Whether you have a week or a day to prepare for an interview, you will come off as the most qualified candidate if you can clearly articulate how the position you are interviewing for aligns with the company’s mission and vision.

Prior to answering common interview questions, make sure you are aware of the company’s expectations for individuals who are applying for the position. Additionally, you should be prepared for typical interview inquiries concerning your knowledge of and expertise with hospitality.

Your body language

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You must dress the part if you want to leave a good impression at a job interview. Men should have clean, well-pressed professional attire and be cleanly shaven. Women should wear minimal makeup and neat, well-pressed professional clothes.

In the hospitality industry, men typically wear a suit and tie, while women typically wear a skirt or pantsuit. You can modify your outfit to meet the company’s dress code if it is more relaxed. But you only get one opportunity to make a solid first impression.

It’s crucial to appear refreshed and awake. Avoid staying out late the night before an interview; instead, eat breakfast to refuel.

Expectations of interviewer

Knowing what the recruiters are looking for in a strong applicant will help you present yourself well and prevent mistakes that might hurt your chances. Recruiters want to see that you are business-oriented and have a good customer service mindset while applying for a guest-facing hospitality internship position. They want a candidate that is eager to learn but also possesses the fundamental knowledge and sincere enthusiasm.

Employers seek candidates with innovation, passion, abilities, professionalism, and a solid grasp of the technical prerequisites for administrative internships or their first jobs after graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

You will impress the interview committee if you can exhibit these strengths in addition to how you collaborate well with others or on challenging assignments.

Format and length of the interview

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A brief interview can either indicate that the fit is excellent and the firm is thrilled about you, or it might indicate that they do not believe there is a good match and are not taking you seriously. A lengthy interview may indicate a wonderful interview, or it may indicate that you are not highlighting your skills and the recruiter is requesting additional information in the hopes of changing his or her opinion. Though it can be tough, try not to second-guess the interview’s duration.

For interviews for positions in the hospitality industry, prepare for a dialogue in which your interviewer will ask you questions and you must respond. On occasion, you might also be required to complete a quiz, a language test, or another type of written test.

Your behavior during interview

Bring a copy of your resume and cover letter with you at all times in case they are required. Any additional documents should be brought on a USB stick in case the committee requests to see them.

Sit up straight with your hands on the table both as you wait and throughout the interview. The interviewer may become distracted if you twitch or shift, so keep your feet firmly planted. When you’re anxious, it can be challenging, but remember to smile and be authentic.

It’s common for hospitality recruiters to meet numerous candidates at once. Always strive to be interesting while providing clear answers to the inquiry. It’s acceptable to ask the interviewer to repeat a question if you’re not clear on the answer.

What to highlight?

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Be ready to describe in detail how your prior experience can assist you fulfil the requirements of the position because any recruiter will want to know what makes you the greatest candidate for the job.

Use concrete, illustrative examples to illustrate your points. Draw on extracurricular or academic activities that helped you acquire certain skills necessary for the position if your employment history isn’t too extensive.

When you don’t have a certain expertise that is required, emphasize your adaptability and willingness to learn on the job. Never pretend to have an experience or quality that you do not. Even if you have a naturally confident attitude, maintain your humility and avoid projecting an air of superiority.

Questions of your interview

Examine your resume and consider the questions you would pose to a candidate who fits this profile. Consider your CV from the perspective of a hiring manager and be critical of any gaps or omissions. Play the position of the devil’s advocate during role-playing exercises with a friend. Prior to coming up with the answers, list the ten questions you anticipate being asked. Go on to the following set of 10 questions when you are satisfied with the results.

Clarity of your answers

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Describe your skills, your educational goals, and your job aspirations. A candidate who speaks clearly during the interview inspires trust. Nobody can expect you to predict exactly where you will be in five years, but you must have a broad vision.

Having pre-hand knowledge of the interview

What kind of individuals are the interviewers, how do they fit into the company, and who are they? Your knowledge of web research will be quite helpful in this situation. It’s only fair that you conduct some research since the interviewers will have access to all of your information from your CV. Search all available sources for information, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites.

Buttering the interview panel

100+ Job Interview Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash


Identify the decision-maker if there are numerous interviewees, then stroke their ego. They want to be sure that you won’t cause any trouble while working and will be a decent employee. The majority of managers have dealt with unruly employees and learnt this lesson the hard way, so they are on the lookout for any indications of rebellious conduct.


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