Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps


Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

By this time, even the squirrel in your backyard probably maintains a blog where he reviews bird feeders in the area. You’ll need a site with excellent content, a solid grasp of Google keywords, and a long-term commitment to compete with that and to increase traffic. There are numerous actions you can take right now to significantly increase website traffic. However, webmasters that put in the effort, try new marketing strategies, and interact with their audience see the highest returns. You can do this.

Headlines grabbing attention to increase traffic

Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

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Your content won’t matter if the headline doesn’t get readers to click. Spend at least five to ten minutes coming up with potential headlines before choosing one that is succinct, precise, and appealing (without making unwarranted promises). Some of the more successful techniques include using statistics, well-known search terms, speaking directly to the reader, or responding to a query.

For instance, “11 Breakfasts to Cure Your Hangover” promises to solve a problem, employs a common search word, speaks directly to the reader, and offers a number.

Authority content

Create material that draws from in-depth research or subject-matter expertise to stand out from low-quality websites. To make your content more interesting and polished, if you can, hire experienced text or video editors. As a result of these actions, your website will gain a reputation as a reliable resource, helping you move up search engine results pages.

Writing on evergreen topics to increase traffic

Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

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While it may be tempting to just cover hot issues, it might be challenging for a new website to compete in this market. A smart tactic is to diversify your material so that it can continue to draw a continuous stream of visitors for weeks, months, or even years. Write a thorough introduction to your hobbies or a study paper on your sector, for instance.

Shareable content

In the social media world, shareable content is king, but it can have varied meanings depending on the intended audience and the platform. Can you turn your content into infographics for LinkedIn? A meme site like Reddit? Unless you try it, you won’t know what exactly strikes that viral sweet spot.

Utilize your lengthy content as a supply of basic materials. In that 30-minute discussion, there are probably a dozen useful titbits you can use as individual advice.

There is no requirement that each post fit into a single paragraph. Consider inventive ways to summarize the information into headlines or bite-sized samples that you can publish on social media platforms like Twitter if producing long-form content is more appropriate for your topic.

Active participation of audience useful to increase traffic

Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

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Visitors who participate actively frequent the website. This can be as easy as asking readers to leave comments with suggestions for future topics to cover. Integrate these “calls to action” with other marketing initiatives to truly increase the number of visitors to your site. For instance, invite readers to join your webinar or subscribe to your mailing list.

Another choice is to launch a forum where the users of your website may congregate and talk about various subjects. Remember that at least one moderator is needed for this.

Adding research keywords

Finding out what search phrases people use is quite helpful if you want to modify your content to draw in visitors. Consider using free tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends as well as highly regarded software like SEMrush, HyperSuggest, or Ahrefs. Take advantage of these tools to find popular search terms that relate to the subject matter of your website and your area of expertise.

Check out the top search results for your options once you’ve found some. If you believe you can create content that is more interesting, accurate, or thorough than them, you’ve discovered a fantastic opportunity.

Keywords as signposts to increase traffic

Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

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The goal of keyword research is to find well-liked subjects on which you can write authoritatively. Use your keywords in headers that appropriately describe your content or make sure they flow smoothly throughout the text. A very low search rating can occur from overcrowding your website with popular keywords, especially irrelevant ones.

Ignore the out-of-date recommendation to pack keywords into the “keyword” tag in the meta> element; Google hasn’t looked at that in years.  Don’t forget to include keywords in the meta “description” element as part of a reader-friendly summary.

 Use meta tags

Meta tags and other HTML features can be used by website owners to make their site easier for search engines to understand. Follow the guidelines in this list of best practices, either by manually altering your HTML or by use the tools provided by your website building service:

Each page on your website should have its own description tag. Include pertinent keywords, keep it short enough to appear in a Google search preview, and write in a conversational tone.

Include title tags, picture file names, image “alt” descriptions, and link anchor text in your page organization as well.

When possible, keep the wording in these tags and URLs brief and descriptive.

Keep you site organized

Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

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Create a sitemap and arrange your pages according to theme, posting date, or another logical scheme. Organize longer pages into parts using clear headings.

Use relevant keywords sparingly so that readers can locate what they’re looking for. Headers are a wonderful location to put them.

Maximizing search engine function

This site code aids in the display of your data by search engines. To ensure that Google accurately shows your product names and prices, your opening times, or even the correct recipe names for your food blog, for example, you can employ this technique.

If you’re comfortable with programming, get started by copying the example code at or by utilizing the “Data Highlighter” function of the free Google Search Console service. If any of this sounds like nonsense to you, you may hire a web developer to rapidly set things up for you.

A social media plan will increase traffic

Increase Your Blog Traffic by Following these Simple Steps

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Currently, social media marketing is a distinct job path, but if you can’t afford to employ a pro, you can start the process yourself. Establish a fan base on the social media platform that your target market uses the most after doing some research on it.


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