7 All time favourite old songs


Old songs always appeal to masses, as the famous phrase says, old is gold. This is thoroughly true when it comes to black and white Bollywood old songs as well as songs of early 21st century.

All time favourite old songs are listed below:

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  1.  Awaara Hun

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.jiosaavn.com)

Raj Kapoor received widespread love and admiration in the Soviet Union during the 1960s. His film Awaara, dubbed in Russian and released as Brodiaga, enchanted the Russians. The title song of Awaara, the country’s first successful Hindi film, became a huge music video. In fact, when Raj Kapoor travelled to Moscow for a special screening of the film. His car (parked outside the theatre) never left the stop. The huge crowd of fans simply picked up the car (with the actor inside) and carried it away!

  1.  Mundian To Bach Ke

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.shazam.com)

Panjabi MC dominated cross-cultural airwaves in 2002 with their song “Mundian To Bach Ke,” which went on to become a breakout international hit. Reaching the top 20 in at least 15 countries. The fusion hip-hop groove, sung in Punjabi, went on to sell an estimated 10 million copies worldwide.

  1.  I Am A Disco Dancer

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.jiosaavn.com)

Mithun became one of the country’s most popular next generation Indian actors after the release of ‘I Am a Disco Dancer’ in 1982.

  1.  Tunak Tunak Tun

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.amazon.de/)

One of these is Daler Mehndi’s 1998 song ‘Tunak Tunak Tun. After its release in the late 1990s, the song became a worldwide craze among teenagers, from Germany to Korea. These ardent fans also practiced and replicated Mehndi’s iconic Bhangra steps in the video.

  1.  Ichak dana Bichak Dana

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.mxplayer.in)

Many an Indian visitor to Jerusalem has been surprised to hear an Israeli shopkeeper singing “Ichak dana bichak dana” (from the film “Shree 420”) while strolling through the city’s ancient streets. The deep admiration Raj Kapoor (who featured in this song) evoked among the city’s Russian immigrants is largely responsible for the song’s enormous popularity in Israel.

  1.  Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.youtube.com)

The 1995 Tamil drama ‘Muthu’ earned megastar Rajinikanth the enduring title of ‘Dancing Maharaja’ among Japanese people. The song “Oruvan oruvan mudhalali” and its positive message struck a chord with Japan’s young audience and quickly became a hit. The film’s enormous popularity (it had a 182-day run and grossed over 200 million yen at the box office) was also mentioned by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech when he visited Japan in 2006.

  1.  Why This Kolaveri Di

7 All time favourite old songs (Photo from www.jiosaavn.com)

The song “Kolaveri Di,” which was released in 200, became an instant hit and was the most searched video on YouTube by November 2011. Despite being a slow-tempo song, the song’s catchy colloquial lyrics. Amazingly groovy rendition (by Dhanush) ensured that it quickly became a global rage, garnering over 125 million views (the first Indian song to reach this coveted mark). Kolaveri Di was named CNN’s Top Song in 2012, and it also ranked third on the global music chart, trailing Lady Gaga.



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