Ways to brighten your garden


It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money or time gardening. There are numerous inexpensive solutions to brighten up your outside area. Many inventive and affordable garden ideas can help you accomplish your objectives, whether you want to add a splash of colour or some light to your backyard.

We’ll reveal our top recommendations for the most inexpensive garden design ideas in this post. We’ll go over everything, from simple DIY projects to inexpensive garden additions that will liven up your outside environment. Let’s get started if you’re prepared to use your imagination to spruce up your outdoor space.

Decorative planters

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

Using colourful planters is one of the simplest ways to make your outdoor space more cheerful. They come in a variety of hues and designs, from the traditional to the contemporary. You can use them to display tiny trees, herbs, or flowers. For a special touch, think about upcycling or DIYing antique containers like teapots, tin cans, or even worn-out shoes into planters. Old pallets can also be used to make a tiered planter that will add vertical interest to your landscape.

Lightening your garden

Solar lanterns are a fantastic choice for creating atmosphere in your garden at night. They come in a variety of sizes and forms. Energy-efficient and without requiring any wiring, solar lights are a low-maintenance and environmentally beneficial solution. To create a cosy and welcoming ambiance, you can also add string lights, outdoor candles, or fairy lights.

Install wind chimes

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

The wonderful sound that wind chimes produce might help you unwind and relax. They come in a variety of materials, including bamboo and metal. You can hear their tranquil songs if you hang them somewhere where they can catch the breeze. Recycled materials like beads, discarded keys, or shells can also be used to make wind chimes.


Suncatchers are a lovely and affordable way to spruce up your outdoor area with colour. They can be hung from trees, hooks, or even be fashioned into a sun catcher mobile using twine or wire. The are often made of glass or acrylic and available in a variety of forms and styles. They will reflect the sun and produce a stunning array of colours in your garden.

Garden statue

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

Your outdoor environment can become more opulent and sophisticated by adding garden statuary. There are several statues to pick from, such as animals, angels, and even abstract shapes.

Colourful urn water

A water feature is a brilliant method to give your yard colour and mood. It’s easy to find a few vibrant urns to put up a wonderful display, and bubbling water can be so soothing. Just be sure to surround them with a few river rocks to help with drainage.

Decorative sitting area

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

If you have room, consider including a vibrant outside sitting option. Each plant that surrounds the seating area adds colour to the highlights.

Garden craft

Make one of these lovely rock caterpillars if you have kids or even if you just want to embrace your inner child. You can make it whatever long or short you like!

Decorative stepping stones

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

Adding a few beautiful stepping stones to the garden will help your various displays feel more cohesive. Consider creating your own out of shattered crockery or customising a concrete stepping stone.

Grow scented flowers

Many gorgeous flowering plants, including viburnums, chimonanthus, Daphne’s, mahonia’s, and sarcococcas, emit a heady smell. If they are hidden behind barriers, they will go unnoticed and be undervalued. Instead, place them where you can easily enjoy their mouth-watering aromas, like at the front entrance, in the front garden, or beside to a route that is frequently travelled. Since many of these shrubs thrive in pots, they can be placed front and centre for the winter and then moved to a less noticeable spot for the summer.

Add seasonal pots

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

The greatest method to add a seasonal pop of colour right where you need it is in pots. Choose plants like cyclamen, heathers, hellebores, pansies, and variegated ivy that work well together. Add a shrubby evergreen plant, like sarcococcas or rosemary, to a huge pot to give it some backbone. All of these plants are readily available in tiny pots at this time of year in garden centres, making it simple to mix and match.

Change window outlook

Winter is a period when most of us spend more time indoors, so having beautiful views out your windows is very beneficial. Think about what you may change to enhance the composition of your garden without completely redesigning it. What a little seasonal moving can accomplish. Consider moving any eye-catching items that are easily transportable, such planter displays and garden décor, so they can be clearly viewed from the windows. Or trim back a couple of a tree’s lowest branches to provide an eye-catching view of what lies beyond.

Bug hotels

Ways to brighten your garden (Photo from istock)

Nothing beats a project that both improves the garden’s aesthetics and aids animals. Any size and any type of bug hotel is acceptable. Consider the nooks and crannies. Bamboo canes should be trimmed into short lengths and left with their hollow ends exposed so that ladybirds and lacewings have the perfect places to hibernate. Put them in an old wooden box, or just tie them together into a little bundle without the frame. Eventually, to accomplish the same task, leftover pieces of wood can be drilled with holes, and if laid out on the ground, beetle larvae will eat the rotting, dead wood.

Painting your garden

It might be challenging to provide lasting colour to a landscape solely by planting, but painting or staining will instantly bring colour exactly where you need it to accent plantings or serve as a backdrop.


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