleaning supplies

You’ll have to clean occasionally throughout the year. You may purchase name-brand goods at Dollar Tree for a small fraction of what they would cost at other stores. At Dollar Tree, stain removers, disinfectants, and tile cleaners all range in price from $3 to $5.

Clothing items

Save Money At The Dollar Tree (Photo from iStock)

Despite your best efforts, you will eventually do harm to your garments despite spills and tearing. For essential clothing like socks, tank shirts, caps, scarves, and gloves, head to the place. All of these range in price from $1.25 to $5.

If you have children, you probably constantly need to buy new socks and shirts. You might save up to $30 on basic wardrobe products on a monthly basis.

School supplies

By purchasing your children’s notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, and other school supplies from Dollar Tree, you may save a significant amount of money—two thirds of what you could spend elsewhere.

Additionally, consider all the money you’ll save when you buy art supplies at Dollar Tree if you are an artist or know one. The Dollar Tree offers everything at a reduced price, from pouring paints to water colour pads.



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