How to dispose of your old appliances safely


It is possible to recycle, sell, or give obsolete appliances, but each option demands specific preparations before disposal. Despite the fact that some people do slip damaged small appliances into their trash. They should never, under any circumstances, be placed in with the ordinary trash. Fortunately, even if you managed to put huge items at the curb. Most municipal sanitation programmes wouldn’t accept them as trash (such as refrigerators or washing machines).

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Following are a few points to can follow to dispose your appliances safely:

Avoid dismantling your appliances

Attempting to disassemble an appliance for parts or other uses is not advised. Bigger appliances could include hazardous components like toxic foam insulation or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Moreover, other appliances might have dangerous substances, such mercury, in their pilot lights. Never combine any of these household cleaners to ensure your safety at home.

Sell or give to someone

In many circumstances, if the item is still functional or is repairable, someone else will desire it. Therefore, think about posting an advertisement on Craigslist or another local website offering the appliance for sale or free pick-up to anyone who wants it. It’s common practice in some neighbourhoods to place items you want to get rid of with a “FREE” sign on the curb or in an alley. Room air conditioners, dishwashers, and washing machines are examples of large equipment with metal bodies and electric motors that can be sold for scrap metal.

Also, you can sell working appliances online provided they are in good shape. People will always be willing to pay less for used goods than to purchase brand-new ones. Not everyone has the financial means to purchase expensive new equipment.

Donate to concerned companies

The Salvation Army frequently accepts working appliances and may even provide pick-up services .If you’d want to donate your item. Appliances can also be donated to “ReStores” run by Habitat for Humanity. You might also want to inquire about whether any nearby charities will accept appliances. Here are 15 items that you ought to consider donating.

Swap your old appliances

When you purchase a new model of a larger appliance, such as a washer or dryer. Many stores will provide removal services as an option. Search for stores that will improve your purchase with a free removal. Also, while some shops could try to charge extra for this service, it’s more typical to include it in the cost of a new model. Check out these suggestions on how to save money while buying new appliances if you need to buy one.

Old appliances are frequently left on the curb by homeowners, only to discover that they are gone by the time sanitation arrives the next morning. Even slightly damaged items are eagerly accepted by people, and many old, broken appliances can be fixed and used again, according to Family Handyman.

Look for service of experts

Inquire about pickup services by giving your neighbourhood landfill, waste disposal facility, or garbage specialists a call. Remember to be explicit about the appliance you want removed when asking how to get rid of it. If they inquire, be prepared to provide the year of manufacturing. This is frequently the most expensive choice, so be sure to ask about costs and look for ways to cut costs.

Contact utility company

In the majority of states, utility companies are quite good at providing recycling services for appliances either independently or through government initiatives. The fact that you can frequently receive a refund, waiver, or even cash for doing this makes it an excellent alternative for what to do with obsolete appliances. Only refrigerators and freezers are normally accepted by utility companies, which is the catch. Yet, if you leave heating and cooling units out at the same time, some people will agree to pick them up.

Dispose at disposal center

You can transport the item yourself to a disposal facility if you own a truck or other vehicle that can carry it. Just be sure to give them a call-in advance and find out if they accept your specific item. Yet it’s frequently impossible to bury equipment containing dangerous compounds in landfills. Thus, you could need a substitute for these. Metal recycling bins can occasionally accommodate small appliances.

Safely dispose in city trash

How to dispose of your old appliances safely (Photo from istock)

If your city offers garbage collection, check out their website to learn more about the services they offer and how you may get rid of an old refrigerator or other old equipment in this manner. Although they can add a surcharge to your monthly account, some companies will take up any appliances you leave at the curb. Appliances can be carted out for free pickup on designated days for bulky garbage in other cities. This is also a fantastic solution for obsolete appliance disposal.

Renting dumpster

The delivery of a temporary dumpster for your used appliances and other waste is provided by dumpster rental businesses. If getting rid of your appliance is a part of a larger remodelling project. And you’ll have tons of other building waste to get rid of as well, think about this option. Appliances are frequently accepted by dumpster providers. But it’s crucial to research the specific types and sizes that are accepted.

Reuse and recycle your appliances

For a price, a number of businesses, like 1800-Got-Junk, can collect and recycle your old appliances. Many will even visit your house to provide a free removal cost estimate. The procedure is straightforward, and 1800-Got-Junk promises to recycle and give wherever possible.

There are other choices if you don’t want to pay to recycle your old equipment. According to the EPA, many municipalities, sanitation agencies, and trash management businesses accept appliances for bulk pickup. And actually recycle the parts they gather.

How to dispose of your old appliances safely (Photo from istock)

When you purchase newer versions from a merchant, you may be able to recycle outdated models. This is partly attributable to the energy efficiency initiatives put in place to replace outdated, electricity-guzzling home appliances with more environmentally friendly alternatives. Retailers and manufacturers can use it as a tool to encourage customers to purchase newer models.


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