Homemade board games ideas for kids

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Playing board games with friends and family is a terrific way to pass the time. Lacking any on hand? You might not have realized you could create your own! If you find yourself confined to your home, the DIY board games listed below may be able to keep you from getting bored. Additionally, it’s an excuse to get the crafting materials out!

  • Following are a few homemade board games ideas for kids:

Colourful backgammon board

Purchasing a backgammon board might be quicker and more practical, but where is the pleasure and originality in that? You can match the design and colours of the game to the furnishings in your home by painting your own. So that the game can remain visible and look nice even while you’re not playing.

Scrabble board

Homemade board games ideas for kids (Photo from iStock)

A large group of people can have greater fun playing life-sized board games. Consider making your own board game bigger to make it more memorable when you’re thinking about creating one. The letters in this game of scrabble are magnetic squares, and the board is a sizable dry erase board.

Mat for beach games

It’s likely that a conventional board game will become too sandy and have pieces fall out if you wish to play some board games at the beach. Instead, paint a roll-out mat and gather shells to use as game pieces. So there would be no worry if one was misplaced. You can go get another and replace it.

Monopoly 2.O

Homemade board games ideas for kids (Photo from iStock)

Many enlarged editions of the original classic game of Monopoly are sold. However, occasionally the attention to detail in these versions is lacking. For instance, if the designers of a Monopoly game about your city weren’t specialists, they might completely miss the meaning. Make your own version of monopoly, like this homemade Harry Potter monopoly game, if you are an expert in something and enjoy playing it.

A chess board through Lego’s

The advantages of teaching your kids to play chess at an early age are numerous, ranging from improved focus to improved problem-solving abilities. Making a chess board out of Legos can be an option if your child finds a regular chess board to be too scary. We are confident that any kid who enjoys Lego’s will support this.

A new version of ‘guess who’?

Guess Who is a game aimed towards young children with its funny features and vibrant colours. Use images of your entire family and friends to create a version for adults. The game is made considerably funnier and more conversational by employing individuals you know.

Next level game

There are certain board games that have a sizable following of devoted followers. These people host gatherings where the game is played and enjoyed. Settlers of Catan is one such game. This blogger created an entirely unique version of the game, taking his passion for it to new heights. Now that’s commitment!

Memory game

Homemade board games ideas for kids (Photo from iStock)

The uses for these printable donuts are endless. They can be used to make a garland and also serve as a simple yet enjoyable memory game for kids. Create a board to set the doughnut pieces on to transform this homemade memory game into a true board game.

Serving tray into a game

Using supplies, you already have at home, you may create a DIY board game. In this instance, patterned paper has been used to line an old serving tray. Then, to make a trail, cut-out circles are stuck to the surface. Little animals were employed as the game components after creating some cards in the style of Candy-land.

Print games

Children want variety, so even if you have hundreds of board games available, eventually they will become bored with them. Print off various board games that teachers and other bloggers have made to keep things interesting (and reasonably priced).

Artistic stickers and doodles

When you’re designing, it can be simple to copy an existing board game. Sometimes letting your imagination go wild is more enjoyable. This homemade board game is a hybrid of a game and an art piece. Before you begin sketching and applying stickers, you might want to consider choosing a theme to help keep this project somewhat reasonable. The family selected a game with a travel theme in this instance.

New ways to play the game

To make your own entertaining DIY board game, you don’t need to be especially talented. More than that, you need to think of creative new game-playing strategies. If you’re creating a game from scratch, start with a simple set of guidelines and work your way up. Look for a template if this looks too intimidating.

Snakes and ladders

Homemade board games ideas for kids (Photo from iStock)

Games from the past seem to resurface frequently. This DIY project involves making it from start to finish and the game of snakes and ladders is enjoyable for kids to play.

Tic-tac snow inspired from snow

This adorable winter-themed variation of Tic-tac Toe will encourage your kids to enjoy a timeless family game this season. On a reusable felt game board, the endearing Olaf and Sven playing characters from Disney’s Frozen are assembled using painted wine corks and felt accessories. Encourage your children to help you paint and decorate the corks or teach them the fundamentals of sewing so they can sew the board.

Number learning game

Finding store-bought board games that are both easy enough for small children to play and educational may be incredibly challenging. This easy-to-make board game is entertaining to play and gives kids practice with counting and number recognition. Children move their game pieces to corresponding numbers along the path on the game board as they take turns rolling the dice and doing so. The winner is the first person to reach the completed area. This help children to learn numbers in a fun way.


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