Things you should have in your car all the times

things in car

When we say there are some things you should always keep in the car. We’re not talking about the heaps of waste you currently have in the back seat. The things mentioned below will keep your car in working order.  Regularly organizing the interior of your car in order to keep important things in car. When doing so, keep in mind to always bring the necessities that would be helpful in unexpected situations like a car breakdown.

The following is a list of some things you should always keep in your car:

Things you should have in your car all the times  (Photo from istock)

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate:

The PUC certificate must be kept on board the vehicle at all times. Drivers risk fines if they refuse to present this document when asked by a traffic officer.

  • Insurance Documents of the car:

A photocopy of the insurance papers must always be in your vehicle. In the event of an accident or a breakdown, you will be able to drive the car straight to the garage and then submit an insurance claim. Keeping your insurance documents in the car also makes it simpler to obtain roadside help when you most need it.

  • License and other documents of the car:

It might sound basic, but whenever you drive a car, you should always have your license, registration, and other documents with you. Although it is required that you have these documents at all times when driving, hopefully you won’t be stopped. Every travel is smoother and more secure when you know your documentation is current and in order.

  • Drinking Water:

This is a necessity that you must always have with you. Traffic jams and unpredictable weather conditions could make your travel time longer. You must therefore always have drinking water with you in the car. Having water on hand might be helpful in emergency situations like an overheated car radiator.

  • First Aid Kit:

There is always the possibility that a first aid kit is needed. You likely to experience unpleasant surprises in your life. Keeping a small supply of basic medical supplies available is significantly smart if you spend a lot of time in your car. Every car must have a complete first aid kit. In addition to being beneficial for you and your family, it could also be helpful for someone else who needs first aid.

  • Owner’s Manual:

Double check to be sure you have your owner’s manual in your glove box or another place in your vehicle. In addition to other important details specific to your vehicle, the owner’s manual will provide you with key information like suggested fuel and PSI levels. If you never use it outside of your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about losing it. It came with your vehicle.

  • Spare tire, Lug wrench, and Tire jack:

Things you should have in your car all the times (Photo from istock)

Be sure that your vehicle has a jack, a spare tire that is properly aired, and a lug wrench. If you only have two of these, everything is pointless. Because they function best together, make sure to have all three of these in order to change a flat vehicle tire. If your car has unique locking lug nuts, be sure you have a lug nut key.

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This is a list of a few things  that you might  need in your vehicle at one point or another, so don’t forget to keep them in your vehicle.


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