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What are India’s leading environmental organizations? An extensive list of Indian environmental organizations that strive to make India a cleaner, pollution-free nation is provided below. The environment can be defined as the natural world. Whether it is healthy or unique to a certain location. Humans and their actions have a major impact on this natural environment.

This natural environment contains both living and non-living materials. Because they grow naturally without human interference.

Human activities significantly alter the natural order of things and frequently result in environmental degradation. For instance, the ecosystem is negatively impacted by deforestation. Excessive reliance on fossil fuels, excessive mining, and improper disposal of non-biodegradable garbage.

A select few of these human acts are the main causes of the current climate change problem. Which puts the future of our entire planet in jeopardy. Yet, a number of organizations and people have developed to aid in the preservation of the environment as we know it.

The top environmental organizations in India that are actively advocating environmental protection will be examined in the following article.

  • List of Top Indian Environmental Organizations is as follows:

Top environmental organizations in India (Photo from istock)

CHINTAN one of the best amongst organizations

The organization works to ensure more responsible resource use that doesn’t burden the planet or the less fortunate. Its objective is to lessen trash production and unsustainable consumption. Also, it collaborates with local governments to improve trash management, which in turn reduces environmental and air pollution. The poorer populations, women and children, and marginalized groups are more in the center of CHINTAN’s attention.

The organization primarily focuses on environmental justice and partners with several local individuals or groups. One of the most well-known environmental groups in India, it aims to achieve sustainable production, consumption, and waste disposal.


One of the top environmental NGOs in India, it has a global reach of more than 55 other nations. It is a branch of the global environmental group Greenpeace, which has operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

Greenpeace India asserts that it does not take funding from businesses, political parties, or other intergovernmental organizations to lessen its exposure to political meddling. They might continue to protect the environment in an impartial manner in this way.


This non-profit environmental organization was founded in 2015 to help with the air pollution crisis in Delhi, India. Delhi’s air pollution reaches historic highs, making it one of the world’s most polluted cities. This circumstance served as the catalyst for the Help Delhi Breathe movement.

The organization’s main goal is to educate city dwellers about the dangers of these levels of air pollution and to foster in them a drive to find lasting solutions to the problem. The program develops a number of campaigns that all encourage people to band together and change this circumstance.


It has a significant influence and is one of the top environmental organizations in India. They focus on, and try to improve conditions in, places like Delhi where populations are at risk from air pollution.

One of the organization’s main duties in India is to collaborate with various Indian cities to maintain quality air control. To help local governments improve air quality, inform the public about cleaner air, and support sustainable mobility, this requires providing scientific advice.

In order to implement clean air action plans, Clean Air Asia, India is now evaluating the management capacities in more than 30 cities across the country.


The vast ecological calamity in India is being reframed by the Wildlife Preservation Society of India (WPSI), which was established in 1994. Before becoming concerned about conservation, Belinda Wright worked as a photographer and filmmaker before founding WPSI.

WPSI, one of India’s foremost environmental organizations, works with many government organizations to stop poaching and the growing illicit wildlife trade. For instance, as tigers are one of the most traded wild animals in India, their continued existence in the wild is constantly in danger.

WPSI has shifted its attention to the issue of conflicts between people and animals and financed a number of research projects.

NAVDANYA one of the unique amongst organizations

Top environmental organizations in India (Photo from istock)

Navdanya is a different organization working to protect the environment in India. Its objectives are to enhance farmers’ rights, organic farming, seed conservation, and biodiversity preservation. Its main objective is to support and provide direction for environmental protection and action in India and other countries.

The group, which is a component of the “Terra Madre slow food movement,” is made up of a network of organic farmers and seed savers spread throughout about 16 Indian states. More than 500,000 farmers were also trained by the organization in sustainable farming and food sovereignty, and 122 community-based seed banks were established across the country.


By ridding the environment of pollutants, this group of individuals hopes to advance environmental justice. Toxics Link gathers information on the various environmental poisoning sources and makes it available to the public.

In addition, they seek to create environmentally friendly, wholesome alternatives for both India and the rest of the world. Toxics Link develops a range of public awareness initiatives, such as film festivals, media campaigns, and educational initiatives with the goal of fostering the next generation of environmentalists. The methods and projects of this environmental Charity in India have the potential to bring about immeasurable change in the future.


This environmental NGO also works to ensure the protection of the environment in India. The fundamental objective of Environics Trust is to develop novel, scientifically supported responses to urgent environmental issues. According to Environics Trust, there are reciprocal affects between the environment and social behaviour.

The organization makes an effort to investigate this important topic through a number of programs that concentrate on various communities that collaborate with the NGO. In addition to working directly with underprivileged groups, it provides national and international institutions with research and evaluation services.


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