Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric Cars

Electric cars

Different fields have undergone changes as a result of technological improvements. This is not an exception in the car industry. The most recent development in this trend is the launch of electric cars, which run on rechargeable batteries rather than fuel. While a normal vehicle relies on mechanical energy, an electric car’s mechanism is driven by electrical energy. While a fuel car uses internal combustion to drive, an electric vehicle employs electric energy to run. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of electric cars throughout this blog.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric Cars (Photo from istock)

Benefits of Electric Cars:

  • Electric Cars do not harm environment:

Benefits and Drawbacks of Electric Cars (Photo from istock)

Without fuel, there will be no ignition, and there can be no carbon emissions. Regarding of pollution, over 75% of the nation’s emissions come from petrol and diesel vehicles. On the other side, electric cars run on electric motors that are charged by batteries rather than burning fuel, which prevents them from releasing harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. This is the main benefit of driving an electric car.

  • Government supports Electric Cars:

For a go initiative, governments in many different nations have provided tax incentives as a bonus to attract people to drive electric cars.

  • Electric Cars make less noise:

As there are no rapidly moving parts in electric cars, they are quieter and produce less noise. An electric car is the perfect choice for those who enjoy moving softly. Electric motors make it least irritating for you and others when you speed more, alongside silencers.

  • Based on renewable energy:

While traditional cars use the burning of fossil fuels that decrease the world’s fossil fuel reserves, electric vehicles depended on renewable electricity.

  • Electric cars need less maintenance:

Compared to fuels like diesel and diesel which frequently see price increases, electricity is far less expensive. If solar power is used at home, battery recharging is even more economical.

Drawbacks of Electric Cars:

  • Charging Stations are not situated everywhere:

Long route drivers worry about finding proper charging points because charging points are not situated everywhere. One of the primary drawbacks with an electric car is the lack of charging stations.

  • Charging takes a lot of time:

In contrast to fuel vehicles, which just need a few minutes to refill, electric vehicles normally require several hours to fully recharge. To maintain the battery level at complete capability will take several hours.

  • Electric Cars come expensive:

Many people find electric cars are not as way more expensive than as traditional petrol and diesel vehicles because Rate of any electric vehicle is almost double from the same variant of the same manufacturing company.

  • Battery replacement of an Electric Car is quite costly:

Average electric car batteries are likely to run up to 10 years and that’s only if they’re well maintained. Purchasing a new set of batteries may cost you a lot . A new pack of batteries will be the most expensive one, considering the expense of the accessories.


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