How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips 


How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

Are you someone who detests having their photo taken? Do you avoid using the camera at all costs? If this describes you, then you’re overly critical and believe you look horrible in every picture.  But it is never hard to look thinner in photos. Alternatively, it’s possible that you clam up and experience awkwardness because you’re unsure of what to do. With useful tips you can look thinner. Fortunately, this article is here to assist you with simple suggestions and techniques you may use to reduce the pressure you feel when you’re in front of the camera!

Chin out to look thinner

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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Although it may seem strange, extending your head or chin out slightly will prevent you from seeming to have the dreaded double chin. Is there any method to make your face appear thinner? Smile and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

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It can make you appear heavier by several pounds and is the least attractive viewpoint there is. While facing the camera directly can be effective, it’s preferable if it’s somewhat elevated. You’ll need to glance up because of the angle, which lengthens and thins out your neck and torso.

Dress accordingly to look thinner

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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Although it may seem obvious, dress flatteringly if you know you’ll be in a situation where photos may be taken. If you’re in a tight dress or gown, wearing shapewear is also a fantastic idea. Your outfit’s foundation can make or break how your clothes appears on camera.

Wide-cut trousers should be worn with a tight-fitting blouse. Alternately, dress in a shorter skirt and tuck in a looser top. All-tight outfits might bring attention to areas you might not want them to, but all-baggy outfits can make you appear bigger all over.

Wear looser clothing in that area if you want to attract attention away from it.

Turn your body

We’ve observed famous people doing it: Set one foot in front of the other as you lean slightly to the side (away from the camera). Put your weight on your rear foot and point your toe at the camera. Usually, when you look directly into the camera, you appear bigger.

Positioning your arms

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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Ever wonder why every celebrity poses with her arm on her hip and facing the camera? It does this by preventing her upper arm from being squashed against her torso, which would make it appear flattened (read: larger). If you think the hand-on-hip position looks a little forced, consider holding your arms just a little bit out to the sides.

Your hairdo to look thinner

Make sure the style of your hairdo is not too extreme if you’re wearing it up. Buns, braids, or ponytails that are overly tight can produce sharp angles, making your face and body appear larger. In contrast to some updos that can make your neck appear longer and thinner.

Sitting posture

Even though standing is typically preferred in photographs, if you find yourself seated as a photographer approaches, cross your legs at the ankles to make your thighs and calves appear thinner.

Faking a tan so that you look thinner

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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Since the majority of us appear washed out in ordinary shots, a little glow can dramatically alter how we appear. A mild spray tan can make your legs, arms, shoulders, and neck look smaller if you’re displaying skin. Dust on some bronzer if you’re simply exposing your face.

Don’t stand in direct sunlight

Try it now and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re shooting outside, direct sunlight can cause you to squint, which can enlarge your jawline. Instead, the most attractive times of day for outdoor photography are in the late afternoon and early evening.

Use bag as a trick and look thinner

Even if it appears great in person, clothing that is tight, thick, or detailed around the middle may appear larger in photographs. To hide the region in photos, hold your bag directly in front of the scene.

Wearing a belt

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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A belt will highlight how tiny your waist is if it is the narrowest section of your torso. If you’re taller, consider a broader belt; if you’re shorter, wear a belt that is more proportionate to your height.

Wide belts look excellent with dresses, blouse and skirt outfits, dress shirts and slacks and any other kind of attire.

Straight leg pants to look thinner

Avoid wearing trousers with front pleats as they tend to make your waist look bigger. Straight-leg trousers give the impression that your legs are longer and leaner Flat-fronted, flared trousers with a hint of elasticity to emphasize your contours. Avoid wearing trousers with front pleats as they tend to make your waist look bigger.

For the most slimming impact, choose trousers in a dark color like black, grey or navy.

Choose solid colors

Choosing solid dark shades is always a fantastic choice for looking thinner, regardless of the sort of clothing you wear. Vertical stripes are the perfect option if you like patterns and want to look thinner. Other patterns may also be acceptable as long as they are in darker hues, the print is low contrast, and the size of the design is appropriate for your overall frame.

Wide horizontal stripes should be avoided because they tend to make persons appear wider.

When taking selfies

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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Never position the camera below your eyes when shooting a selfie. This is the least flattering position since it exaggerates the size of your face. Ask the photographer to raise the camera when taking your picture. A shot taken from a position just above eye level always has the best perspective.

To achieve the ideal angle, you should never look down at the camera when having your photo taken or when taking a selfie.

Use dark filters

Most digital cameras and smartphones contain filters that let you adjust the brightness or contrast of your photos. Try out different golden or darkening filters to discover which ones make you look your best.

Tilting hips

How to Look Thinner in Photos: Easy-going Tips

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Whatever your thoughts on whether or not individuals should attempt to have a thigh gap, it’s really simple to fake. To make room between your legs, all you need to do is tilt your hips back. While it may seem like a little adjustment, it will have a significant impact on how you seem in front of the camera.


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