Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide 


Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

Do you wish to make the most of a second property or have an empty space at home? Are you considering renting the property by the room? Getting a job as a landlord can help you augment your income. But renting may also be difficult and stressful. You’ll need to be aware of your legal obligations as a landlord, as well as how to prepare and advertise  about renting property and find the ideal tenant.

Zoning laws: renting your space

Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

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Be aware that your city may have rental zoning regulations. These might limit the number of unrelated people you can rent to or stop you from renting to them without a license or authorization, for example. Ensure that you will follow the rules.

For instance, landlords must get rental licenses in North Bay, Ontario. These cost $300, have a two-year validity, and come with inspections.

You can locate the zoning bylaws for your city on the municipal website or by going to your neighborhood library and asking the librarian for help.

State’s landlord-tenant laws

Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

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Both rules that apply to rental rooms and general landlord-tenant legislation may exist in your state. By looking for links on your state’s official website, you can learn more about your state’s landlord-tenant legislation. Once more, be careful to confirm your complete compliance.

Enter “YOUR” or “YOUR STATE’S” into your browser’s address bar to get the official website for your state. If you reside in New Jersey, for instance, try “” and “” Both or one of these ought to direct you to the state’s official website.

States will have different laws. In California, for example, landlords are required to make sure that rental properties meet “standards of habitability.” These requirements cover having access to a bathroom, a gas or electric heating source, and a private, spotless room with adequate ventilation. Additionally, the building must have working locks and natural light coming in through a window or skylight.

In the same state, you have a responsibility as a landlord to uphold the room’s “standards of habitability.” If not, your renter is entitled to legitimately withhold rent.

Rental agreement: renting your space

Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

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A rental agreement is a formal document outlining the conditions of tenancy for a specific duration. It often lasts for 30 days instead of the longer term of a lease. Additionally, a lease can be set to automatically renew, and the landlord may be able to modify the conditions by giving the required written notice.

Make sure your agreement includes a description of the property. This should contain the home’s address, the precise room that will be rented (for instance, “2nd story small blue bedroom” or “1st floor back bedroom”), and a list of the rooms that are common areas.

List the monthly or weekly payment schedule, the amount of the rent, and the day it is due (for instance, the first of the month). You have the option of accepting a security deposit, which must also be laid out.

Include the day or date when rent is regarded to be past due and the kind of late fee that will be assessed. You should also include this information if you have chosen to let your tenant help out around the house by mowing the grass, cooking, or watching the kids instead of collecting some of the money.

House rules: renting your space

Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

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Create a list of regulations to be included with the rental agreement. By doing this, you’ll make sure your tenant understands what you expect from them and what you will and won’t tolerate. Allow the tenant to sign the House Rules, confirming that she has read them and agrees to abide by them.

You should consider including smoking in the regulations. Does smoking have a place in your home? Exist designated smoking areas? Or do you completely forbid smoking on your property?

Alcohol is a different problem. Is your tenant allowed to drink alcohol in the house’s general spaces, or must she just consume it in her room?

The rules may also apply to visitors and pets. What are your thoughts regarding the tenant’s invitation of his friends? What about visitors who stay over? Will you permit your tenant to own a dog or cat?

Define how common places should be used. Cooking or laundry limits on an hourly basis? Will you permit your tenant to do laundry whenever they want, for instance? Do you use the kitchen at odd hours? Watch TV whenever you want in the living room?

Search a lawyer if you need: renting your space

Rental agreements and their specifics might be complicated. By enlisting legal counsel, you may be sure that you have prepared a thorough, legally sound rental agreement and that all applicable criteria have been completed.

You should be able to set up a rental unit with the aid of a general legal advisor. Lawyers who focus on landlord-tenant law do exist, nevertheless.

Search online or in a phone book to find a lawyer. Go online and type “landlord-tenant lawyer, YOUR CITY.”

Decide which room to rent

Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

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Determining where your tenant will reside is a crucial task. The obvious option is a room that is currently unoccupied, but you need also think about a few additional things.

Keep in mind how close the room is to the bedrooms of you and your family. For instance, you could choose to rent the downstairs bedroom if you have three bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. This will give you and your partner a little more privacy.

Another factor to take into account is where the bathrooms are in respect to the rented room. For a room with a private bath, you can charge more rent, but you might have to give up having one for yourself. Compare your ideal rent amount with your desire for seclusion.

The rent to be charged: renting your space

Renting a spare bedroom in your house: A Rental Guide

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You can decide whether to charge rent on a weekly or monthly basis. However, how can you decide on a rent? The answer mostly depends on what the local market would tolerate. There are many factors that you must consider.

Take note of the going prices for similar rooms in your neighborhood. The student housing office at a neighboring university may be able to provide you with information on the typical room rent. Otherwise, research what others are asking by looking in your area’s newspapers and on websites like Craigslist.

Consider the size of the house, the size of the room, and how many other people will be living there.


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