Be a great friend with these amazing friendly tips 


Be a great friend with these amazing friendly tips

Though maintaining a strong friendship takes time and effort, being a good friend isn’t always simple.  Strength, joy, and meaning can be found in a good friend in ways that social media or the pursuit of popularity cannot.

There are things you can do to be a good friend to others whether you’re wanting to build new, quality connections or strengthen your current ones. All great friendships are built on mutual trust and support.

Be trustworthy to your friend

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Never, or at least don’t make it a habit, make a promise you can’t keep. If you promise to hang out with a friend but a real disagreement comes up, be sure to let them know. Give your pal a gift and apologize if you simply cannot go. Nobody is flawless, and it’s acceptable to occasionally breach a commitment, but avoid doing so frequently. If this keeps happening over time, people will probably view you as unreliable. Keep your word if you made a promise to a buddy about something significant to avoid alienating that person.

Be dependable for your friend

One of the most crucial characteristics of a good buddy is dependability. Especially during difficult moments, your friend will need your support. Nobody wants to hang out with friends who aren’t genuinely into them. A individual who doesn’t exhibit consistent and reliable behavior is difficult to trust. We’ve all seen well-intentioned yet unreliable individuals who promise something and then never follow through. If that describes you, know that you are losing your friends’ confidence and that they will soon stop trusting what you say.

Apologize when its necessary

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You can’t pretend to be perfect if you want your friends to trust you. If you’ve made a mistake and are aware of it, own up to it rather than continuing to deny it. Though they won’t be thrilled that you made a mistake, your friends will appreciate that you are responsible and grounded enough to own up to it rather than just acting as though nothing is wrong or, worse, blaming someone else.

Be honest and vulnerable with your friend

You must be honest about your emotions, about the behavior of your friends, and about how you feel about your friendship if you want to be a good friend and have people trust you. Direct channels of communication with your buddies will open up and they’ll be more likely to open up to you if you’re honest about how you feel and allow yourself to be vulnerable with your emotions. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to open up to your friend about something that is upsetting you if your friend has injured you.

Disagreeing respectfully with your friend

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It’s acceptable to express your disapproval when a buddy says something that you find offensive or simply do not share their viewpoint. Inform your friend of your opinions and your reasoning. Just make sure you communicate your viewpoints in a courteous manner.

Don’t use people

Your buddies will dump you like a hot potato if they think you’re just using them. Good friendships don’t come about by seeking to benefit from someone else’s fame or connections. It is not friendship; it is opportunism to try to become friends with someone in order to join a particular clique, and eventually the shallowness of your involvement will become apparent.

Loyalty is important

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As you would want your buddy to do for you, keep anything they tell you in confidence to yourself and don’t discuss it with anyone else. Avoid talking negatively about your friend behind their back and refrain from gossiping about the information they’ve given you in private. Never make comments about a buddy that you wouldn’t be willing to make in front of them. Be devoted to your genuine friends, and be ready to stand up for them if your acquaintances or new friends start spreading rumors against them.

Be respectful to your friend

Respectful relationships are characterized by open communication and reciprocal assistance. Respect your friend’s decisions and be receptive to learning more about them if their values and beliefs differ from your own. If you want a friend to trust you, let them know that they can talk to you about fresh ideas or express beliefs that you may not share. Your friendship won’t be respected if your friend believes that you’ll discredit any intriguing or novel ideas they may have.

Don’t let your friend feel left out

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This is a brief yet crucial aspect of having good friends. Don’t ever make your pals feel excluded. Not everyone is past you just because you start dating or have a partner. Always keep in mind that your friends will be there for you if you need them during a crisis. Your buddies will be there for you if the popular kids in class decide to make everyone hate you. Do not forget to support them as well!

Be selfless

Even if it is impossible to always be selfless, it is a crucial component of being a good friend. As much as you can, try to balance your actions with your friend’s wishes. Your friendship will grow if you return his or her generosity with your own acts of kindness. People will realize you aren’t looking out for them if you develop a reputation for being self-centered and only hanging out with your buddies when you need support.

Be a good listener

Instead of dominating conversations, give your friend your whole attention when they are speaking to you so that you may support them. Even if it seems straightforward, pay attention just as much to what others are saying as you do. Your companion isn’t benefiting from the connection if you dominate every conversation with your emotions. Assuring your friend that you care by listening creates a space between the two of you.

Help them with their struggles

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You must be able to look out for your friends when they are struggling if you want to be truly supportive. If you notice that your buddy is engaging in behavior over which they have little control, such as using drugs, engaging in promiscuity, or overindulging at a party, help them escape the situation by speaking up about it.


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