Advice for Guys on How to Seek Permission from Girlfriend’s Dad


Advice for Guys on How to Seek Permission from Girlfriend’s Dad

You might decide you need to seek a girl’s father for permission to date her if you know her parents are severe. Well you need some advice.

As an alternative, your girlfriend can ask you to resolve the issue with her parents. In either case, it can be a frightening situation, but the most important things are to remain composed and polite. Make sure you make a strong first impression after building up your confidence for the talk. Just be honest about what you want as well.

Know if the girl is interested: dating advice

Advice for Guys on How to Seek Permission from Girlfriend's Dad

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You need to demonstrate your interest in the girl and determine whether she is interested in you before you ever speak to her father. She will probably find it offensive that you got her dad’s permission before asking her if you two haven’t already proven that you two like each other.

Just talk to her if you don’t know how to start a relationship. Find a point of connection, or make advantage of the classroom or environment to start a dialogue.

Developing your relationship

As soon as you begin conversing, strive to build a friendship. Keep talking to her and looking for her. Don’t be hesitant to congratulate her and show interest in the things she enjoys doing. You could compliment someone with, “You’re so smart,” or “You’re really good at science!”

You can talk about dating or going out after you’ve spent a lot of time together. You may say something along the lines of, “I like hanging out with you. I think my feelings for you go beyond simple friendship. Would you like to go on a date with me?

Bring the topic of asking her dad: dating advice

Advice for Guys on How to Seek Permission from Girlfriend's Dad

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Bring up the idea of asking her father once you’ve established that you both want to go out together. She might have reasons why it’s not a good idea, so you need to get her permission and explain why you’re asking him for permission. Ask her a few questions about her father if she feels it’s a good idea so you’ll know more about what you’re getting into. Asking her about his religious beliefs and whether he is strict could help you come up with a strategy.

You could suggest, “I know most parents are uncomfortable with their kids dating, so I’d really like to talk to your dad about us dating before we go out,”

Be prepared for the conversation with her dad

You don’t want to start this conversation without having thought about what you want to say. You’re likely to become a little tongue-tied when speaking to the father of your future partner. As a result, before you enter that situation, you should prepare your response.

Writing out what you want to say, or at least writing enough to identify your main points, can be helpful. Writing it down can help you deal with it, even if you probably won’t want to take it with you when you go.

Be confident in front of her dad: dating advice

Advice for Guys on How to Seek Permission from Girlfriend's Dad

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You will undoubtedly feel anxious. The key is to project confidence despite your anxiety. Being confident will make you appear more assured of yourself, which will improve your impression. To avoid coming off as arrogant, don’t go overboard.

To ensure that you remember what you’re about to say, practice your speech multiple times. You’ll be less likely to lose your nerve that way. If you believe it will help, ask a parent or sibling to go through it with you.

Paying attention to your body language is one technique to come across as more confident. When introducing yourself, especially, make sure to look him in the eyes and stand up straight.

Setting a time for meeting: dating advice

Introduce yourself over the phone to the parent of your prospective girlfriend. Make careful to emphasize your link to his daughter when you introduce yourself. Request a meeting with him so you may talk to him about his daughter.

You may introduce yourself as “Hello, Mr. Vail.” Terry Roberts and your daughter Jessica are classmates at our respective schools. I wanted to talk to you about my relationship with your daughter, so I was wondering if we could meet in the next week. He has a chance to get ready for the discussion if you let him know in advance what you want to talk about.

Dressing to impress her dad

Advice for Guys on How to Seek Permission from Girlfriend's Dad

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If you arrive in clothing that are stained or full of holes, the father of your potential girlfriend won’t be impressed. You are not required to wear a suit. But it wouldn’t hurt to wear some decent trousers, a button-up shirt and a tie.  Dressing up makes him more likely to say yes because it demonstrates your respect for him and his daughter.

Additionally, check to see that everything is ironed and that no buttons or other items are missing.

Don’t be late for the meeting: dating advice

Make sure you arrive exactly on time if you say you’ll arrive at 4:00 PM. It’s best to arrive around 10 minutes early, but you shouldn’t arrive any earlier than that, especially if you’re going to his house, since he could not be prepared for you. Being on time demonstrates your respect for him and your understanding of the value of his time.

Introduce yourself

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Even if you introduced yourself over the phone, it’s courteous to introduce yourself again when you arrive at the meeting. Identify yourself and extend your hand for a handshake. A brief explanation of how you came to know his daughter is also nice because it gives him background information about you.

“Hello, sir, my name is Terry Roberts,” you could say. As you are aware, Jessica, your daughter, and I attend the same school. After that, extend a handshake.

Of course, you don’t have to introduce yourself if you know him, but it’s still courteous to say hello and extend your hand to shake.


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