How to prepare for Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS).


What is CDS?

Candidates are recruited by the Army, Navy, and Air Force through the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS). Candidates must pass a written exam in addition to an intelligence and personality test in order to pass the CDS exam. Thousands of candidates turn up for this defence test. Every recruitment exam requires determination to succeed. If you are dedicated to your goals, nothing can stop you from achieving it. A well-planned strategy is also required to make the most of your valuable time.

How to prepare for Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS).
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  • Here, we’ve included some key CDS preparation advice for 2022 to help candidates:


  • Create a Plan:

    Creating a plan is essential while preparing for any exam. Therefore, create a study strategy for CDS that contains all of your reading and notes. You may create a schedule by choosing the topics you want to study first. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stick strictly to the plan you’ve created.

  • Know the syllabus:

    A candidate’s first duty is to accurately comprehend the syllabus and what is needed to pass the test. The vast number of topics that must be studied for the CDS exam makes it important for candidates to know which ones to prioritize first.

  • Keep in touch with General knowledge:

    Candidates may start getting ready by regularly reading newspapers, keeping up with local news, and watching or taking part in debates and conversations that will help them understands politics. Every student’s ultimate goal should be to become aware about all parts of the country, including politics, economics, scientific developments, sports, as well as governmental policies and newly passed acts.

  • Management of time:

    The most important thing to remember before any exam is time management. Because of the fact that speed is a factor in competitive tests, applicants should learn time management. This is essential to remember both when preparing for the test and when taking the competitive exam.

  • Single Subject at a Time:

    Instead of learning multiple subjects, candidates taking the CDS should devote attention to each subject separately. This strategy will help you fully understand the topic and it will also make the learning process more organized. You will be able to remember all of your understandings for a longer period.

  • The Secret Is Practice:

    There are several test preparation resources, including sample tests and previous year’s question papers, available online. They can update their curriculum with the use of this. Keep in mind that applying what you have learned will improve your knowledge.

  • Personality Development:

    The fact that you are seeking for a job as a uniformed serviceman is among the most important aspects. If you want to be selected for CDS, you must have a balanced perspective on the world and learn how to deal with challenging situations. This also applies to keeping your cool while giving the examination.

  • Promoting a positive attitude:

    When preparing for a competitive exam, you’ll feel under pressure and want to quit up. But remember that you’ll need to work very hard to succeed, and that having a positive mindset will help you a lot.


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