Lifestyle Photography Sessions: Everything Explained 


Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained

The goal of a lifestyle session is to artistically document ordinary moments. It was written down at your home, among your memories and possessions. You’ll be able to recall the bedspread you had, the toys scattered across the floor, the nursery setup, and the couches you spent your days and evenings on when you look back on the images one day.

Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained


With little posing and no extra props, lifestyle photography seeks to capture the essence of you and your family. It attempts to capture the little characteristics of infants, such as their tiny toes, the way they grasp onto your finger, the way they sway and settle in your arms when they won’t go asleep, the never-ending diaper changes or the multitasking of holding a baby while preparing lunch.

Where to shoot lifestyle sessions?

Photos are typically shot in the rooms of your home where you spend the most time. When I get there, though, I’ll take a quick look around to see where the lighting would be greatest. If I think it would be unusual, I might even advise having a picnic in the corridor rather than the kitchen because it has better lighting. On Mum and Dad’s bed, at least some pictures are usually taken, and occasionally the youngsters are even allowed to jump on it (just this once!).

What to do?

The goal of lifestyle sessions is to document you and your family as you are in REAL LIFE, not simply when everyone is looking well for the camera and wearing nice clothes. Although we will set up scenarios so that we can capture some of the experiences you want to keep in time throughout the session, lifestyle sessions involve very little posing. For instance, we may document your child getting dressed, you reading a tale to them, cleaning the dishes, baking a cake, or spending time playing a board game as a family.

We might also just hang out on your bed with your family for a while. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing those real and realistic connections, even if we frequently photograph some of you sitting wonderfully and gazing into the camera. What happens when the kids start jumping on the bed? What occurs if your little child wants to cuddle in? During your session, just maintain as much calm as you can. The goal is to be authentic rather than perfect.

What to wear on lifestyle photography session?

Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained


Authenticity and sincerity are crucial in terms of lifestyle. Even when there is no necessity to purchase new clothing, it never hurts to have a justification. Put on your most relaxed, comfy clothes that you already own.

There is no need to overdress; however, keep in mind avoiding logos and Fluro colors as well as some of the other suggestions in my Styling Guide. Having said that, refrain from donning your ugliest or oldest workout attire that you might often wear on the weekend when lounging around the home! With the hair tied back loosely, a respectable pullover and jeans look attractive and natural and strike the perfect balance between being overdressed and too casual.

Let your children choose their own outfits if you have children so they feel empowered to exhibit their own personalities. Let them, for instance, wear their tutu and tiara if they so like! It perfectly encapsulates who they are right now! You could wish to limit their options so that they must choose something you have already authorized.

Don’t make it too long

Sessions focused on lifestyle often last 1-2 hours. Please let me know if there are activities you really want to film but they only take place at certain times of the day (for example, putting your child to bed) so we may try to organize the session at a time that works for you. While many tasks can be rescheduled to be finished when you wouldn’t normally (such as dressing your child in pajamas in the middle of the day or making pancakes for lunch instead of breakfast), some do demand very exact timing.

Some ideas on lifestyle photography:

Maternity lifestyle sessions: –

Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained


The goal of maternity lifestyle sessions is to capture your feelings about becoming a parent-to-be. You can tell us any tale you like, and we will use your pregnancy-related reflections to inform our planning. Your husband, other children, pets, or some quiet time to yourself can all be a part of your maternity lifestyle. Although they are not required, flower crowns and maternity dresses are totally acceptable.

Maternity sessions should depict the events you want your story to depict. Some clients choose a relaxed, at-home maternity session where they may enjoy the peace and quiet before the pandemonium while cuddling with their partner. Beaches and water are always fantastic possibilities for those who prefer to spend their time outdoors and in environments where they feel at ease.

New-born lifestyle sessions: –

For several reasons, new-born lifestyle sessions are typically held inside. Controlling the temperature comes first! Your child may find the outdoors to be too windy, chilly, hot, or sunny. True new-borns, in our experience, are not outdoorsy types! Second, since there are fewer people nearby for you to interact with when you’re not at home or in your own locations, your images lose some of their intimacy. It’s a totally different mood and results in slightly more traditional portraiture rather than a fully immersed lifestyle session because there isn’t a rocking chair, a cot or a bed for hugs.

Young family sessions: –

Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained


Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a “young” family. But, in my experience as a mum and a photographer, a young family is one in which the child(ren) are not yet of school age (often under 5). Making the distinction between working with a “older” or “younger” family can help you prepare the session. And make sure that the right expectations are set.


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