5 Common cooking mistakes that people make

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Whether we’re experienced or kitchen beginners we all make plenty of cooking mistakes, because mistakes are natural in life.   It’s normal and plays a significant role in our learning of new things. Common cooking mistakes don’t always have bad effects. Sometimes there’s simply a little flavour difference. Or perhaps a dish that’s a little too greasy, dry, or tasteless.  Let’s take a look at a few of these common cooking mistakes, their real causes, and of course, the suggestions for healthier and more advised cooking.

5 Common Cooking Mistakes most people make are as follows:

1. When you don’t pre-heat the pan:

5 Common cooking mistakes that people make

Kitchen appliances like heated pans are helpful, but you must let them work the way they were intended to. Food will stick, liquids will leak, food won’t be grilled but rather melted, and frying won’t take place in a pan that isn’t heated enough. Make sure your pan is hot enough for a few water drops to sizzle and immediately evaporate in the center.

2. Using wrong cooking oils:

5 Common cooking mistakes that people make

You’ve undoubtedly used healthy oils when cooking if you want to eat a diet that is balanced. Healthy oils like olive oil, on the other hand, have a low smoke point and can generate thick plumes of smoke when sautéing over a high heat. What’s worse is that the beneficial oil degrades in the heat and turns unhealthy. Unrefined oils won’t have as high of a smoke point, making them unsuitable for high heat cooking. Avoid soybean oil, which is hydrogenated for a longer shelf life, and corn oil, which has significant quantities of saturated fats. Unhealthy trans-fats are unfortunately also produced by that procedure.

3. Unpreparedness before cooking:

5 Common cooking mistakes that people make

It’s simple to overlook key steps or ingredients mentioned in the recipe. Leaving out ingredients or skipping steps can produce food that is tasteless. Read each recipe carefully before it’s time to start preparing for cooking. Create the good habit of having all ingredients and utensils ready to use, much like professional chefs do. Being completely set and prepared saves time, boosts one’s self-esteem, and pays for itself many times over.

4. Overcrowding the pan:

5 Common cooking mistakes that people make

The results are often soggy when we put too much food into a pan. Moisture is released from food while cooking. Additionally, if the moisture cannot escape the pan, it will continue to steam the food instead of frying it. Overcrowding causes food to steam, turning it mushy, this makes it less delicious. Give your ingredients some space in the pan to get better results. If you can’t fit everything into one pan at once or if you’re short on time, cook either in portions or in two pans.

5. Always taste your food while cooking:

5 Common cooking mistakes that people make

When trying anything new, we frequently believe the recipe will be accurate and we will get best dish. However, there are a lot of things which effect cooking. Including the specific ingredients used, any changes made the temperaments of your stove etc. Tasting food while cooking allows us to make changes on the spot. Since we are the ones who will consume it, it must appeal to our sense of taste!

These are few common cooking mistakes, most of us do in our day to day cooking, and by a little care we can avoid them while cooking.



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