Taking a Selfie: Important Tips to remember 


Taking a Selfie: Important Tips to Remember

A good selfie shouldn’t be that difficult to take. But we’ve all experienced it: you take a selfie because you’re feeling hot and confident and are anxious to send it to last night’s steamy Tinder date, and surprise! Your camera suddenly becomes cold and vindictive and won’t let you appear as you actually do. The selfie is compromised.

You are given two choices. Continue shooting random selfies of yourself, each one getting worse than the last, until you lose patience and confidence, or read on for our selfie tips to learn how to take a great selfie every time.

Tilting something a bit

Taking a Selfie: Important Tips to Remember

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Simply keep your phone still and tilt your head slightly upward, downward, or to the side. You can also tilt your phone and your head at the same time, although this will make you appear very stupid for a short period of time until you find your own unique phone + head + tilt combination that works best for you.

Whatever you do, taking a selfie with your face squarely in the camera is usually not going to result in the best photo, and this is independent of how gorgeous your face is. You can trust me.

Your eyes matter in a selfie

Any picture we encounter draws our attention to the eyes. That must make up half of the Mona Lisa’s appeal. We’re not machines, even though a lot of communication now takes place by email and iMessage. We continue to look for that sign of a personal connection in someone’s eyes.

Therefore, the key is to fix your gaze on the camera in order to produce an engaging selfie. not the entire phone area, but specifically at the camera. If you took my advice from earlier and moved your head and your phone around to obtain the ideal selfie angle, you must now stop, focus, and look intently into your phone’s camera.

Lightning makes a difference

Taking a Selfie: Important Tips to Remember

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Avoid harsh lighting like bright white kitchen lights or direct sunshine whether taking selfies indoors or outdoors. Having said that, if there isn’t enough light, no amount of photo editing in post-production can fix blurry pictures.

The sun is now lowest in the sky just before sunrise and just after sunset, which are the finest times of day to snap images outside. Here are only a few fundamentals of photography for you to consider: You won’t wake up before the sun does for a good selfie, no matter how obsessed you are with doing it.

Avoid shadows when you click a selfie

While seeking the ideal lighting, it’s also a good idea to stay away from shadows. Even if you’ve located the ideal golden hour to take a selfie, it won’t be attractive if a pole or a set of window blinds casts a shadow across your face.

Distracting shadows can be avoided by taking photos in the shade. If the sun is causing your post-run selfie to have shadow difficulties, find a shaded area and hide there to get that dewy post-workout look.

If you can’t do that, position yourself so that the sun is at your back. As a result, there won’t be any shadows and you won’t have to squint at the camera to avoid the sun’s glare. Oh, and if you’re feeling extra, you might try using a solar diffuser or reflector to control the shadows.

A normal smile would do

Taking a Selfie: Important Tips to Remember

Image via Unsplash.com

Do you recall the elementary school photo day? One child was always unable to smile naturally while facing the camera. Bring on the yearbook image that keeps everyone up at night.

Being able to grin naturally for the camera is definitely not simple. Unnatural smiles are rigid, artificial, unauthentic, and occasionally downright scary. You might need to practice since this is not always intuitive for everyone.

Take many selfies and practice varied lip purses, mouth openings, lip turns up, big smiles with all of your teeth and close-lipped smiles until you discover the one that looks the most natural and photogenic. Which smile seems most like “you”? Which smile is easiest to pull off without looking?

The background of selfie

Auto selfie. Your bedroom’s white, blank wall. the lobby mirror of your residential complex. So many times have I been there and done that. Although a full-on fashion runway is not necessary, your background should be eye-catching.

Try to take your selfie in front of a unique backdrop, whether you’re at the park, your house, or even the grocery store. With the perfect angle, an apple display in a store can look amazing. There are other possibilities if you’re not in the mood to be inventive right now.

Any photo’s background can be modified with Facetune2’s Backdrop tool. Use one of the patterned, glittery, or solid-coloured options in the program to replace your plain background, or upload your own image.

The flash of your phone

Flash turned on? It can be both a blessing and a disaster for your selfies at different times.

Flash is notorious for washing out your skin and making people’s eyes red. In essence, it gives you the appearance of a demon spawn from hell. That’s not a cute look, unless it’s Halloween.

When a subject needs light in a hurry, flash adds a burst of it. It works best inside, in dimly lit areas, or where there are lots of shadows.

If using flash doesn’t make you look any less possessed, try a new stance. Additionally, you may try utilizing two flashes—the first will dilate your pupils (and prevent red-eye), and the second will be a true flash.

Know ‘your side’ while clicking a selfie

Taking a Selfie: Important Tips to Remember

Image via Unsplash.com

When it comes to your real posture, you’ve already tried tilting your camera in every direction.

Everybody has a preferred side of their face, known as their “good side.” Whose is it that you own? It’s possible that you have more freckles on your right side of the face, which can be a hint to how outgoing you are.

Alternatively, perhaps the bump on your nose from falling off a skateboard in high school makes you detest your right side more than the left.


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