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Progressive dinner parties can be the ideal answer if you enjoy hosting dinner parties but detest the stress involved. A progressive dinner, sometimes known as a safari supper, consists of numerous dishes, each of which is served by a different host in a different residence. Although it takes a little more preparation, the enjoyable and cooperative experience is typically well worth it! Learn how to host a progressive dinner party that goes as smoothly as Hollandaise sauce by reading on.

Prepare guest list

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The guests are the most significant aspect of any dinner parties, and progressive dinner parties are no exception! Make sure to invite everyone if you’re organising an event for your neighbourhood. Try to choose people that know each other or will get along well if you’re just looking for a relaxing evening with pals.

Take into account the size of the homes where the party will be held. Most homes can only comfortably accommodate twelve people, and many apartments are much smaller. Create a plan for it.

Consider dividing the attendees into teams of a manageable size (six to twelve) if you want to give a larger party (maybe for the neighbourhood or a major club).

Choosing your hosts

The majority of progressive dinners feature three to four courses, each with a host. When choosing your hosts, you might want to think about many things, such as whether or not their residences are similar in size. Will they all have room for your visitors?

…Are they trustworthy? Are they within walking distance of one another? You want hosts who will remember the celebration and put effort into their part. Do they, instead, have sufficient parking nearby so that visitors might drive or take public transportation?

…is the homes ADA compliant? It is advisable to ensure sure visitors with mobility issues can enter the homes they visit if you have guests.

Select any theme

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Choosing the meal, music, and decorations according to a theme can be very simple. Think about cultural or historical themes (such as Valley of the Dolls or Game of Thrones), holiday themes (such as Friendsgiving or Talk Like a Pirate Day), or even foreign themes (such as Italian or Indian).

Brainstorming menu

While you don’t have to commit to it just yet, you should have a sense of what complements what. Otherwise, instead of a meal that is more cohesive, you can find yourself serving a cheese plate as an appetiser, pizza as the main dish, and milkshakes as the dessert.

Finalizing drinks

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If you’re on a tight budget, tell visitors to bring their own. If the hosts are up for it, they could also provide a few bottles of wine or something similar as an alternative. But in reality, a progressive dinner is more about the food and the people than it is about the alcohol.

Sending invitations

Make sure all the details are in written so your attendees have something to refer to. These can be paper invites, a plain text email, or a link to an event-planning service like Event Brite or Signup Genius. Include the timings and locations of each host’s home, an RSVP request, and a question regarding dietary restrictions.

Make sure who’s coming

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In particular for the host who will be serving the main dish, you want to have a precise count of attendees. Additionally, you should make sure that visitors are aware of the travel and scheduling expectations.

The best method for this is a short phone call or SMS. Say something like, “Hello, my name is Sarah, and I really hope to see you at the progressive dinner on Sunday at 7! Tell me if you’re available.

Follow up with the hosts

Make sure each host is aware of the final guest count and is still prepared to host their portion of the dinner after taking a count of the attendees. It’s crucial to give the hosts a sense of inclusion and gratitude. They should receive assistance because they are your partners.

Verify that there is enough seating in each residence for the expected number of visitors. It’s a good idea to have a few folding chairs on hand.

Inquire whether the hosts require assistance with non-perishables like dishes, ice, decorations, and playlists.

Think about creating a group playlist on Apple Music, Google Music, or Spotify.

Test tun between houses

Practise driving or walking between the hosts’ homes at the time of day when the party is scheduled to begin. Consider traffic, lighting, and other safety hazards so that you are prepared to alert your guests if pavement work is taking place on a dark street.

Clean your place

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It’s important for people to be able to move about, sit down and use the loo. Make sure the restrooms are close by and that there is access for people with disabilities. Rearrange the furnishings according to your setup’s needs. Store goods safely yet easily accessible so that you’ll be ready if you ever run out of something. You must be able to use the space, too!

It’s just going to get messy to some point. Therefore, despite the fact that you ought to have a clean table, toilet, and floor, hold off on using your toothbrush to scrub away years’ worth of dirt. After the party, when you’re already on your hands and knees cleaning up blobs of eerie sticky goo, you can do that.

Arriving early

To ensure that your guests arrive on time at each stop, be ready to shuffle them along. After one last check-in with the hosts, be ready to enjoy the party!

Clearing the dishes is one clever technique to tidy up while you’re out and about. However, don’t go too far out of your way—you’re there to have fun.

It probably go without saying, but try not to get so wasted that you can’t lead others if necessary!

Helping when necessary

As you assist them with clean-up, think about buying them each a modest gift (such as flowers or wine) to say thanks. You can all relax and munch on the leftover cheese if you’re all in the mood to do so.



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