Closet Organization Tips to Arrange the Messy Room 


Closet Organization Tips to Arrange the Messy Room

The first step to having an organized space and life is having an organized wardrobe. You’ll need to look through all of your clothing to decide what you actually need, then figure out how to best reorganize your wardrobe and other items. Just use these guidelines to learn how to organize your closet.

Emptying your closet

Closet Organization Tips to Arrange the Messy Room 

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Remove all of your clothing from the closet’s boxes and drawers, as well as off of their hangers. On the floor or on your bed, fold them into stacks. This also applies to your shoes. Other items like belts, scarves, handbags, or ties may also be included.

Decide what to keep

You might feel compelled to either save or throw away everything. But thoroughly examine your apparel by going through it piece by piece and in a systematic manner. Clothes that fit you well, are practical, and take up the least amount of room are what you want in your closet.

Your closet should contain clothing that is the right size for you—neither too loose nor too tight. It often signifies that something is cozy, not prickly, easy to button, and leaves no red marks on the skin. It might also entail getting rid of things that are out of style, such skintight skirts that you shouldn’t wear to a job interview.

Since fashion trends are what they are, it is usually best to part with “inspirational items” like the jeans you hope to one day fit back into. When you do lose the weight, the item may well be out of style. It might be acceptable to wear one pair of “fat pants” to symbolize your success in losing weight.

Appropriate sorting

Closet Organization Tips to Arrange the Messy Room 

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The clothing you won’t be wearing for a long should be put in storage because it isn’t seasonally appropriate. You can keep your winter scarves and sweaters in storage at the height of summer, and your tank tops and summer dresses in storage during the depths of winter.

Additionally, you can keep things that may hold special memories for you, like a sweater your grandmother sewed for you or an outgrown t-shirt from your high school tennis team. But make an effort to limit the amount of sentimental clothing you bring. After all, clothes are intended to be worn.

Declutter your clothes

The most challenging and crucial step is this one. Your objective should be to get rid of as many items of clothing as you can if you want a really organized closet. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of your favorite items, but you should take a good, hard look at your wardrobe and determine which garments you will actually wear again.

It’s time to donate anything you haven’t worn in more than a year and doesn’t hold any sentimental value.

It’s time to get rid of an item if it’s faded, moth-eaten, or so worn-out that neither you nor anybody else will ever wear it again.

Clean your closet

Closet Organization Tips to Arrange the Messy Room 

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Do this before putting your clothing back on. Clean the walls with all-purpose cleanser, hoover or sweep the floor and remove any cobwebs that may have formed there.

Changes should be made right away, such as adding and removing shelves or painting the interior a different color.

Organizing clothes

As many of your clothes as you can, try to hang them up. You’ll have no trouble finding your clothes and saving space if you do this. Not only should you hang up your clothes, but you should also arrange them in a specific way to make it simple for you to locate them whenever you need to. Here are a few ideas for organizing your clothes on hangers:

  • Sort your clothing into seasons. Organize your wardrobe by season just for the first half of the year if you’ve put some of your seasonal clothing away. During the summer, hang your summer attire first, then your fall attire.
  • Sort your clothing into categories. Your tank tops, shirts, slacks, skirts and dresses may all be kept apart.
  • Sort your business and leisure attire. So that you can quickly get dressed for work in the morning, separate your work clothes from your casual attire.
  • Sort your clothing according to how frequently you wear it. You can organize whatever you wish, but be sure to put up a few essentials in the most visible location, such as your favorite hoodie or the pair of pants you always wear.

Utilizing your space

Closet Organization Tips to Arrange the Messy Room 

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Find alternative spaces in the closet to put the remaining items of clothing once you’ve hung up everything that fits on your pole. The clothing you put in the bins ought to be less frequently worn than the clothing you hang up, or it should be non-hangable clothing, such as your training attire. Here are some suggestions:

Don’t waste the room underneath your garments hanging. Under the hung garments, place a couple plastic clothing bins.

Consider putting a dresser in your closet if you have the space. You’ll both save time and space.

Organize your shoes

Once you’ve decided which shoes you’ll keep, it’s crucial to maximize your closet’s space by keeping them in the most organized and effective way possible. Shoes can take up a significant amount of space. The following ideas will help you arrange the shoes in your closet:

Sort them by category. Sort your boots, sandals, and dress shoes separately.

Sorting based on how frequently you wear them can also help. Keep your go-to pair of boots, sandals or trainers in the location that is simplest to get to.

Purchase a shoe rack to put on the ground of your closet. Finding the pair of shoes you want will be a lot simpler as a result.

Organize boxes in closet

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there’s possible that, if your wardrobe is big enough, you’ve kept things in there besides clothes, such sizable boxes of mementos, stale photo albums and CDs you haven’t listened to in ten years. Before you finish organising your closet, go through these used boxes and decide what should be retained and what should be thrown away.

Get rid of everything that you have held for longer than a year and isn’t sentimental.


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