Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love


Simple birthday party favours are a requirement whether you’re organizing a kids’ party or a themed event! These creative ideas for party favours and goody bags will be the talk of the gathering. You can find the best party favour ideas on our list that will work for almost any celebration!

We know from experience that kids adore party favours. When they take the “return gifts” from the birthday party home, their sweet smile spreads even wider. We are also aware of the significant strain this places on the grownups to select the ideal party favours for the little guests. We have your back!

With the food, decorations, and other details of the party, your hands are already full. You shouldn’t need to stress about anything else…So let’s discuss clever party favours!

One of the finest aspects of birthday parties are the party favours. Don’t get me wrong; the ice cream, cake, and games are all fantastic. However, bringing home a party bag filled with party treats keeps the celebration going beyond the event.

Here the list of a few favours ideas for children’s party:

  • Stationary Items

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love (Photo from iStock)

Back-to-school things are the ideal to include in the party favour baskets if you’re intending to buy helpful gifts that the kids will appreciate. Every parent bringing their child to your home will appreciate these supplies, which might range from rucksack necessities to stationery sets.

Crayons or oil pastels for younger children and paints and brushes for teens can be included in a stationery hamper. Add to the mix school supplies such coloured pencil sets, colouring books, highlighters, pencil boxes, etc.

  • Arts Kits

To put together a hamper for the kids, you don’t necessarily have to rush around. The ability to order per-made stationery sets has greatly increased thanks to companies like Amazon and First cry. For instance, this unicorn-themed one costs Rs. 399, this Apsara easy writing set costs Rs. 250, or this excellent painting kit costs Rs. 579 to bring out the inner Picasso in every child.

  • Glow Sticks

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love (Photo from iStock)

Glow sticks should be included if you want to add a little disco fun to the celebration. These can be given to the children to wear during the celebration and included in the hampers. You may purchase a set of 100 sticks and bands from Amazon for Rs. 499 or a bag of 50 from Firstcry for Rs. 314.

  • Bubble Wands

Every child adores entertainment-filled games and toys with cartoon characters. When you have a difficult crowd, these games also make excellent party favours because who doesn’t appreciate toys and game sets?

Because both children and adults like them, bubble wands are a perfect addition to the hampers. For instance, this pair of 2 cartoon figure wands is one of a large selection of bubble wands and guns available on Amazon for as little as Rs. 300 each.

  • Blocks and Lego’s

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love (Photo from iStock)

If your child wants game sets for his or her buddies, you might think about Lego’s. Depending on the age of the children or the party’s theme, you have a wide range of choices. For instance, this set of Baby hug building blocks is the perfect gift if the kids are between the ages of 3 and 8. Consider this amazing Lego drone kit for Rs. 1099 or this house for Rs. 1138 if your kids are older.

  • Superhero Bed sheets

The Avengers are currently quite popular among children, thus a bed sheet featuring the Avengers would make them eager to go to sleep. Before your child’s big day, you may easily get this bed sheet for Rs. 1999 from the Disney India website. A Spider man-themed variant with a lower price is available on Nykaa for Rs. 910.

  • Science Kits

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love (Photo from iStock)

Science kits are entertaining and educational, making them excellent party favours. There are six techniques to encourage children to be interested in science in this Shumee space explorer kit. Robots are a terrific method to engage teens, which is why this solar-powered robot is (Rs. 698) and also makes a great present.

  • Towels for kids

Brightly colored, ultra-soft towels are a fantastic alternative. Priced at Rs. 1156, kids towels which are available in market these days feature lovely amazonian characters to go with your party’s theme.

  • Superhero Headphones

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love (Photo from istock)

Headphones allow kids to escape into their own worlds, which they love. Additionally, when these devices are connected to a screen, they improve the user’s gaming or educational experience. Shop Disney offers a variety of superhero styles for their Rs. 1699 headphones. Like these Overload superman headphones, Macmerize also has a superhero collection. Even more personalized items, like these specially manufactured headphones with a unicorn motif, are available at Popup kids.

  • Watches that kids love to wear

Watches have developed into a fantastic gift because kids love to emulate grownups. A watch will not only make your child feel older but will also accelerate their understanding of time. With pricing starting at Rs. 639 and up, Disney India sells a range of children’s timepieces featuring various superheroes, including this one with Spider-Man.

  • Summer Toys

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love (Photo from iStock)

How about a sand bucket filled with summery necessities like a beach ball and sunglasses as an alternative. Summer time toys are wonderful because they may be played with both during and after the celebration.

  • Cotton Candy Cones

For ice cream that won’t melt, put cotton candy on top of the cones! I’m not going to lie; these cotton candy cones are adorable. Even cotton candy with various flavors might be used.

  • Temporary Tattoo stickers

Party favour ideas for children’s party that kids will love  (Photo from iStock)

Lack of time to create something the temporary tattoos come handy. There are lots of adorable party favors available, so there’s no need to worry. You may personalize temporary tattoos with many themes!

Hence, these are a few ideas one can use as party favors which kids will definitely love and cherish. These will help you to plan best for your kid’s birthday party.



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